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Sony Bravia KDL26EX302U 26-Inch Widescreen HD Ready LCD TV – Far too basic

I needed a replacement television and decided to get a sony television and haven’t been disappointed. Firstly it looks fantastic and is solidly built and sturdy. Most importantly is that the sound and picture quality is perfect: deep, rich colours and excellent picture detail and contrast, with equally impressive bass and surround sound. Overall, i’m genuinely really chuffed with my new 26-inch sony lcd television and pleased that i purchased a tv from a brand that is highly respected by both industry and consumers alike.

I live in a bad freeview area therefore there is no point paying extra for freeview hd build in televisions. I already have a freesat hd box so that transmits at 1080i and this tv can display the picture in glorious quality. The bezel is very neat with the two tone colour adding a bit of interest. Picture is great and there is loads of flexibility with 4 hdmi connections and usb slots. Not sure why scart sockets are ever present and i look forward to the day when that format is finally banished to technology hell. Epg quite quick, though tv takes about 30 seconds to boot up. . Agonising when you are rushing from one room to another mid programme. We have ours in a relatively big bedroom and it is perfect. Only trivial point is it has no dlna/ethernet and only 50hz refresh rate. But then i knew that when i bought it and the price is a lot cheaper than tv’s with those features.

So far, it hasn’t let me down. Great colour, good make, stylish and it’s fantastic. There was no guarantee, it was missing.

Nice telly, easy to set up, good picture. We live in the sticks so we don’t receive digital yet so i don’t know if the digital is ok. But up to now very satisfied.

Bought this tv for second room, chose sony as we have been very pleased with larger bravia. Straightforward set up, bit of tweaking required to get colour settings as desired and voila, a great little telly. It has lost a star because the silver grey band along the bottom is really quite distracting.

This tv arrived really quickly and was easy for me to set up on my own. (i am quite a mature lady of bus pass age) i love the picture and colour and all the features. I only have a small living room so the size of the set is right for me. I realise there were cheaper sets around but i am pleased i bought sony and very satisfied with my purchase.

  • Sound choice for the confused!
  • Perfect if you already have a HD Source
  • Sony strikes again

Bought this sony tv for the library as our old crt tv blewup. This new tv is great very easy to set up and i didnt adjust picture or sound as it was just fine. I read some reviews previous to buying it some comments i felt were unjustified, viewing angle is perfectly acceptable and the manual on screen is fine, also on this 26” the stand does not tilt thats why the other chap couldnt.

This packaged set was easy to assemble ie attachment of its stand and very easy to get working using its auto-tune. The picture is very clear and the sound is better than most sets i have used in the past. I am very satisfied with it and can recommend it.

I had to downgrade from my 32 inch sony because of small new space but i am not regrating. I adore that tele as i do my iphone. Hope i made it clear how cool is that product and amazon servicelunik.

My husband and i have a 3 year old sony bravia 26 inch tv, with which we are very pleased. On this basis, we bought my mother-in-law a kdl26ex302. Our current tv has a comprehensive manual; however, the new kdl26ex302 model only comes with a much briefer version, probably because of its more limited capabilities. For example, with our older 26in bravia, it is possible to set up the dvd recording of a television programme directly from the electronic programme guide, with a couple of easy button clicks on the remote control. The newer kdl26ex302 does not have this highly desirable function. In fact, we’re still not sure how to record digital programmes (using a sony dvd recorder) on the non-terrestrial channels, or whether it is even possible. Called sony to ask if we were doing something wrong. The technical assistant, though pleasant, was less than useless. Sony have skimped on the kdl26ex302.

I was looking for a tv suitable for use in a bedroom. We currently have a sony bravia in the lounge, and like it very much. All the details about the product were there to review so that we could decide and make a decision. Very quick delivery and delighted with our purchase.

00 on the following mondayit set up easily and has a very good picture. Even though we only have an old (and internal) arial, the main digital channels are fine. It is a perfect tv for our situation.

The tv was ordered from amazon and i paid for first class delivery 1-2 working days. It arrived on a saturday which was within the 2 days so i was very pleased. The tv itself was easy to set up and so far has proved to be everything i wanted. I have to say i haven’t done much with it as yet other than turn it on and watch tv. The 2 complaints i have about the tv are that you don’t get a manual. This is built electronically into the tv which is fine for those techno people but those of us who have to take things step by step are supposed to remember or sit down and write out our own instructions on how to use the tv. Thus why i haven’t done much with it other than turn it on. I can’t see that a manual would have cost them that much more. The other complaint is the remote which is an awkward shape and not at all pleasant to hold. It is very square with harsh sides – not at all like the rounded comfortable hold of my old remote.

Super fast delivery from amazon bearing in mind the christmas rush which has caused problems this year. The quality of the picture is excellent and the ability to use a usb device is very useful. Extremely good value for the price i paid for it – took about 25 minutes to set up as i found the assembly of the stand slightly tricky. Other than that, no problems and performed very well over the christmas period.

The picture is excellent, and although it takes a while to ‘boot up’, everything is very user-friendly and responsive. Despite diagrams in the printed handbook showing that you can adjust the vertical angle of the screen from the base, i was unable to do this, and the screen is set at a rigid 90 degree angle from the base and the lowish table that the set is on. I’ve had to put a strip of carpet under the front of the base to get the screen angle correct to be viewed from the sofa i tried the sony website, faq’s – nothing about the setting up of the screen on the base at all.

