Hisense 40 inch Smart Ultra HD 4K LED TV – Is it goodyou bet!

Hisense 65″ smart curved tv. Amazing tv, brilliant picture and highly recommended.

Tv’s at 4k are now starting to get into the realm of the average general public. Of course you can go lower and also a lot higher. For everyone’s information i bought the tv from ao. Com due to the £25 cash back and old tv pickup for free service. My old tv was a 32 inch panasonic full hd and died suddenly from 8+ years of travelling and heavy use. At the time that cost £550 and was one of the best tvs for its time for just over £500. Now that i’m older and money comes a little tighter me and my partner decided on this tv. Size and tv build:the tv is actually around the same of the last tv but without massive bars around the screen. The bars are still there but the only 1cm, which for me is a silver grey colour.

The good points: looks nice with a lovely strong stand, which it needs to be as the tv is extremely heavy. The build quality appears excellent. 4k looks brilliant on youtube (after spending many hours adjusting the picture settings. )the bad points: it is far better to use an external box to access programs as the built in freeview hd tuner is very poor. Bbc iplayer was promised between september and november 2015 via an update but has failed to materialise. With the exception of netflix and you tube the remaining apps are utterly useless. The out of the box picture settings are terrible. It took many hours of adjustments just to get an acceptable picture.

Amazing value for money couldnt be happier looks great in the bedroom and wifi is amazing.

  • Superb quality TV at a great price
  • the netflix 4k streaming is excellent the colours on this TV are so vivid compared
  • This is a very good value 40″ tv.
  • Hisense the budget 4K TV
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  • Great TV, 4k is amazing and the dedicated netflix

Hisense 40 inch Smart Ultra HD 4K LED TV with 2 years warranty (Silver)

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  • Ultra HD 4K: Packing four times the number of pixels into the same screen sizes as traditional 1080p
  • Smart TV: Instantly stream from BBC iPlayer, Netflix and YouTube
  • Freeview HD: Get the preferable TV channels in high definition
  • HDMI 2.0
  • USB 3.0

Lets be honest i am not a tv nerd. My last tv, a good lg 1080p which was pushing 7 or 8 years old finally dropped dead so i needed a new tv. I bought a 40″ which is more than big enough for my living room, picture is amazing, wifi set up very simple and works perfectly, lots of hdmi ports so i connected my amazon fire box and my roku box with no difficulty, optical out-put for my now ancient but still amazing yamaha av unit and surround sound system. Adjusted the display settings to suit me, again very simple , job done. Excellent , very happy, absolute bargin for 300 quidupdate 030616: still very happy, performance is amazing and everyone who sees it wants one. I have now upgraded to the new 4k fire tv box and to answer any questions about this tv having all the required hdmi 2 and 2. 2 4k code standard the answer is yes you will get full 4k performance from the 4k fire. Dont forget to get a hdmi 2 cablethe 40 inch is currently selling on amazon at under 300 quid which is amazing, you wont be disappointed with it. Cant comment on any with a larger screen they may be different, but the 40″ is brilliant.

Superb quality tv at a great price. This is a fantastic tv for the price. I paid under £1,000 for it on amazon (march 2016) and i consider it a fantastic bargain at that price, especially as it comes with a free two year manufacturer’s warranty. I looked around carefully and did a lot of research before buying this set and i am very pleased i did. My old set was a samsung led that was less than three years old and i thought that was a good picture but this set is way better. The first programme i tuned into was sky news and i was amazed at how bad the newsreader’s skin was. I could see all kinds of wrinkles and other skin blemishes that were simply not apparent on my old set. This may sound crazy but it was honestly the first thing i noticed and i am still aware of it whenever i watch any kind of interview that involves any kind of close-up. The set is 4k so it is ready for when sky supposedly start broadcasting 4k content later in 2016. The factory settings picture is great but with a little messing around you can quickly customise your own settings to suit your individual tastes and get an absolutely superb picture. I found i had to increase the brightness, dim the backlight a little, up the contrast and reduce the sharpness.

Great tv, 4k is amazing and the dedicated netflix. Great tv, 4k is amazing and the dedicated netflix and youtube buttons are idealfor the price you wont get better.