LG 40UF770V 4K Ultra HD 40 Inch TV – Awesome TV – Online stuff is really good !

Crisp picture out the box and very good sound quality. Coming from a 32 inch 720p tv, the difference is staggering.

Bought few weeks ago and so will update after a few months. Setting up was easy with the magic remote. As this tv has ips panel, unlike the samsung equivalent, it has excellent viewing angle so all don’t need to huddle up in the couch exactly opposite to the tv. Bought the tv from richer sound as for the same price, the tv came with six year warranty and 6 month netflix premium (includes few 4k uhd titles). Sound quality is surprisingly ok and so doesn’t need a separate sound bar.

. But it is going to take time to get use to it. . A little slow on warming up though.

I have sat back and waited a few months to review this tv as i thought my initial excitement could do with a cooling off period. But after much consideration, i can safely say – it’s fantasticfrom a perspective of authority i’m comparing this tv with a hd sony and uhd panasonic (both great tvs in their own right), but this beast from lg just raises the bar even higher on overall picture and sound quality. On the matter of picture i note that some other reviewers have mentioned that you wont get uhd on a poor broadband connection and that is true but if you have a connection over 4mb and use the ethernet option then i can tell you that i was able to watch the uhd content on netflix this way. Smart tvs are always improving but this improvement is not just down too how the tv can be watched any more, it is also now encompassing the software that give you access to the extra features and the handset that is supplied. For me, lg are winning this competition with ease with smart tv webos. I would suggest that you look at this element closely because using a cursor on screen to quickly whiz around and combining that with excellent speech recognition makes life so much easier than clunking away with remote control cursors. After all any software set-up of a tv that makes you smile rather than reaching for a manual has to be great. (i still haven’t looked at a paper manual or the on screen version yet)there apps available are a selection of the usual suspects including google’s play movies, bbc iplayer etc. One app that seemed to be missing was youtube which i found strange and i searched for it using the remote but could not find a match.

  • Stunning T.V. well worth the Money, if you want a huge Mid-Range Panel
  • Excellent TV, almost great
  • Excellent smart TV, just missing ITV Player and 4oD apps to make it perfect.
  • This LG 40” smart TV is an impressive piece of kit
  • Excellent 4k UHD TV!
  • Amazing Picture Quality

LG 40UF770V 4K Ultra HD 40 Inch TV (2015 Model)

  • LG ULTRA HD 4K TV gives you the best picture quality there is, with four times the detail of Full HD. Our unique IPS Panel allows you to experience perfect clarity, wherever you sit to watch.

Well so far very pleased with the tv. Well so far very pleased with the tv , the remote takes abit of getting used to. You can really tell the difference with the upscaling on old films you would swear its blueray. You will need netflix to watch anything in 4k at the moment , what surprised me was the quality of the sound and how well it streamed 4k netflix wirelessly. For the money £549 think this is a bargain , oh and the missus loves it.

Well worth the money, if you want a huge mid-range panel. For a week now, and although i haven’t used every aspect of it (haven’t plugged in a games console yet/i don’t have satellite box), but i can give you a quick overiew of what to expect:build quality:the actual build of the t. Is excellent solidly built and although the size of the t. Is huge (i bought the 60”), that bezels are tiny (only sony’s t. ’s have smaller bezels), so you are getting roughly 96% screen. Have a nice brushed metal feel and the actual unit is also surprisingly thin, and doesn’t cheat by making the bottom half of the t. Noticeably thicker to store the input connections (which some curved t. That could only really be the stand that holds the t. As the actual sturdiness is pretty good (the t. Doesn’t wobble too much if you touch it), and the actual stands themselves are actually made of metal, but the piece covering the actual stand at the front of the t. Is plastic, and makes a pretty hollow sound, then you tap it.