Bought this to replace a sadly dropped crt set. I don’t think that lcd sets do too well with standard definition content and this sony is no exception. It also suffers from the boxy sound caused by the current vogue for downward firing speakers. In nearly all other respects it is first rate. Well built with a stable stand and a steel stem for the stand. My big gripe is that the set up menus cover half the picture which makes seeing the effect that changing picture settings have almost impossible. Sony make updated firmware (tvs operating system) available from their website which panasonic do not. I would suggest turning off picture noise reduction and a couple of dubious sounding picture enhancement settings off for best results.

Great picture and sound, good epg in that it keeps sound on current station while you explore (unlike previous panasonic)looks good and is perfect size (26′)for bedroom.

The hardware was fine and on the whole was setting up. The colour was good and the range of viewing angles is good, but not quite as wide as the panasonic. Overall it was easy to use, my only real gripe, which may apply to other modern televisions, is that the paper manual only covers basic set up. An on screen manual covers the rest. I had a bit of a problem finding out how to access a usb memory stick which was not helped by having to flick backwards and forwards from the menu to the manual. However once i understood how the menus work it was straight forward. Viewing photos was an important feature for me. A really nice feature was that the full folder structure on a usb memory stick was retained, unlike some tvs which take sd cards and all folder structure is ignored.

I’m fairly happy with the television, but it’s far from perfect. The picture quality is excellent and sound quality is good for a small tv. Though i have a satellite service it’s good that it has freeview built-in. But the positioning of the manual controls is rather annoying. Being placed around the back of the tv, it means i have to use them by touch only. My biggest criticism, however, is that it takes ages to switch on, even from standby. The lag is so much longer than my last tv.

Very pleased with this sony, purchased for my kitchen. Picture quality is excellent. The light sensor function is relly good, it really works (i thought that it was just a gimmick). It adjusts the colour of the vision dependant on the light source entering the room. My only niggle is that when switched on it takes a few seconds to warm up and a sony logo comes up first which i find annoying. Other than that an excellent buy.

We love this tv it’s just the right size for us, and the viewing is perfect and price was great.

This tv has fantastic picture quality – with some lcds the picture looks dark when viewing from certain angles, but no matter what angle you are viewing from, the picture on the sony bravia is crystal clear. The tv was easy to set up, and overall we are super happy with it. It was great value for money.

This tv was delivered swiftly and works well. We have suffered picture break up occasionally since digital switch over but hopefully that will settle shortly.

I bought this tv following another recent purchase for a samsung. It was easy to compare the two – the samsung won. The sony bravia does not have as many picture or sound modes as the samsung, the sound is a bit tinny, the screen doesn’t swivel and the freeview programme doesn’t allow you to pre-schedule a programme you want to watch. Definitely inferior to samsung but it’s ok.

Great tv, connected to our bt vision box via scart. Excellent picture very pleased with the bravia image. Upgrading from a sony crt and this was an excellent buy.

As one would expect from sony, this a great tv with a fantastic picture and great sound. And, if properly set-up, it has incredible responsiveness and source flexibility. But therein lies the rub for the tv is entirely let down by the appalling lack of information in the box and available on the sony website. In the box there is a set-up manual that describes wiring the tv in and a booklet euphemistically entitled ‘operating instructions. ‘ this includes start-up instructions but for full information about using the tv with the remote the only instruction is to use the onscreen ‘i-manual. ‘ needless to say, if you want to change anything on the tv this is useless unless you have a very good memory or take notes. There is a full manual on the sony website but that is not easy to get to — make sure you make an exact note of your model number before trying. Although this pdf contains all the information that should have been in the box, it is clearly not for printing out. The format is landscaped a4 with a strip of white containing a few lines of text on a black background. The manual runs to 83 pages.

After looking at other brands for months both online and in showrooms i bought this in time for the world cup to replace a very good but aging phillips 20′ lcd. The set took about ten minutes to unpack, plug-in, hook-up and switch on. I didn’t have to fiddle with the settings to get a great picture or sound, just turn dynamic and surround sound on, tweak the backlighting and contrast down a little to my taste and hey presto – a great tv. The unit is not much bigger than the 20′ it replaces and is extremely light but feels solid and well built. The on-screen menu is very detailed and with many options but easy to use and navigate. I don’t regret this purchase at all and would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for a quality lcd by a respected manufacturer at a very good price.

Bought the sony kdl26ex302u after weeks of research and a visit to a sony and a panasonic shop. I am totally blown away with it. The new sleek look and amazing picture quality surely takes it to top spot in the ‘budget’ main make tv war. Installation took 10 minutes and freeview quality is excellent. Would recommend this tv without hesitation.

This was bought for the bedroom, because my wife felt a 32inch panel would be too big. The set sits on a chest of drawers and does not dominate the room. It is linked up to a dvd player and virgin cable tv box. Great television, in the mould we have come to expect from sony. This is 720p/1080i in performance, so not the highest specification but, in the role we have it, this provides an excellent colour pallette, crisp sound and a warm image. Great delivery, too – next day.

