32 inch 12v HD LED TV, You get what you pay for!

I would like to retract my original review of this product, after getting in touch with what i thought was the suppliers and being treated with contempt i felt well within my rights to complain. However after being contacted by the actual people i thought i had originally spoken to i was told that there would be no problem whatsoever in replacing my purchase with a new tv and they even had it picked up and returned by courier service with no added expense to myself. The tv we bought was an excellent purchase but there was a pixel problem with the first one we had delivered,the replacement we have since took delivery of has no such problems and our son is more than pleased with his birthday present. I would have no reason not to purchase products from here again after the customer service we received after the initial confusion was excellent thank you.

If you are looking for a cheap led tv with an integrated dvd player, this is excellent value, and it’s not a bad product either. I have seen other reviews that have criticised the picture and the sound quality etc, but what do you want for about £200?the picture isn’t bad at all, though it does degrade progressively the larger the angle of view; compare it to a high end led picture and you will see the difference. The sound is a little weak – not unlike most led tvs as they tend to be so thin there is nowhere to pack a decent speaker, and the dvd does make a whirring noise when starting up, but this goes away when normal operating speed is attained. The functionality including the ease of set up is as good as any alternative, including my 46inch samsung smart tv which is my basis for comparisonoverall for the cost, i am very pleased indeed.

  • You get what you pay for!
  • Customer service

Features of 32 inch 12v HD LED TV with DVD and USB record (discontinued by manufacturer)

  • 12v and 230v
  • Low Power LED screen
  • 12v anti surge adaptor included
  • DVD and Freeview (Soarview approved)