(Discontinued by Manufacturer) : Great TV, especially for the price from “Electrical deals”

Such a great tv for the price. I got a refurbished version of this tv from electrotec and cannot believe how great value it is. The tv comes in great condition with all essential parts (minus 3d glasses themselves, but can be bought for super cheap anyway), all of this for under £350. Picture is great and everything is easy to use as this is an upgrade from an older lg model for me. Can’t find anything to fault it yet minus the lack of smart tv and freeview hd (although i don’t need these two features as i’ve got them from outside hardware anyway)great work from lg and electrotec for the great refurbishment.

Excellent, just as described and i am very pleased with it. . Excellent, just as per the product description and i am very pleased with it. The 4 pairs of 3d specs in different colour included in the package is a nice touch. I have it hokked up to a 3d blueray player and the two operate very well together,.

Lg 42-inch widescreen full hd 1080p. Bought this for my son who loves it. Has so many connections i wouldn’t know where to start. 3d is very good and comes with 4 pairs of glasses. Used with sky+ box and ps3 for excellent picture quality. Top quality from lg and made in the eu (poland).

Great tv, especially for the price from “electrical deals”. There are a few reviews here saying that the tv is great already, which it really is, so i thought i’d add some reinforcement to the other reviewer who purchased from “electrical deals”. Mine was delivered within 2 days (which was 3+ days before the estimated delivery date), i was given a 1 hour time slot in which they’d arrive, and they kept to it. The tv itself is in perfect condition, no damage whatsoever, and functions perfectly fine as if it were brand new. Hopefully this persuades a few more “refurbished” sales, and not just on this item, as this really only means that it’s probably a customer return or overstock of the item. :)and at over £150 off the normal price, what are you losing eh.

  • Some basics to help decide
  • Great picture, great value!
  • top TV at the time but price increased since I brought it so might not be a bargain anymore.
  • LG 42-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p
  • Simply faultless LED TV! Reccommend to all!
  • Incredible Value

(Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • LG 42″ Full HD 1080p 3D TV with LED Technology
  • Built-in Digital Freeview ensures that you are ready for the digital switch-over with access to over 40 TV and radio channels
  • Cinema 3D TV – Bringing a flicker-free 3D experience direct to your home
  • USB and 3x HDMI ports for a high definition experience with BluRay or your games console
  • Motion Clarity Index of 100 for clear, smooth 3D and 2D picture quality

Pic quality for blue ray playback on this tv was very goodhd and sd quality was very good sound was also good3d was ok but not as good as active 3dthe stand on the tv was a joke so wall mount if possiblei like lg products and this tv for anyone on a budget is a good buy.

Lg 42-inch widescreen full hd 1080p. Bought this for my son who loves it. Has so many connections i wouldn’t know where to start. 3d is very good and comes with 4 pairs of glasses. Used with sky+ box and ps3 for excellent picture quality. Top quality from lg and made in the eu (poland).

Lg, now have a brand that is recognized, but you can still get a very good deal on lg products. This tv was chosen ahead of samsung, sony, panasonic on its reviews and qulaity and it does not disappoint, in anyway. The resolution is excellent, no matter what is thrown at it. The tv looks beautiful, and functions effortlessly, even for the less technically gifted – plug and play. The 3d element is excellent, no dark streaky moments, all clear and bright with clear definitions no matter what your watching. All family and friends love watching a movie on this tv. Recommend to all – 10/10 will buy lg again.

Super price for what you get with prompt delivery. It’s a fantastic screen for both hd and 3d. The 2d to 3d conversion is very subtle, not really anything to shout about so please don’t buy it for that alone expecting great things.However, supply it with proper 3d footage, be it film or documentary via usb or blu-ray player and prepare to be astounded. I got hold of a few imax documentaries such as under the sea, and they are astonishing, fish swimming about in your living room. Films such as the hobbit are equally excellent. 1080p 2d viewing is very nearly as good, it’s really a beautiful screen. The sound is far superior to my previous tv though still not comparable to a separate surround system of course. I couldn’t possibly abide listening to a film on my other tv’s speakers, but this, i can accept.