I bought this because i already have a sony lcd which is great, and sony have a great name with tv’s. It also looks very different to the typical black box looking tv’s. I am totally satisfied with this tv, it looks great, and the picture quality is spot on. The on screen menu is easy to use. The auto set-up is faultless, and very easy to use. The only minor gripe is the remote control, where there are 2 rows of of circular controls, which make it easy to press the wrong button.

Delivered satisfyingly quickly (next working day on standard free delivery) – well done amazon again. The picture is better than the crt set it replaced. Easy to set up: the hardest part is screwing on the stand and that was easy enough. The tuning was completely automatic for analogue, digital and the accessory boxes, putting the stations in order as well. Better sound than i expected through the internal speakers, works best when set to dynamic and surround sound. There is a few seconds pause when you first switch it on, perhaps as the backlight gets up to colour temperature, then a sony logo pops up with a chime – some people might find this irritating and it can’t be prevented. It doesn’t annoy me at all as it’s fairly subtle. Sony are still tops when it comes to tv’s.

Brought tv to go in kitchen and we are very pleased so far with picture quality and soundbecause it has freview we also have the benefit of the radio channels.

This is my third sony tv and have had good and long service out of my previous two. This model is excellent quality like my others. Easy to set up,built in freeview and brilliant picture quality. Hd ready and good sound, remote is user friendly and well laid out. It has four hdmi inputs so it’s no problem connecting dvd player and sky box etc. Have never had any faults with my sony tv’s and i am very pleased with this one.

But, confusion reigned, as we thought hd ready meant we would be able to receive hd channels. Upon looking at which website re this issue/definition (no pun intended) – we discover that there is confusion as to what hd actually means. Confusion; even between manufacturers.Some who say hd ready in their descriptions means there is a hd tuner built in – some who claim to be hd ready but are only suitable for hd devices – such as a set top box, or sky. Or even hd hardware plugged into tv. In other words they will not be hd just through a digital aerial. Looks like we may have to up grade our tv in future by purchasing a set top box – or go without hd channels that may come on line in the future – and therefore miss outit seems there needs to be a universal definition for what hd ready means.

Picture quality and sound is superb. Lots of connections so the kids games kit, dvd, etc all connected so easily. Out of the box and working in 10 mins – great. My only niggle would be the gloss surround that can cause reflections at times but that’s all.

Ordered tuesday morning, arrived wednesday morning, amazing. I’m delighted with this set. Had it unpacked and running in 15 minutes. Picture and sound is excellent. Size is perfect for a small room.

In general i found it to have good picture quality, although, this falls off when viewed from an angle. The sound quality could be better with the set reverberating on lower frequencies when the volume is turned up. But, in an age of fast electronic function, it is so slow both when turning it on and in channel change. In my innocence, ‘hd ready’ means only ready with the proper tuner.

Just received this tv to replace a slightly older model. It was easy to set up and the picture’s fine. But i really wonder why the einsteins in the sony design department think it makes sense to have downward-facing speakers under the set instead of putting them on the front. The result is that you have to crank up the volume, bounce it off whatever the tv is standing on and fill the room with sound if you want to hear the tv ok. Even then, speech sounds muffled. Of course, it’s great if you want to listen to the tv when sitting behind it. But i, like most people, generally put my tv against a wall and tend to prefer watching it when i can see what’s going on on the screen, ie by sitting in front of it. I also prefer not to send sound through the walls to other rooms, particularly when the kids are trying to sleep. I fear i’ll have to invest in external speakers.

Still in use after all this time – menu can be confusing though.

This is the third sony bravia i have bought. After being very pleased with the first one i decided only to buy ‘bravia’ in future. This is mainly to do with the excellent sound quality they have — a necessary feature for people like me with a hearing problem.

Samsung UE39F5300AKXXU 39-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Slim LED Television, Great TV, but missing a few key features

Hi,overall the look of the tv is lovely and fits in really nice with my apartment as its slim and sleek. The quality of the picture is very good and was extremely simple to set up and navigate which is great for a single girl who isn’t a 100% confident with installing technology. I would highly recommend this tv – incredibly cost effective for what you get.

This tv has great picture quality and is just what we are after. It arrived in good time as expected and we were really pleased. However, there was a damaged pixel which showed as a small black spot in the middle of the screen, which you could only see when watching the winter olympics with all the white on screenwe have returned it without a problem and ordered a replacement, but as this was classed as a ‘faulty item’, amazon warehouse don’t see it as their mistake and won’t do a straight replacement so we had to order the replacement separately ( a bit of a faff and means 2 lots of cost are out of our account at the same time while we wait for the refund on this one). We bought the tv as a return in original packaging and in as new condition, but i can’t help wondering if it was returned originally because of the pixel and the system didn’t weed it out and stop it being sent to us as a new customer.

Smart recommendation is pretty rubbish but the rest of it is fantastic. Great for playing games (there is a game mode) and watching sport. Easy to read/navigate menu system and app store. Picture is fantastic and 39inch is perfect for room size.

