Panasonic TX-40CX400B 4K UHD 40 Inch TV – HD Motion is not smooth

The panel in this tv is fine. The speakers are pretty good for a budget flatscreen tv. The bezel is commendably thin and it’s the cheapest 4k tv right now. Now for the not so good parts. Beyond the panel the tv is noticeably budget. No matter what you do to the picture settings broadcast television looks like a cheap mexican soap opera. (i’m back on my old tv now and it looks great in comparison) external hd & online content looks better but skin tones are still off. Even with a solid 20mb connection 4k content on netflix breaks up when anything moves quickly.

I can’t use the smart tv to access the web or apps because a. I bought this tv from euronics and it was made by vestel in turkey. I can’t use the smart tv to access the web or apps because a log in screen presents itself with kullanici adi – i tried to use the panasonic tv app, but it cant find a vera tv. Apart from all that, the picture quality on hd tv channel excellent and films on netflix are stunning – sound bar required as the sound is poor. Just disappointed that i will have to waste time trying to sort issues out with panasonic customer services instead of enjoying my purchase. Ok, the tv updated itself after a few days and all is working well. I purchased the panasonic panasonic sc-htb485. Easy setup and sound well in our room.

Good value 4k tv if you can stand the soap opera effect. I purchased this tv last week and have it linked up with a bluray player via a soundbar, a wii u, a freesat box and (via a splitter), amazon fire tv and apple tv. The build quality is fine- yes, it is plastic, but you don’t really notice that. It is flat and thin and smart. The picture is good as far as the image is concerned: a big step up from my much older lcd tv, but times have moved on, i guess. The real bugbear is the ‘soap opera effect’: where quality content like movies and drama (shot at 24fps) get added frames by the tv panel, and it ends up looking like a behind the scenes video shoot of the movie rather than the movie. This would normally not be a problem, but as far as i can tell, you cannot turn this off on this tv: there just isn’t a menu option for it, even in the service menu, that i can see. The only way i have found is to put it in game mode. Although it solves the problem, the picture quality drops in other ways and you can no longer calibrate the brightness, contrast, colour, etc.

Beautiful, but not that smart. Beautiful picture, even on full hd content (freeview included). Sd content is hard to watch due to the lack of upscaling technology in the tv. 4k content looks absolutely outstanding. I’m quite disappointed in the lack of native upscaling, but most 4k blu-ray players will upscale all of your dvds and blu-rays anyway. Catch-up services are non-existent at the moment. Bbc iplayer app is there, but does not open and instead displays “incompatible with this tv”youtube 4k works beautifully and looks superb, can’t wait for more 4k content be coming outmy netflix account is not 4k yet, but i’ll be paying that little bit extra soon to make the most of my telly. My pc can output 3d stereoscopic images at 1080p, but i have no glasses to test it 🙁 as for 4k, the pc works without a hitch, displaying purchased content and other content well. The description on most seller’s websites says you’ll need an extra box to stream 4k over dlna, but that’s just not true. I was able to stream 4k videos from my pc straight to the tv over dlna on my home lan (i haven’t tried it over wifi–the tv and pc are both connected to my network switch with ethernet cables).

  • Get a good quality full HD TV instead
  • great picture,sound dvds shine
  • Beautiful, but not that smart
  • Stunning picture and very good value for money PC 4K 3D TV
  • Buy a High end HD TV not a low end 4k one
  • Good Quality for the Money

Panasonic TX-40CX400B 4K UHD 40 Inch TV (2015 Model)

  • Ultra HD 3840 X 2160 Resolution
  • High Contrast for deep blacks, bright whites and vivid colours
  • 200 Hz RMR
  • Essential apps

I have the tv for over a week now, it is nice and sharp but the picture motion is very poor in hd – its trying to show a clear picture but ends up being flickering as the frame rate seems to drop. The sounds is poor – but i was expecting the sound to be poor and i have a external amp & speakers when i need them. However nothing can be done with the picture motion – the people move jerkly – like 5 frames per sec. Its like when you are fast forwarding and you get every other frame. I have the same devices (sky , bluray player) and the peoples motion was not a problem on my old hd toshiba. So i am very disappointed i get a sharper picture now but one that is off putting and jerky.

Purchased as a tv for the spare room, reasonably good quality for the money, can be a bit juddery on action movies. But it good value and reasonably well spec’d – good enough for my uses.

Great picture,sound dvds shine. Straight out of the box i noticed loads of connectability which is great easy to set up,great wi fi connection,clear sound. And the picture is brilliant. I,ve used youtube so far and is great to watch old sci fi films. First of all the screen seemed small but now i just get immersed in the quality picture. Plugged in the dvd player and wow the picture is superb and dang amazon has gone and dropped the price. October noticed the controller has the exit button where it easy to press by mistake also the nextflix button annoys me.

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  1. yinan zhang

    This review is from : Panasonic TX-40CX400B 4K UHD 40 Inch TV (2015 Model)

    The remote controller was broken. Hi, the remote controller was partly broken (two buttons came off)after one month. It would be very appreciate if you send me a new remote controller.
    1. Dinesh Kunwar
      Cheap 4k tv and great picture quality that’s all with this tv. Sound is ok not even full smart tv but it can be better if you add apple tv,jadoo tv box or android tv and connect sound to the home sound system.
  2. Keats The Cat

    This review is from : Panasonic TX-40CX400B 4K UHD 40 Inch TV (2015 Model)

    Made by vestel not panasonicdoesn’t upscale standard content to 4klooks cheap with the plastic chromelimited smart abilitiesit is cheap thoughbetter off paying the extra for a samsung ju6000.
    1. teckgadgets
      Stunning picture and very good value for money pc 4k 3d tv. I was looking for a 4k monitor for pc gaming, but couldn’t find one with all the specs that i wanted. There was a few i had my eye on, but always missing that one or two very important feature that i wanted. The problem with 4k monitors is they only go up to 32 inch and usually don’t have built in speakers and not many connecters which i want to have more than just a pc connected to it. A lot of pc monitors are also very expensive for what they are and i don’t think 32 inch or below is worth £800 or so. So i started looking at tv’s as they have better price tags and tv’s from the good brands like panasonic and samsung always produce a great picture and i found this perfect beauty at a great price. I got mine from argos http://www. Uk/static/product/partnumber/3914722.
  3. Kotko

    This review is from : Panasonic TX-40CX400B 4K UHD 40 Inch TV (2015 Model)

    Get a good quality full hd tv instead. I will concur with other reviewers here, you would be better off with a better quality and smarter full hd tv instead of this 4k unit. I’ve been looking for a bedroom tv for a while now and had been considering units from the likes of sony, panasonic and lg. I have a very high-end plasma hd tv in the living room so the only thing i wanted to sacrifice was size. I was initially tilting towards an hd panel but the latest issue of what hi-fi gave a glowing review to the 40″ panasonic 40cx680. I searched for it on amazon but wasn’t available for delivery where i live so decided to go to the next model, the 40cx400. Price difference was only £100 so thought i wouldn’t be sacrificing much besides what appeared to be some smart features. I would also be future proofing and very confident that panasonic would never sacrifice picture quality — i shouldn’t have been. After some wait i got delivery of the unit in a pretty beat up box, and here’s a review of amazon’s shipping practices. Amazon actually shipped this in only the original box that appeared to have opened in transit, the bottom fell out and was then tapped back together.
    1. steve finch
      As i don’t have a sat connection/ariel or cable. The picture quality on the panasonic none 4k stood out from the rest. This is from another planet.

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