To confirm the first review, this tv does not display 3d in full 1080i, no tv does, the most common form of 3d is the side by side method (sbs), this halves the horizontal resolution, so each eye gets a 960 x 1,080-pixel resolution frame, the tv scales (stretches) the signal to fill the screen. This is the same for all 3d tvs. The picture quality is still superb though. I did not purchase my tv from amazon, instead i took a chance and purchased a refurbished one for only £329, i am glad that i did, as the tv arrived in perfect condition complete with the original packaging which is not always the case, i was so pleased with it that i purchased a second one for my wife (i can now watch all the sport that i want). Needless to say these refurbished sets were soon snapped up and amazon are now the cheapest again. Secondly, you do not necessarily need a a 3d blu-ray player to watch 3d movies, when my set first arrived i was still awaiting a hdmi cable that i had ordered, so instead i connected the tv to my pc via the lan socket (for modem) which it has on the back of the set (this set doesn’t have wi-fi) and i was able to play most of the content that i have on the pc. It would not play all formats using this method, some would not have any sound but this is a tv and not a pc so it doesn’t have all the codecs available. As soon as my hdmi cable arrived i connected the set (which has three 1. 4 hdmi slots), to my pc and by using the tv as a second monitor and using vlc as my player on the pc, i am able to watch almost any format on it.

Top tv at the time but price increased since i brought it so might not be a bargain anymore. . Outstanding tv set what more can i say as it was the best one i could find for the price but i found that the price as increased a lot since i brought it when it first came out, the picture quality is fantastic and as the 3d option and glasses. Great for wall mounting and sounds nice also. Great 42 inch tv you really can’t go wrong.

I hope this review helps in what you are looking for. At first i had trouble playing 3d and found out this is what you will need. Watching a 3d movie depends more on the player than the tv. You will need a high speed hdmi cable and not just any hdmi cable. Also a 3d blu-ray player, i’m using my ps3 which will play them if you have the latest update on the console and also you have to re-select your display settings on your ps3so. A 3d movie looks amazing on this tv. I have heard that when watching a 3d movie your only seeing it in 720p, this is a rumor going around and don’t know if it’s true but i did notice the picture changed so there may be some truth in that?another feature with this tv is the 2d to 3d convert on any type of playable format, however it’s not that great on anything dark but i’ve watched a few live concerts and they looked great. With the 2d to 3d the 3d can be a little random though, like a hand and a button on a shirt will stick out but not the rest of the person, it doesn’t do that on a xbox or ps3 game?. Don’t worry if a new game isn’t in 3d because this feature will make it 3d and there is very little difference in the 3d than a 3d game, it’s just not to great at playing 2d movies in 3d apart from cgi films like toy story. The sound is great and you have a lot of settings to get it just how you want it and also the same for your picture settings.

After much deliberating just after christmas we bought this 42″ model to replace our 6 year old 32″ lcd tv. And what an improvementthe led picture quality must be 10 times better than our previous set. Even the epg (programme guide) is a huge improvement, and that’s before going through all the other features. It’s not a ‘smart’ tv so it has none of the apps like iplayer or netflix etc, but we have these already on our blu-ray player (see below) also it has no freeview hd but again we have a separate hd set-top box for this (again see below). For the money (399 at time of purchase) you’ll be hard-pushed to find a better tv. The first 3d blu-ray film we watched was ice age 4. The picture is simply amazing. Scrat the unlucky squirrel practically jumps into the living room.All these people that go on about whether it’s 1080 this or 1080 that, all i can say is demo this tv at richer sounds (or any other high street retailer) and *you* decide how good the picture is.

Lg 42lm3450 42-inch widescreen full hd 1080p 3d cinema led tv is a nice tv and works perfectly well, thank you very much.

I spent a long time reading reviews of many different tv’s. I didn’t want to spend too much money on new set, but wanted great picture quality and good sound. This tv is fantastic – great picture quality, and set’s up in minutes. Sound quality is surprisingly clear and loud for an led tv. We do have the tv in the corner of the room and not wall mounted, which may make a difference to the sound. 3d is very good, but not great. It wasn’t something that i particularly wanted so was just an added bonus that it came on the tv. The 2d to 3d conversion is fairly pointless on normal tv, but works reasonably well when watching pixar/disney and other animated/cgi heavy films. All in all, i think this tv us superb and better quality than any of the other similar tv’s in price.

It’s a bit thicker than my previous lg. If i had to put it on the wall it wouldn’t be greati tried the 3d effect,it doesn’t quite manage it. I didn’t buy it for 3d so i’m happy enough.

Installation of lg television. Very pleased with my purchase of this tv. Easy to set up,all in all a very good buy. Excellent picture,just wish that it had a stand that would swivel.