Key specs for Samsung UE39F5300AKXXU 39-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Slim LED Television (100Hz CMR, SMART, Dual-Core, Wi-Fi (Dongle required)):

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    by entering your model number.
  • Amazon Instant Video Compatible
  • S-Recommendation technology lets you discover more of the TV you love by suggesting what’s new to watch based on what you like. It Intelligently learns your preferences and instantly searches Live TV, video on demand services and apps to recommend TV and on line content tailored to you, now you’ll always know what’s on without the need to look for it.
  • Samsung’s Smart Hub intelligently organises and manages all your content into five easy to navigate panels. The intuitive interface uses vibrant thumbnails to provide instant previews to help you quickly and easily select what you want to watch. The five panels include: On TV; Movies & TV Shows; Photos, Videos & Music; Social; Apps.
  • The only Smart TV with a full catch-up service, ITV, BBC iplayer, 4OD & Demand 5, meaning you can be sure you’ll never miss your favourite drama, comedy, documentary, sporting event or radio programme, again.
  • Samsung’s Dual Core processor supports multitasking, faster internet connections and drives superior picture quality. Your TV can now truly multitask so you can continue to enjoy TV content while downloading a new app, or use one app while downloading updates to other apps. Surf the net as quickly and efficiently as you would on any other device, just enjoy the luxury of a much larger easy to view screen.
  • Samsung “One design” styling ensures you see more of the picture and less of the TV frame as the thin bezel merges seamlessly into the background. Encased in an attractive black edge frame combined with an appealing square stand this beautifully designed TV will compliment any room in your home.

Comments from buyers

“Great TV, but missing a few key features
, Great TV, fast delivery, fault requiring return
, Smart Enough TV

We have two of these now, of course this ins mine and of course it’s the biggest. But what i find amazing, is not only how incredibly light this thing is, for such a large screen. So what if wi-fi isn’t built in, how portable do you people think this is hahaha. Wi-fi is for mobile phones, laptops, tablets etc. That said, i have it connected to the bt hub, along with the other set, three computers etc. And the ability to send photo’s, video and music from my pc to either tv, is so much better than transferring it to a disc, usb stick or tablet, so others can watch it is great. This is the best tv set i have ever owned and mounted on the wall, it looks damned good too.

Iv had the tv 3 weeks now and i love it the picture is crisp and clear. The only thing i would like is to be able to change the name of the hdmi ports like panasonic do but other than that it’s flawless don’t hesitate to buy.

This is my first tv – was using a 22′ samsung monitor before, this 39′ perfect size for our living room,easy to set up just a press of a button, looks neat on the wall mount, clear, sharp vivid images, verygood all round led – hd – smart tv. The extra wireless dongle is needed and it works great streaming 720pno problem.

This is a great tv, and works really well with the built in plex app (one of the main reasons i bought this tv). Freeview hd looks great, and the epg is smooth and useful. There’s a lot of other smart features to including netflix and tunein radio which really brings your tv alive. I couldn’t go back to a non-smart tv now after owning one that’s for surehowever there are a few things missing from this which explains the lower price point:dvi – it says its supported, but has one of the hdmi ports labelled as dvi in. So to connect you still need to get a dvi to hdmi adaptor (purchased separately) which isn’t a big deal as they are dirt cheap, except for the fact dvi doesn’t carry audio so that usually has a separate (3. 5mm) cable, but samsung decided to go cheap and forget to put this input on the back. So dvi is useless unless you want a picture but no sound. Miracast support – or as samsung decides to label it because it wants to give the illusion that it invented it ‘allcast screen mirroring’ isn’t supported. May not be a problem to begin with, but with all the android and windows 8 tablets coming out now having miracast support as standard now, your likely find down the line when you want to send your tablet or pc’s screen to your device wirelessly that your missing out. I did check if buying a wireless dongle could add this but got told by samsung support that the tv doesn’t support it.

Incredible value for moneyi am astounded at how good this tv is for the money. It is packed with ‘smart’ features and these are all accessed from a simple and intuitive menu system. The sound is surprisingly good for such a thin panel and it fills my 3m x 5m garden room with ease. The only negative, and this is common with all lcds at the cheaper end of the scale, is that non hd tv signals can be a little poor. Not enough to stop you watching but there is a significant difference if you can switch to hd.

Excellent smart tv with decent picture quality and useful features. Yeah there’s better around but not for this price, and you’ll be pushed to find a better brand than samsung in this area of electronics.

Item as described, arrived promptly.

Nice and sharp screen, does require spending time adjusting screen settings. Would have given it 5 stars but for wireless internet feature died on me after 6 weeks, not a major issue has i can still use smart features with wired connections.

The space available could not accomodate 40-42′ screen , so i was delighted to find this 39′ by samsung, which which had rated as top tv manufacturer. So far no complaints – remote control not as flash as new lg ‘magic’ but buttons are well spaced and clear and tv can be controlled from smartphone/tablet by app if a lot of keyboard activity required. I have poor aerial to my property and questionable speed fibre optic so glad of the dongle for no extra cost and we seem to be picking up everything ok. Default colour settings took some adjusting but after some trial and error we now have excellent picture quality. Be aware if you want to to mount this on a wall bracket that the fixtures are 8mm and with the scart & power entry positions limit your options. Spaced your fixing options are quite limited.

When it arrived we thought it was going to be too big for our room, but because it is so slim it fits in beautifully. We watch wildlife programmes, so it is ideal for that, and my husband loves rugby so we are delighted with the product and how easy it is to use.

