LG 32LJ500V 32″ Full HD LED TV – LED TVs, Excellent for the value

At the moment i use it just as a monitor(i don’t watch tv programs) and is perfect, settings are standard but for every little change you can see the difference on the screen. European plug isn’t a problem because i have the multi universal socket but i understand it could be annoying for most. Excellent purchase by the way.

Ok, its cheap, you probably wouldn’t buy it as your primary tv, you get what you pay for. It gave the impression it has a lan(network) connection and even shows the port in the manual. Not a problem as it didn’t say it was a smart tv so what would you use network for. As for the the power lead, its european two pin, cut it off and put a uk plug on it. Electronic kit these days can accept 100-240v so manufacturers don’t have to make kit for a specific markets. It says this on the lable right next to the power in. So guys, if you sent it back because it didn’t have a uk plug how daft do you feel?having said that i thought retailers were obliged by law to provide a uk plug or adapter to allow you to plug it in safely (any comment amazon)suprisingly the tv has free sat (through a dish rather than the ariel) 2 x hdmi, usb and component in. Nice picture great price and fine for the ps4 it will be used for. I would have given it 5 stars if it had a uk plug on it.

Uk so was surprised that it came from a european and had to buy an adapter socket. It works well, but i would be worried that some buyers might not realise the voltage difference and just replace the plug with a british one. I wouldn’t buy one for myself because i know that the lg epg is rubbish, but this was for my granddaughter’s bedroom.

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“Nice cheap bedroom gaming monitor TV., Excellent for the value, Adequate for purpose.”

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LG 32LJ500V 32" Full HD Black LED TV - LED TVs (81.3 cm (32"), Full HD, 1920 x 1080 pixels, LED, Flat, 10 W)
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