LG 49UF770V Ultra HD 4K 49 Inch TV, Great picture, easy to set up

Good picture, uncomplicated to established up. Wonderful picture,simple to established up, impressive attributes but. Very disappointed that an exterior product essential in purchase to history, did not realise this before i bought. Over-all pretty happy with purchase.

Excellent selling price, good dimension, supply was very well on time. Blown away with the top quality of the tv, streamed a entire episode of breaking bad on netflix in uhd and it was crisp and crystal clear.

I’m obtaining so considerably enjoyable by actively playing ps4 on this tv set.

  • Stunning T.V. well worth the Money, if you want a huge Mid-Range Panel
  • Excellent TV, almost great
  • The television itself is brilliant pretty much self explanatory
  • This LG 40” smart TV is an impressive piece of kit
  • Excellent 4k UHD TV!
  • Excellent – would be near perfect with Flash in browser

A single of the finest uhd pictures i have ever found amazing viewing on. 1 of the ideal uhd pics i have at any time found beautiful viewing on the german uhd satellite channels. I can’t fault the television set in any way.

Seriously joyful with this television superior than predicted.

Features of LG 49UF770V Ultra HD 4K 49 Inch TV(2015 Model)

  • Ultra HD 4K resolution
  • Smart TV with webOS
  • Ultra clarity index
  • Ribbon plate stand

Perfectly truly worth the funds, if you want a substantial mid-assortment panel. For a 7 days now, and though i haven’t employed just about every component of it (haven’t plugged in a online games console however/i do not have satellite box), but i can give you a swift overiew of what to anticipate:establish high-quality:the precise establish of the t. Is superb solidly built and while the sizing of the t. Is big (i bought the 60”), that bezels are very small (only sony’s t. ’s have scaled-down bezels), so you are acquiring roughly 96% screen. Have a good brushed metallic sense and the real unit is also shockingly thin, and doesn’t cheat by producing the base 50 % of the t. Significantly thicker to retail store the input connections (which some curved t. That could only actually be the stand that holds the t. As the true sturdiness is pretty great (the t. Does not wobble also a lot if you contact it), and the true stands themselves are truly designed of metal, but the piece masking the precise stand at the front of the t. Is plastic, and helps make a pretty hollow audio, then you tap it.

Purchased couple weeks in the past and so will update soon after a number of months. Environment up was quick with the magic distant. As this television set has ips panel, in contrast to the samsung equal, it has outstanding viewing angle so all never need to huddle up in the couch accurately reverse to the tv. Bought the television set from richer seem as for the similar selling price, the tv set arrived with 6 calendar year guarantee and six month netflix top quality (consists of couple 4k uhd titles). Audio high quality is shockingly okay and so doesn’t have to have a independent sound bar.

One thought on “LG 49UF770V Ultra HD 4K 49 Inch TV, Great picture, easy to set up

  1. richard k ray
    Amazing what a 4k screen can do with a (non-4k). Amazing what a 4k screen can do with a (non-4k) good signal. Received this in time to watch the british open golf. With the ‘out of the box’ settings i was able to see the horizontal rain drops and individual grains of sand blasted in the competitors faces . To my dear old dad struggling with the scrolling vertical hold on his crt in the 1950’s, this tv would have appeared. The 2x10w sound is skillfully channeled through a transverse slot running full width at the foot of the screen, which negates the requirement of a bass bar. However, if you are a compulsive ‘channel surfer’, the enormous variance between volume levels (especially when they slide up the music and the ads) will annoy your neighbours on the down side : the ‘plasticky’, fiddly to assemble base does not reflect the ‘quality’ product which this certainly is.
  2. Horwichite

    This review is from : LG 49UF770V Ultra HD 4K 49 Inch TV(2015 Model)

    Fantastic picture and i am fussy. Going to have to get faster internet for the streaming but looking to get rid of sky anyway and cannot watch tv in a rain storm.Glad i didn’t get another sony to be honest. I have the safety of a five year guarantee from my supplier costco where there was £50 quid off.
  3. Mr G D Hayes

    This review is from : LG 49UF770V Ultra HD 4K 49 Inch TV(2015 Model)