This rating is for the tv itself. In our case we had to acquire a dongle to connect the tv wirelessly to our network. Although we leave the tv on standby the connection occasionally drops out and we have to go through the menu options to reset it. However, it is impossible to say if the dongle or the tv is at fault so i’ll give it the benefit of the doubt and still award it 5 * because the tv represents good value for money.

This is a complete work of art , especially with the amazon tv box linked to it.

Very pleased with the fast delivery from amazonalthough my old tele was a 36′ the new one doesn’t look much bigger due to the screen almost filling the front of the set. The picture quality is excellent, and there are a lot of interesting apps. I am also very pleased that i can view my photographs on such a large screen via a memory stick plugged into the usb socket.

My last tv was a 32” samsung led so when i decided to up grade to a larger tv i naturally went for another samsung ,and i have not been disappointed ,would recommend this tv to any one.

Tv came well packaged, and appears to be working well. Not sure if the picture is as clear as one would expect from 100mhz but sound quality seems good so far.

Its been great for mounting on the chimney brest as it is light. The room is in full sun most of the day and we can still see the screen clearly so its bright. The smart feature so i can play you tube clips of funny animals to amuse the visiting relatives, using my samsung phone as the remote i must add. Use it with the xbox and as a second screen with the family pc so we aren’t all crammed around the computer trying to see what on the screen, they just sit at the dining room table.

More than smart – positively intelligent. . Don’t need speakers as the sound quality is good, no digibox as its all built-in, the wireless enables all apps and internet, so can be located anywhere without trailing wires, picture quality great on my aerial in the rurals. . And the slim line is brilliant as the whole screen is the viewing screen and no heavy 5′ bevel surround which i had previously on the 40′ tv that dominated the room of my small cottage.

This tv had no inbuilt wifi but i connected this via lan. I bought the wi fi dongle thinking this would allow my smart phone to mirror its screen, this was not the case and the dongle was returned. I therefore bought the allshare cast dongle from samsung. All other features work excellently. A super tv and picture with excellent smart features.

I bought the samsung ue39f5300akxxu because it looks good, is a reasonable price and fulfils my requirements for a semi-smart tv. I have not been disappointed. The tv arrived rapidly after purchase – it was complete and in good condition (no issues with delivery). The instructions were adequate and the set was simple to set up. I configured the tv with a sky freesat box, plus an lg hd recorder box and an apple wifi box – all worked first time through the three hdmi ports. I am pleased with the tv in use.

Great picture – love the catch up.

Samsung PS50C680G5 50-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Crystal Design Plasma 3D Ready Television : 3d plasma

When we first got this i was realy excited. After getting the box, it took about an hour to assemble the pieces with the blu ray player and other devices connected up aswel. Straight away the hd picture was extremely good and 3d just as good, however the standard definition is extremely poor. The 2d/3d conversion is reasonable but only really works when using a hd source, football and cricket have been good. Warning, as it is a plasma things will get burnt into the screen. When teletext was left on for less than an hour an inprint was left but seemed to be gone in less than a day. The qulaity of the tv has seemed to get better over the time we’ve had it wheather that be that we are getting used to it or that it is setteling a bit, i don’t know. The 3d is good, as is all 3d, but i have found it is nothing in compared to my large 3d projector.

Hd is exelent and the 3d works even better then expected its just like being at the picturs but on a smaller screen and yes things do come out of the screen when waching in 3d. If eneyone is reading this and thinking of buying one of these tvs then you whont be disopointed i have all ready recomended it to my own family everyone who sees it thinks its a fantastic tv the best one i have ever bourt eneyway.

Samsung PS50C680G5 50-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Crystal Design Plasma 3D Ready Television with FreeviewHD

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  • 3D

A fantastic tv, easy to use with a simple basic set up procedure. The 3d facility is out of this world. There are plenty of different inputs so you can connect all your gadgets, including usb port so you can connect your external hard drive and view your pictures and movies.

I received this tv yesterday and was pleasantly suprised by how good it is. I expected a passable 3d television but, instead got a high quality 3d home cinema. The set as it comes will need to be calibrated as the default settings seem to be there simply to scare you into thinking you’ve wasted your money. Once calibration is done you will find yourself with a beautiful picture and rich, bright colours. The sets response times for images is glorious but, this brings me to the reason for the title of my review. The model i got from amazon is the samsung ps50c680g5 50-inch widescreen full hd 1080p crystal design plasma 3d ready tv with freeviewhd. It seems that best buy, currys and pcworld now have the 600hz version in stock. To ensure you get the correct one look for the freeview hd set and not the one with standard freeview. This makes a huge difference to the picture quality and seems to all but eliminate ghosting in 3d movies and on sky 3d. I originally viewed this in best buy and was not impressed at all.

