LILIPUT 5DII-HO Moniteur à sortie HDMI 7″ 1080 p : Would recommend but check your requirements.

Would recommend but check your requirements. . This is a great performing hdmi monitor, comes with a removable plastic sun hood (clips to the monitor and sprung open) which is much better than any magnetic ones i used before. There are 3 version of this monitor – this one does not include the peaking or zebras feature. It does have an over scan feature and image zoom & also red, green and blue image only. Comes with a hdmi cable, hotshoe mounting and battery adapters. Much recommend for dslr shooters.

Great quality 7inch monitor. Taking this monitor out of the box, i could tell it’s very well built, not like the previous 7″ monitor i had. I chose this monitor over the 5d-ii/o/p because i don’t need the advanced functions. There’s magic lantern for that. (great add-on, i must say)the start-up of this monitor is 15 seconds. Pretty slow but i can live with it. Not great if you need to set up quickly. The resolution of the display is 1024×600. Do not be fooled by the 1080p in the name.

The item did what it claimed to do. Would have preferred if supplied with battery, as it is a field monitor, but very good piece of kit.

Only good for focas and exposure, detail and colour is poor. If you need a bigger screen for dslr shooting it will do a job. Very reasonable for the price.

  • Good monitor but proceed with caution
  • Great quality 7inch monitor. Time is an issue, though.
  • A loveable piece of kit
  • Would recommend but check your requirements.
  • Great piece of kit

LILIPUT 5DII-HO Moniteur à sortie HDMI 7″ 1080 p + trépied compatible Canon 5D II et autres appareils avec port HDMI et support de batterie pour moniteur 970 et QM91D + couvercle pare-soleil + adaptateur DC

A must have, compact and effective. Great quality and very strong. Would recommend any indie film maker to own one of these.

Good monitor but proceed with caution. Great little field monitor and almost essential if you use dslr cameras for video etc. We actually purchased 2 from another seller on ebay but the model/manufacturer etc is the same. I’ve been waiting for a while to purchase something like this as the previous generation (667/668/969) monitors either cropped the image badly or showed the image in a 4:3 aspect ratio. Pros:* very well made – it feels solid compared to the previous one i had from lilliput which was very cheap plastic* the model we got has got seperate hdmi in and out ports – i personally don’t see the advantage of this in the field but each to their own* there was a canon lp-e6 (5d2/3) battery plate in the box, along with a couple of sony ones, so plenty of options to keep the unit powered* screen is a very good size and has a good viewable are* unit has a number of functions allowing you to zoom (upto 8x) “underscan”, change aspect ratio (16:9, 4:3, full auto)* has 1080i / 480p modes (i believe the canon 5d2/3 use the 480p mode during recording)* built in speakers + built in headphone socket* intuitive sunshade, folds over the screen itself protecting it during transport etc* has various mounting options for 1/4 camera bolt at the bottom and on the right hand side* has a canon 5d2 button which when the function is activated actually shows the full output from the 5d2. Without underscanning etc etc. So you can see exactly what is recorded. Very useful as the 5d doesn’t record anything shown in the shaded areas on it’s own lcd screen (from personal experience)and sadly – the cons. . * the monitor does have an immensly long startup time – upto 15 seconds before the camera input is displayed on the screen* when switching to live view – the monitor “blinks” and you have to wait about 5 seconds before you can see what the camera sees – a big let down to an otherwise good monitor. This is a grey area for “run and gun” cinematographers.