LG Electronics 79UF770V – Amazing Picture Quality

A lengthy time sony fanboy i last but not least shed faith in them and chose the lg which i imagined was superb benefit for dollars. Graphic excellent is outstanding with hd product. Color saturation was very good without currently being far too extreme. Audio is superior – wouldn’t suggests its breathtaking but it is very fantastic and undoubtedly an advancement on my outdated tv. 4k titles are skinny on the floor but i suspect they will be amazing with this tv.

V i’ve ever bought location up the t. V was quite straightforward just stick to the on t. V establishments and set wifi which is constructed in. The picture is remarkable pretty clear and the 4k ultra hd is astounding. I read up and each and every review i read through stated it was fantastic and i have to concur. If you go on youtube there are some videos of lg 55uf770v and it will explain to you how to set it up and explain to you the best image configurations. V i have ever noticed and if you’re looking for a good t.

Very well truly worth the revenue, if you want a big mid-array panel. For a 7 days now, and despite the fact that i haven’t applied every single component of it (haven’t plugged in a online games console still/i do not have satellite box), but i can give you a speedy overiew of what to count on:develop high-quality:the precise build of the t. Is great solidly constructed and whilst the sizing of the t. Is huge (i bought the 60”), that bezels are tiny (only sony’s t. ’s have scaled-down bezels), so you are obtaining around ninety six% screen. Have a nice brushed metal truly feel and the actual unit is also remarkably slender, and doesn’t cheat by earning the bottom fifty percent of the t. Significantly thicker to retail store the enter connections (which some curved t. That could only actually be the stand that holds the t. As the true sturdiness is fairly superior (the t. Doesn’t wobble too much if you touch it), and the true stands on their own are basically built of metallic, but the piece masking the true stand at the front of the t. Is plastic, and can make a rather hollow seem, then you faucet it.

Key specs for LG 79UF770V Smart 4K Ultra HD 79 Inch TV:

  • Smart TV with webOS
  • Ultra clarity index
  • Ribbon plate stand

Comments from buyers

“Stunning T.V. well worth the Money, if you want a huge Mid-Range Panel, Excellent TV, almost great, Excellent smart TV, just missing ITV Player and 4oD apps to make it perfect., Excellent picture and sound 4K is well worth watching., This LG 40” smart TV is an impressive piece of kit, Excellent 4k UHD TV!”

A single of the ideal uhd pics i have at any time witnessed stunning viewing on. Just one of the most effective uhd shots i have ever noticed beautiful viewing on the german uhd satellite channels. I are not able to fault the tv in any way.

Wonderful, apart from netflix not functioning. . Wonderful telly, apart from the point i couldn’t get netflix to work on it, even although netflix is effective on every single other unit and telly in our residence. Finished up obtaining an additional external gadget to stream netflix, which kinda defeats the position of having to pay further for the smart functions of the lg. Everything else operates fine, has a wonderful photograph and very simple to use interface.

Up and jogging i am extremely pleased with the good quality and simplicity of use.

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  1. Size: 49-inch

    This review is from : LG 79UF770V Smart 4K Ultra HD 79 Inch TV

    The best tv i have owned and at a great price. It’s certainly the best tv i have ever owned. Some of the reviews aren’t great on here but i don’t have a bad thing to say about this tv. It’s got such a crisp clear picture and the menus are easy to navigate through. Also have it hooked up to my xbox one and that is amazing quality in picture.
  2. Size: 49-inch

    This review is from : LG 79UF770V Smart 4K Ultra HD 79 Inch TV

    This has to be one of the best buys going: the set has almost halved in price from its original release price. You get everything you need for a very good price: 4k resolution, built-in wi-fi, magic remote, 3 hdmi ports, 3 usb ports and lots of smart features. The stand is sensible and both the picture and audio are great. The led backlighting is edge-lit, which isn’t as good as direct-lit, though i’m not too fussed either way, and you certainly don’t notice any deficiencies with the backlighting while watching the tv. About the only thing i dislike is the placement of the headphone port and the way the os handles the headphone output. I also wish there was more 4k media content available.
    1. Size: 49-inch
      And the difference between this and my old lg smart 42″ hd tv is breathtaking. I have had this model for two weeks now and the difference between this and my old lg smart 42″ hd tv is breathtakingthe picture clarity is outstanding and the colours are amazing (e. G watch the opening credits of a programme called limitless. It will blow your mind)some people have said that it has poor sound but i have had no such issues. Mine is wall mounted in a corner on a canter lever bracket and the sound is immense. I fiddled around with the settings and i would recommend that you have “clear voice” on in the sound settings as some programs have the music overpowering the voices. I have my dvd’s stored on my computer and the smartshare app is a godsend. Download the correct software to your computer and i never have to change a dvds again. It’s a big improvement on the old smartshare with some much needed imptovements. If you’re thinking of buying this tv.
  3. Size: 55-inch Verified Purchase