I have been looking at 50 inch 3d plasmas for a couple of months. Many offers presented bundled stuff i did not need and its never free is it?. Now that this samsung has been upgraded to include 4 hdmi connectors and a freeview hd tuner i bought it with no bundled extras but a free pair of 3d glasses in the box. Very keen price from reliant direct and great service. Tv is a replacement for an lg that is only 1080i. The picture is excellent and the remote works my sony blu ray which is detected automatically. Even though the tv can access our wireless network through an optional dongle i do not need this as i can access our network and internet tv wirelessly via the tv’s remote and my sony blu ray player. The 3d works well but you need a darkened room as top or side light is a distraction where it gets between the 3d glasses and your eyes and the 2d to 3d conversion is surprisingly good, particularly for nature programmes with landscape shots. 3d glasses (one pair in the box) are battery operated but nice and lightweight and i wear them over my optical glasses. It does seem a bit mean to only include a single pair.

Samsung PS50C680G5 50-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Crystal Design Plasma 3D Ready Television with FreeviewHD : I received this tv refurbished but its as new and im very pleased with it so far . Picture quility is great as with all samsung tvs with the hyper real engine. Everybody who comes round loves it. Huge screen and perfect with blu ray 1080p . 3d is unbelievable with this tv.

This television was cheaper than all other outlets, including currys. Etc deliverd in days,great picture, great 3d. Complaint only one pair of glasses.

I had a 50′ lg plasma before this and this has better picture quality and sound. There is a slight buzzing that it makes but its not really noticeable for me only when tv is on mute. The screen burn is quite bad (i do play ps3 alot on it though, and has alot of static images on the screen) but they soon disappear when something else is played on the tv. I have only used the 3d for playing 3d games, and well its quite amazing. Its quite amazing what you get for your money in this tv hence the 5 stars.

Tv is ace for the price, the blu-ray does the job perfectly too. Only problem is their is a slight screen burn as it’s plasma, personally i can live with a little screen burn as long as it doesn’t effect what i’m watching or playing(which it doesn’t). The 3d is amazing i never expected it to be this good. Iv got a few 3d dvd’s and games and they are brilliant so impressed.My room is a little to small for the tv so it does hurt my eyes a little, so i just make sure i don’t watch more than 1 thing in 3d per day. you get shreck 1-4 all in 3d that’s worth £100 on [. ]

I bought this tv in june, the date is now january, so i thought a review was in order. As this tv is not longer on sale on amazon at the present time i’ll make this review quick. For the first 3-4 months this tv picture quality was stunning, blurays looked crisp, (which i played of a portable hard drive the most cost effective solution out their people, you can ram 100’s of movies on there for the price of the hd by just downloading blurays or 3d movies of torrent sites, anyways. )the contrast was a bit darker than my other led samsung tv but that would be expected being a led tv. The sound system in the plasma was poor, when any loud high base scene came on during a movie it would tremble uncomfortably, nothing a surround system cant fix. Other than that while the tv was in working order, the tv looked grate and the picture quality was great. After about 4 months or so the tv started to get a purple blotch near the top left hand corner of the screen, about the size of a standard cd, this would flicker on and off during light or white back-grounded scenes. As this tv didn’t come packed with a samsung warranty card you cant go through samsung to get this problem fixed, so i had to go through amazon’s customer service. One email later they arranged for the tv to be picked up and a full refund issued to me. I think i’m going to go with samsung ps51d550 51′ full hd plasma 3d tv next after the refund, as it’s now the same price what i payed for this one, £699.

Samsung ps50c680g5 50-inch widescreen full hd 1080p crystal design plasma 3d ready tv with freeviewhdthis tv is fantastic swapped my lg to upgrade and what a difference,the picture quality is far better than my top of the range lg plasma,the colour depth is very rich,true colours,the tv stand is quality polished chrome and really complements the plasma. The 3d is fantastic far better than most i have seen on the very expensive models. Yes every body expects the 3d to jump out of the screen,well i must first say,before we had this tv ,we took the children to the pictures to see 3d movies and we thought wow,what you have to realise is that there is no difference between the 50inch plasma and the huge 600 foot cinema screen,only that you are viewing the same 3d on a huge screen ,so the 3d stands out better. Watching sky 3d nature programs bugs ect the 3d stands out of the plasma ,also with monsters vrs aliens blu ray,this tv is worth every penny its brilliant,and beats hands down most of the plasmas price over 2 grand that i have vieweda must buy,plus great back up from amazongreat hand set as well lots of things to play with ,picture ,3d,sound,eco,timers ectif you watch 3d in i light room the passive glasses will try to pic up the outside light and turn on then off,dont worry,they do not leave the light on in the pictures,just do what we do as a family,watch the fantastic tv during the day,then when it goes dark put your glasses on and watch a 3d movies,ps the glasses for the tv must be passive only samsung and they are cheapest here on amazon through market place,i paid £35 pounds for a pair and £6 for a packet of 15 replacement batteries that will last about 3 years.

I received this television as part of a pack – tv + blu-ray player + 4 shrek movies + extra set of glasses (rechargeable) for £900. So be wary of the tv being sold off a cheap but equivalent package coming in more expensive. Its plasma – which means you need to take care if it during the early months of owning it – yeha you will get ir (image retention) intially but it will fade, and yes you will need to set up the picture to your preferred preference – pretty much all tv’s out of the box have awful set ups to stand out in a huge warehouse full of other tv’s. However with a big of googling best settings i soon had the picture looking excellent, the black levels are not as great as my old panny plasma but then this isnt a high end model (where as my old panny was). 3d is great – you will get cross talk in some scenes (3d is two images overlaid on each other to provide depth, cross talk is where they dont overlay exactly) – this isnt always the fault of the tv but the technology itself, for most of us out there its a non issue. Sound from speakers is good. Bottom line is this is a sub £800 (even sub £700 on occasion) tv, that is being compared to models costing well over double the price. Its a good televison for the average person – all the complaints you read and see are from people expecting it to perform like a £3000 panasonic televison. Im happy with the television – although factor in costs of additional glasses as i see a need for 4 to be the minimum really.