    One of the best uhd pictures i have ever seen stunning viewing on. One of the best uhd pictures i have ever seen stunning viewing on the german uhd satellite channels. I can’t fault the tv in any way.
    1. Rob Hills
      Crisp picture out the box and very good sound quality. Coming from a 32 inch 720p tv, the difference is staggering.
  4. Hazza

    This review is from : LG 49UF770V Ultra HD 4K 49 Inch TV(2015 Model)

    Great tv, not suitable for gaming. Despite having a ‘gaming’ option, the input lag is a distracting 70-100ms. This makes first person shooters, or any reaction based games incredibly frustrating to play. If you want a tv for gaming, get a 1080p, and if possible a sony or samsung since they beat lg hands down for input lag these days.
  5. Bobster

    This review is from : LG 49UF770V Ultra HD 4K 49 Inch TV(2015 Model)

    Excellent – would be near perfect with flash in browser. Fantastic picture, great sound and so easy to use with magic remote. Taking one star off for the fact that lg won’t allow flash to be run in the tv browser which affects quite a few web sites, including some streaming sites. However netflix (free 6 month trial) is simply superb via the built-in app on this set,.
  6. Craig

    This review is from : LG 49UF770V Ultra HD 4K 49 Inch TV(2015 Model)

    It’s let down by a pretty slow bootup time, and some pretty laggy apps (netflix/iplayer/youtube/prime). Occasionally the remote (which is rf rather than ir) simply stops working for a few seconds. It’s still a good tv for the money, and if you are planning to use it as a simple display panel, then i’d give it five stars.
    1. Jim G.
      Arrived as arranged, no problems. Setting up was simple, but the “magic” remote takes a bit of getting used to. The stand is, perhaps, not to everyones taste, being a little on the long side?.Overall, this model meets all expectations, and i look forward to 4k television when it arrives.
      1. looneyloo
        Ultra tv that says it all. . The quality of the picture is superb, cant fault it. My son tried it and says” dad l want one” that says it all.
  7. A. N. C. Perera

    This review is from : LG 49UF770V Ultra HD 4K 49 Inch TV(2015 Model)

    Just like a racing car on a traffic jam. Stunning tv at this price range. Here are some good and bad points for this unit. Pros:picture quality is great when watching 4k contentsound quality is great for a flat panelusability is outstanding with the new webos 2. 0magic remote is very easy to use and let you control most of the connected devices too. Screen mirroring enables android mobile content to go on big screen with a touch of your finger tip. Easy to search videos and tv channels with voice commandslive tv can be recorded with external storagecons:limited availability of apps (eg: skype not available)picture quality is bad on non 4k content. Standard definition channels are hard to watch while the hd channels are distorted some time times due to up conversion to 4k screen. (but this is not a problem with the tv)only 3 hdmi inputs.
      1. Dave S.
        The people who created this colorful user interface are great. I have bought just before a philips and it was complicated and all in gray. The sound is astonishing for a tv. Then, the image is really good. I want to pinpoint that now with this kind of tv, when there is an issue with image quality it is not related to the tv but the source quality. I am from france, the tv had no problem with the french tnt, plus it picked up my orange decoder i control it through the remote control. Compared to other smart tv, the apps are snappy and the webos is way better than androidos that i have seen before with philips tv. It is faster an easier to use. The little cartoon for installation is great as well.
  8. Rolo TOP 500 REVIEWER

    This review is from : LG 49UF770V Ultra HD 4K 49 Inch TV(2015 Model)

    First question – do you really need a 4k or ultra high definition (uhd) tv?. Probably not; firstly, a good hd tv should be more than adequate for home viewing. To put it into context, most cinemas in the uk operate at 2k, which is basically the same in terms of resolution as hd tv (hd tv = 1920 x 1080, 2k cinema = 2048 x 1080; uhd tv = 3840 x 2160, 4k cinema = 4096 x 2160). If 2k is good enough for the cinema, isn’t it good enough for your home?. Few movies are shot at full 4k resolution and most are still post-produced at 2k. Secondly, there is very little uhd content to view apart from a few series on netflix. The mainstream broadcasters have no plans to transmit uhd (there are not yet any agreed uhd broadcast standards) and there is currently no uhd disc system available. Even on netflix, the data rate is determined by the speed of your internet connection – if you don’t have a fast connection, you won’t get full uhd resolution. Having said that, uhd/4k is the future and no one wants to be left out.

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