    This review is from : LG 79UF770V Smart 4K Ultra HD 79 Inch TV

    Excellent picture and sound 4k is well worth watching. . Unfortunately, this is my third lg to in 18 months because last two had faults and were returned. Anyway, this tv is the best of the three in my opinion. 4k is excellent on amazon fire tv plus on netflix although you have to pay a little extra to get netflix 4k but worth it. Can’t get plex at all on this tv which is annoying but i can use fire tv to get it, or else install xplay from their catalog which works the same but you have to buy it. Can’t fault the picture or sound in any way, installing it was easy. I removed the backing plate from other tv, installed it on this one, lifted it on to the wall bracket i had already and then installed the boxes i use. Ie: amazon, rocku 3 and apple tv 4. I also use freesat box which i connect using phono cables because there are only 3 hd and 3 usb ports. I scanned for freeview hd then got rid of the channels i didn’t want, and put them all in the order i wanted as well which didn’t take too long.
  4. Size: 43-inch Verified Purchase

    This review is from : LG 79UF770V Smart 4K Ultra HD 79 Inch TV

    Best black friday purchase ever. After my first order turned up damaged i was very pleased with how fast amazon replaced the product. Easy to use and set up and the picture quality is amazing.
  5. Size: 43-inch Verified Purchase

    This review is from : LG 79UF770V Smart 4K Ultra HD 79 Inch TV

    Delivered on time easy to install no problem so far. Delivered on timeeasy to installno problem so far.
    1. Size: 55-inch Verified Purchase
      Picture quality very mediocre. To go alongside a 7 year-old sony bravia 52 inch led, as i wanted a t. This is a considerably more modern t. , although i admit that the sony was almost twice the price of this model when i purchased it new. Good points: the lg is very light for it’s size, which means no struggle to lift it onto the tv stand. It has three hdmi slots, and can receive a number of on demand functions via wireless internet, such as netflix and iplayer. Setting it up was simplicity in itself, and probably easier than any other t. Sound quality seems good enough, although on-set speakers never compete with a surround sound system.
      1. Size: 43-inch Verified Purchase
        1080p to 4k – yes you will see the difference. We’ve been using samsung lcd tv for about 10 years now, and having used some lg computer monitors i was impressed with their image quality. So when this 4k beauty came up in the black friday sales i chucked it in the basket before spending 10 minutes measuring the gap it needed to fit into. As far as picture and sound. Even the built in speakers are reasonable, although i do have thx certified 2. 1 speakers plugged in to the tv we tend to use the tv sound for day to day viewing (the external speakers go into standby and don’t always wake up). It’s replaced a 3 year old 32″ samsung smart tv. The old tv was 1080p and had a good picture, but the increase in size and the 4k of the lg knock spots off the sammy (we still have the sammy as a bedroom tv).
  6. Size: 40-inch Verified Purchase
    Superb product, excellent sharp picture quality and the webos-based tv interface is very simple and intuitive especially the setup which my 60 year old mother was able to do without any effort. Assembling the tv stand was quick, easy and uncomplicated. One of the most interesting features was the smart remote-control which makes pointing and clicking on the screen a doddle. The remote also has a thumb-wheel which can be used to scroll up and down channels. The apps supported are all what would be expected, the amazon prime video app in particular is good enough to not necessitate the need for my fire tv stick now although it doesn’t support playing games. A downside is that compared to the samsung tv it replaced is that you can’t view one tv station and watch another at the same time. But apart from that a great choice.
  7. Size: 40-inch

    This review is from : LG 79UF770V Smart 4K Ultra HD 79 Inch TV

    Sounded like a battlefield whilst watching eastenders. . Seriously underwhelmed with the picture and sound. The sound was the worst aspect even on low volumes music and sound effects created this booming reverberation that’s was making me feel that the neighbours were going to knock at any moment. Fortunately was able to get a full refund from the local t.
    1. Size: 49-inch Verified Purchase
      Great tv easy to connect to all. And many more easy to use all round good tv.

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