I got this for christmas, and the picture quality and 3d is mind blowing. It’s also has freeview hd built in so you get bbc hd and itv 1 hd, and you really can notice the difference. The 3d is better viewed in the dark, and i particularly wanted a 3d tv for ps3 game play. I had gran turismo 5 and the 3d is brilliant. But one huge problem is the screen burn after playing this. After having a race and it goes to the black loading screen you can really notice some bad screen burn and it looks worse when you take the 3d glasses off, it doesnt really bother me to much because once you got movement on the tv again then it goes. But i just thought id point it out. Another problem i got with the tv is that its constantly got a high pitched buzzing noise, maybe its just my tv?.(please let me know if i got a faulty tv and yours doesnt do this so i can send it back) but it can really drive you mad after a while, you need to turn the tv volume up to sound it out.

Finally received this tv and well worth the wait. Stunning images and monsters v aliens in 3d was breathtaking. The glasses are light and comfortable. They flickered a bit 2/3 times but it did not spoil my enjoyment. The tv itself is very stylish looking with a nice glass surround.

Ordered this for xmas, got the free 3d blu ray player with it and had to buy a 3d pack for more glasses and a 3d film, you get one pair of glasses in the box, that’s stupid really, all 3d tv’s should come with 4 pairs at least. It is today £100 dearer and no free 3d blu ray player. Some other samsung tv’s people have said this is the cheaper version, well it’s £40 cheaper right now. Anyway, hooked it all up except the new blu ray player, used my sony for that and was not impressed with the 3d effect, you can see more depth to the picture and is an ok effect, me & the missus scratched our heads and decided to try the blu ray player i got free with the tv, ahaaaaaaaaaa, now we had menu buttons, images, etc coming right out of the screeni got a 3d pack of 2 glasses and one film, monsters versus aliens, so with 3d blu ray player, 3d film, 3d glasses, 3d tv we were off, in the film there is a guy bouncing a ball on a bat, that came out of the tv about a metre, a guy flying in a jet pack, he was flying around about 500mm to 1m out of the screen, later on there is some cutlery floating around, that came out of the tv about 3m, truly great effects with us two going ooooooo look at that, did you just see that, oh look at those coming out of the tv etc. The missus has been and watched 3d movies at the cinema and said the quality of the 3d on this tv is superior. So the first time i tried it with a non 3d blu ray player that was in effect how you would see normal tv/movies when rendered to 3d, so even that, even without images coming right out of the tv, is quite impressive, no ooooo’s or aaaaaaarrr’s but a different way of watching normal tv all the same, to start with seeing this effect i thought what a con, this is like that huge leap from crt to hdtv, hardly noticeable, when we got it right though i was glad i did go 3d. We have bought street dance 3d and piranha 3d, street dance you get 2 discs, one is std, the other says 3d and comes with some of the typical 3d glasses from the 80’s, this is not for 3d tv, you can use the std disc & put 3d on but that is rendered, if you use the 3d version which you do not need a 3d tv for which is what it says on the box it is not 3d if you use the glasses that come with it, use the samsung powered glasses etc, can’t suss that out, the piranha has 2 discs too, one has a std disc which gives you the option of watching in 2d or 3d, select 3d and it is real 3d, but again put in the disc that says 3d on it that you use the free 80’s glasses to watch and that is not 3d either. There is quite a bit of 3d in the monsters film but it could do with more, it was worse for piranha and pointless in street dance, piranha there are approx 4 or so images that come right out of the screen. What we have noticed is that on the monsters disc it says blu ray 3d as a badge, the others say blu ray but the 3d text is not with it, those ones don’t seem to be for use with 3d tv’s, if they say blu ray 3d as a badge then they do work. Back to the tv, you do get a bit of burn, even turning tv on for the first time that day you will see eg sky info box in the background while the tv warms up, after that it is better but you can at times see an image.

I bought this item in late march,already have problem`s with it ,in the top part of the left hand side of the screen a football size the colour purple fills the part of the screen when the volume changes,the good thing is how good amazon have been about replacing it,the customer service has been fantastic.

I still had a crt tv and wanted to upgrade to a flat screen hd tv, i went along and saw a demonstration of a 3d tv. I thought 3d was just a gimmick but having seen it my mind was changed. I still had a preference for an led or lcd tv that does 3d but even for 46′, they are very expensive and would have left no money for the surround sound. Then i saw this tv, 3 pairs of 3d glasses and a samsung 3d blueray player for [. I thought that too good to ignore and i took the plunge. The stand, which i have not used also looks great.