Superb product, excellent sharp picture quality and the webos-based tv interface is very simple and intuitive especially the setup which my 60 year old mother was able to do without any effort. Assembling the tv stand was quick, easy and uncomplicated. One of the most interesting features was the smart remote-control which makes pointing and clicking on the screen a doddle. The remote also has a thumb-wheel which can be used to scroll up and down channels. The apps supported are all what would be expected, the amazon prime video app in particular is good enough to not necessitate the need for my fire tv stick now although it doesn’t support playing games. A downside is that compared to the samsung tv it replaced is that you can’t view one tv station and watch another at the same time. But apart from that a great choice.

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  1. Size: 43-inch Verified Purchase
    Best black friday purchase ever. After my first order turned up damaged i was very pleased with how fast amazon replaced the product. Easy to use and set up and the picture quality is amazing.
    1. Size: 43-inch Verified Purchase
      Delivered on time easy to install no problem so far. Delivered on timeeasy to installno problem so far.
  2. Size: 55-inch Verified Purchase
    Picture quality very mediocre. To go alongside a 7 year-old sony bravia 52 inch led, as i wanted a t. This is a considerably more modern t. , although i admit that the sony was almost twice the price of this model when i purchased it new. Good points: the lg is very light for it’s size, which means no struggle to lift it onto the tv stand. It has three hdmi slots, and can receive a number of on demand functions via wireless internet, such as netflix and iplayer. Setting it up was simplicity in itself, and probably easier than any other t. Sound quality seems good enough, although on-set speakers never compete with a surround sound system.
    1. Size: 43-inch Verified Purchase
      1080p to 4k – yes you will see the difference. We’ve been using samsung lcd tv for about 10 years now, and having used some lg computer monitors i was impressed with their image quality. So when this 4k beauty came up in the black friday sales i chucked it in the basket before spending 10 minutes measuring the gap it needed to fit into. As far as picture and sound. Even the built in speakers are reasonable, although i do have thx certified 2. 1 speakers plugged in to the tv we tend to use the tv sound for day to day viewing (the external speakers go into standby and don’t always wake up). It’s replaced a 3 year old 32″ samsung smart tv. The old tv was 1080p and had a good picture, but the increase in size and the 4k of the lg knock spots off the sammy (we still have the sammy as a bedroom tv).
  3. Size: 40-inch

    This review is from : LG 40UF770V 4K Ultra HD 40 Inch TV (2015 Model)

    Sounded like a battlefield whilst watching eastenders. . Seriously underwhelmed with the picture and sound. The sound was the worst aspect even on low volumes music and sound effects created this booming reverberation that’s was making me feel that the neighbours were going to knock at any moment. Fortunately was able to get a full refund from the local t.
  4. Size: 49-inch Verified Purchase

    This review is from : LG 40UF770V 4K Ultra HD 40 Inch TV (2015 Model)

    Great tv easy to connect to all. And many more easy to use all round good tv.
    1. Size: 55-inch Verified Purchase
      Excellent delivery procedure from the hughes direct carrier, plenty of notice and very quick on time. 55″ model purchased and it’s perfect for my lounge viewing distance. Easy to set up and get going with a standard hd picture being up scaled to near 4k quality. It’s definitely a vast improvement on my old samsung 40″. Detect a little motion drag now and again but generally it is a much better picture than hd. Youtube allows you to view some actual 4k content and that’s when you can see just how good this tv is. Lg online content is a bit dull and as i use a humax freesat box it doesn’t really interest me. Overall, it’s an entry level 4k tv but it does a very good job.
      1. Size: 49-inch Verified Purchase
        Perfect size and great picture. Great christmas present from santa.
  5. Size: 49-inch Verified Purchase
    I have only 1 negative issue, it “bleeds” light. I have only 1 negative issue, it “bleeds” light, graduating from the edge to the middle on the left side as you view the screen. So when the picture is predominantly black, on 1 side it’s light grey. Not so noticeable on general scenes, but very obtrusive on a dark screen. This is only the first day of viewing, but this is my second lg, the other now 4/5 yrs old, and it did the same, but more patchy over the whole screen. This new set was to replace a 6/7 yr old sony bravia which has a similar problem, but “darts” coming in from the corners, which is far more common. Maybe the settings need “tweaking” but it’s only on one side, so i don’t see how any “tweaking” can alter just half the screen.

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