Hisense 40-Inch Smart Freeview HD LED TV – wow what a tv picture is great but did take some tweaking to get it how

For thr money this is an excellent tv. The only thing i’m not impressed with is the tv guide, but most freeview guides are poor so not worth reducing the mark. The tv is stylish and easy to setup. The picture can be made to look exceptional providing you’re willing to use the menu to set it up to your preference. One other thing i was slightly disappointed with was the fact that pvr usb is not a function available on this tv.

Great tv at a great price. . Very good product, it has a small switch at the back to turn the power on/off so check this is on after you site the tv. Great picture and fits with my existing wall bracket 5out of 5 for this product.

Amazing tv, this is the best tv i have. Amazing tv, this is the best tv i have had. Very good quality, crisp picture and wonder sound.

Very good buy for the price. The picture is well defined. Slim line and light weight tv. Only draw back is the base stand which is heavy glass and requires eight screws to attach it, is also difficult to attach if you follow the paper instructions enclosed. This is definitely a good value for money basic everyday tv. Another down side is it will not work on an high definition indoor ariel, which is surprising as these new ariels are supposed to pick up a signal for the more modern tvs.

  • Great for a TV. Poor as a Smart TV.
  • excellent low priced full HD
  • A 40″ Widescreen HDTV, with Freeview, +3xHDMI that looks and sounds just as good as much more expensive brands
  • Phew, sorted iteventually
  • Great TV; Great Price!
  • Good value for money

Hisense 40-Inch Smart Freeview HD LED TV

  • 1080p
  • Freeview HD

I bought it for the bedroom. At first i was a bit alarmed because i couldn’t switch it on but there’s a button behind the remote control sensor under the tv. It took me a while to find it because the instructions weren’t great but other than that it’s perfect. I use the amazon fire tv stick to watch all the prime shows too.

As good as some of the expensive ones ive seen.

Item arrived swiftly , excellent purchase.

One thought on “Hisense 40-Inch Smart Freeview HD LED TV – wow what a tv picture is great but did take some tweaking to get it how

  1. TBird
    Hisense tv 40 led – value for money. . A bit worried when tv arrived – in a bashed box. A quick look inside tv was packaged fine and tv – was quickly plugged in and switched on. For the price – i am well impressed – easy to set up the legs on tv – colour and sound easy to change. Power consumption very low – a for efficiency. Well done amazon and hisense – 5*.
    1. Ms. P. E. Hoath
      This tv is excellent value and we are really pleased. This tv is excellent value and we are really pleased. The quality of the picture is excellent. It was delivered when stated and was well packed.
  2. s0232908
    The good bits:i bought this tv for the price. There was nothing else at this price that had smart features. The picture quality is fantastic and the freeview hd tuner works really well. It’s easy to set-up and use. Very light so easy to wall mount and the thin bevel makes it look nice. As a tv i am very happy with this product. Viewing files from a usb stick is easy and straight forward and works well. Sound quality is good and the various presets are easy to cycle through and offer a good sound for a variety of viewing.
  3. Rai S

    This review is from : Hisense 40-Inch Smart Freeview HD LED TV

    Quite a few positives quite a few negatives 6/10 rating 50″ lite smart tv. . For the money you have just spent it’s a bargain £330 odd quid for a 50″ lite smart hd 1080p tv. Keeping in mind i paid £1100. 00 for a 42″ 720p hd tv in 2005 (phillips) this is a steal, but i do feel slightly shafted. Let’s first look at the positives:i’m a buyer with remorse in most cases but however this tv is at least 1/8 the weight of my previous tv. It’s aprox 20cm from back to front, it weighs only 15kg in the boxpretty sharp picture assuming you sit back at the stated 5-6 feet. Graphic equaliser is pretty sound although i am going out tomorrow to buy a soundbar and sub as my old phillips had dolby virtual sound. Really trim designrelatively easy installation if you take the time to read the two manuals2 year warrantyamazing gaming graphics on my xbox one and i used the xboxs fine tuning to get the colour /shading scheme right for the actual tv setup. This totally transformed the game play graphics and this is where i feel the tv is at its strongest point.
    1. Dave Smith TOP 500 REVIEWER
      A 40″ widescreen hdtv, with freeview, +3xhdmi that looks and sounds just as good as much more expensive brands. As i write this the 40″ (non smart) version of the hisense widescreen tv is out of stock. Why?because so many people with high-sense have bought them all because this is a superb tv for the money. Are you looking at this tv but feel tempted to look at another brand?to be honest, if you are in no hurry i really wouldn’t. I would hang fire a little while in the hope this returns. Because, honestly, this tv has everything “better known” brands have at £50-£100 more and performs just as well. Also in so many cases it is better than the competition such as having 3 hdmi sockets. If you’ve got a sky box, a gaming console and say an amazon fire tv stick thats it – you need 3 hdmi slotsif you need a scart socket too – don’t worry it has onethe picture is brilliant and i haven’t needed to adjust it in any way. And unlike so many other reviewers have stated on far more expensive tvs i haven’t felt the need to rush out for a sound bar due to poor sound. No, on the contrary, i have been very impressed with the fact the sound is not tinny in any way , nor does it distort at high volume.
      1. Vandyke Dapaah
        Does it have netflix and bbc iplayer??. I’m not sure whether to buy as i am not sure about this. Not enough information available.
  4. Matt Hallam
    After reading a lot of negative reviews i was unsure. However, unpacked and installed today easily and is working fine. Sound and picture great for the price (£399) and what i want. Not sure if they have updated the user guide since the complaints about the ‘hidden’ power switch (it’s not actually hidden at all, just at the bottom of the tv which is clearly marked on the user guide) this is also a good feature economically as i find that most modern tvs will only switch to standby mode, even if you use the buttons on the actual tv which still uses up to 90% power but this tv turns off completely with the bottom switch. Only slight issue i had was when connecting the smart tv to my router wirelessly. There is probably a way but i couldn’t figure out how to enter letters into the password box for my wireless connection as it doesn’t come up with an on-screen keyboard or allow you to enter letters via the number keys like most devices. However, this was easily solved by using the buttons on my router to connect automatically. (you can connect via an ethenet cable if really desperate)the tv also looks asthetically pleasing with silver metal frame (not plastic like many in this price range) and easily assembled. Smart tv side of it also works quickly and is the standard format for smart tvs so easy to navigate (not sure what the bad reviews are about there)also came with 2 year warrenty that i wasn’t aware of so overall, it’s all good.
    1. Richard Clarke "richard clarke"
      I bought this tv its really brilliant the picture is pin sharp and for the size. I purchased this tv the picture is pin sharp the colour is spot on you get a lot of good tv for such a small price i would buy this brand again.
  5. Mr. Paul Rose

    This review is from : Hisense 40-Inch Smart Freeview HD LED TV

    It is fantastic and so much better than my old sony 32″. Does it do everything wanted?. It easily connects to my router for additional programs, one of the best buys in tears.
  6. Jon Donohoe

    This review is from : Hisense 40-Inch Smart Freeview HD LED TV

    Great as a tv but terrible as a monitor i. Great as a tv but terrible as a monitori intended to use this tv as a monitor for my mac mini but 720p on a 32″ tv is terrible up close so i would only recommend if it is being used a few metres away. Text on the computer has to be blown up for it to be seen properly.

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