I bought this at the end of january 2011. It was actually the wife that had found it on alternative websites but much more expensive than it was available on amazon, and although i have to say i liked the look of it, and the features that it listed, i was a little unsure about plasma. I’d owned lcd up to then but never plasma and i was worried the screen quality wouldn’t match the lcd. I shouldn’t have worried – the quality is sublime. The 3d is also incredibly well done and immersive, but one thing i’ve noticed compared to other active 3d systems i’ve tried is that there appears to be a noticeable flickering comes through the glasses – this is far more pronounced if the lights are on and i assume there’s some kind of interference at the frequencies used. Other things of note – if you wish to stream video to this over the network then there is no fast forward, rewind or continue from stopped capability that i can see. It’s also quite steep for the usb wifi dongle – i paid around £55. However, the quality of this unit makes up for the slight annoyances, and i cannot recommend one enough. One thing to bear in mind if you’re planning to wall mount it – it’s heavy. A genuine, two-person to lift piece of kit, so be warned.

Excellent 3d tv and blu-ray player for a bargain price and delivered before christmas. Good job we bought the extra 2 pairs of 3d glasses as it only came with one setindustry needs to sort out 3d format categories; one of the blu-ray 3d films (final destination 3d) that we purchased could only be watched with the cardboard red/green glass supplied with the disc as it was not compatible with our active samsung, ended up watching film in 2d.

Ordered this item as my 5 series 50′ (paid £702 8 months ago) was broken by my toddler, so browsing amazon i spotted this full 1080hd 3d plasma for £750, what a bargan me was thinking, how right i was, this was a steal. I placed the order tuesday evening (05/04/2011 about 7pm) to be delivered free on the super saver delivery package (estimated delivery date of 11/04/2011)however, a mere 36 hours later its delivered in mint condition by citylink. This one i took no chances with so decided to have this one hanging from a wall instead of using the stand. Set up as always from samsung was very easy. Picture quality:what can i say ?. As thought my 5 series was good, but this picture seams that much better, the colours are bright and the picture is ultra sharp, it really does have the wow factor, i’ve not come across a better picture quality tv than this one. No blurring or any lag at all. Stadard tv viewing through a virgin media cable box is crisp and clear and a joy to watch. Hd viewing really steps up the viewing pleasure ten fold, absolutely faultless. As with these samsungs there is no need to worry about reflections or light bouncing off the screen, mine sits by the patio doors on a south facing garden and today was really sunny, no problem for this tv, the screen doesnt reflect the light, unlike other tv’s like lg for example, everyone moans that light reflection is a real problem and unless sitting with lights off and curtains closed in the dead of night to avoid reflections, none of that nonsence with a samsung.

. Amazing design and nice and sleek. This is a must buy and you will be amazed. It propper jumps out at you and at one point my dad had to move his head out the way hahaha. Buy extra glasses with the deal and get the blueray 3d dvd player. If you want to go on the internet with the tv then buy the linkstick. Its a special dongle that samsung make.

This tv does give a really nice picture. I’ve had to tweak the settings slightly to increase the sharpness and brightness of the image, but otherwise it’s great. We link this to a sony surround sound system which seems to integrate relatively seamlessly. The only downside is that if you don’t have a tv aerial then you can’t set up the tv to start on a particular other source, which is annoying because i’d have liked to set it to my freesat box. Picture is great, 3d looks good (samsung glasses pinch the side of your head a little though), but it’s great value for money.

LG Electronics LG 50LN540V 50-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD LED TV – great picture

Looks nice, great picture, great sound. Only down point is the the thickness of the tv but still gets 5 star. Only had it for 1 month however.

Delivered on time, great picture.

Great tv , good image, clear picture, great colour would choose lg again. The only thing it did not arrive on the day it was meant to and it was meant to be a surprise b’day present .

Crisp picture and easy to set up. Colours are radiant and the thin sleek style of the set would make it fit into most living rooms.

The size , picture and volume are brilliant, clear crisp colours and looks fantastic, has a samsung before, this one beats it hands down, and the came expertly packed also very fast delivery, i highly recommend it, love it.

Really good picture and telly should be more hdmi ports but you can get splitters now so no problem, brilliant.

  • Excellent picture at an affordable price;
  • Brilliant television at a fantastic price
  • Great TV

We have had this tv for about a month. We use it for freeview broadcast tv, for online videos and for xbox games. The tv has exceeded our expectations: great picture quality, simple and easy to use.

Features of LG 50LN540V 50-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD LED TV with Freeview HD/Intelligent Sensor/HDMI Connectivity (Discontinued by Manufacturer) (discontinued by manufacturer)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 50″ Full HD LED with an ‘A+’ energy efficiency rating
  • Intelligent Sensor saves energy by adjusting the brightness and colour of the TV picture to the light in your room
  • Motion Clarity Index of 100 reduces blur in fast-moving pictures for clear, smooth picture quality
  • 2 x HDMi and 1 x USB ports ensure greater connectivity and access to and from the TV
  • With Freeview HD, you can enjoy free high-definition programming with stunning picture quality boosted by LG’s cutting-edge motion processing

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

50″ Full HD LED with an ‘A+’ energy efficiency rating

Intelligent Sensor saves energy by adjusting the brightness and colour of the TV picture to the light in your room

Motion Clarity Index of 100 reduces blur in fast-moving pictures for clear, smooth picture quality

2 x HDMi and 1 x USB ports ensure greater connectivity and access to and from the TV