Panasonic TX-L32ET5B 32-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D LED TV : TX-L42ET5B LED TV

Exactly what i wanted, did some research and found reviews helpful, in reality the tv does everything it said it did and i’m really pleased with it. The service and communication for delivery were also excellent.

Great tv but let down by wi fi. This panasonic tv has fantastic picture quality, superb 3d imaging and a great modern design. I enhanced the sound quality with a yamaha 2200 soundbar system which comes into its own when coupled with my cambridge audio 3d blu ray player. The only let down for me and the reason for dropping a star is i have been unable to access the viera/internet service because the wi fi connection keeps dropping out when trying to download software upgrades ( which are needed for the system to operate). This has become such a problem, particular to the tv only, i have now lost patience and given up on this feature. Overall i would still recommend this tv as one of the best in the current market.

I read the reviews before buying this tv, i’ve had panasonic tv’s for years now, and wanted to buy this brand again, the reviews were great, it a fantastic picture, i checked the 2013 model and found it didn’t have a scart input, so i opted for this model instead, it does have a scart, but it is a updated socket, it uses a adapter (which is supplied), i put the picture on game mode and its great, the 3d picture is great, it also has a optical audio output. For the price, the quality and features makes it great value for money.

Being a bit of a self confessed geek when it comes to tv’s i spent a lot of time researching for a mid range upgrade to my current toshiba 37″ lcd & didn’t want to pay over a grand. Wanting a larger, brighter screen for sky hd, ps3 gaming & watching blu ray mainly i decided to go for the newer technology led rather than plasma or lcd. I am very particular about picture quality over and above anything else so this was really important and with this set i have not been left disappointed. After setting up i spent a few hours here and there fiddling with the settings to get the picture i wanted. There are a lot of options on this set, i found the dynamic setting gave a great picture but created some motion blur due to its enhanced settings so i set everything onto game mode, even for watching tv programs. This setting i have found gives a great vibrant picture with no motion blur at all, i have been watching a lot of the olympics & a large range of fast moving sports so have tested it well; blacks are deep & whites are bright & all the detail is there & through the integrated hd freeview & the sky hd the picture is stunning. Standard def is fine, don’t expect hd quality though, as you get used to hd the standard will naturally look poorer anyway but the sd picture is perfectly acceptable through both sky & freeview. Sound; at first is poor but there are a lot of settings to adjust this; i set to speech mode upped the bass & put v-audio surround on & i’m very happy with the sound, in fact i have a surround system but don’t need to use it for day to day tv, only games & blu-ray.

  • Worth every penny
  • Great TV. But screen reflects like a mirror
  • Excellent!! 47″ Panny
  • Almost perfect 37″ TV
  • Excellent picture but needs tweaking on dark images
  • brilliant tv, impressed with 3d

Panasonic TX-L32ET5B 32-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D LED TV with Freeview HD – Black (New for 2012) (discontinued by manufacturer)

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Great tv at a very good price. Picture quality is very good in both normal and 3d. Occasional artefacts in 3d with fast movement but no worse than any other 3d tv i’ve seen. The sound quality from the built in speakers is not great – quite indistinct, hence 4*, not 5, but this is not a major issue as i usually playback sound through my stereo.

Bought this tv to replace a panasonic 32″ lcd i’de had for about 8 years and was stunned by the increase in picture quality over the older model. 2d is amazing, and 3d just amazes even more, was swayed to the passive 3d as i suffer with migraines and on the occasions i’ve watched 3d on my brothers active 3d it has triggered an attack due to the “shutter” action of the glasses which i could also see flickering (back in the early days of tv they flickered) so passive was the only choice and to be honest it looks better, clearer and not so dark, and the glasses are ten times cheaper too. The design is simple, it has hdmi, scart, usb & sd card slot. Being a smart tv it has a “full web browser” unlike some smart tv’s which have a limited access to the web, but get yourself a cheap keyboard or better still a wireless keyboard and mouse as you’ll be using the remote to navigate web pages and type addresses and it is quite labourious. Overall i would fully recommend this tv (but shop around for good deals).

Amazing tv and excellent service. Would deffinately recommend this product and the supplier, got the delivery early. My son saved up for this tv. So cannot recommend it enough. It even has an sd slot so you can look at your photos on a full screen. Sound brilliant, quality excellent – still need to master the internet links.

Very pleased with purchase arrived next day in good order. This was to replace an existing panasonic 32″ which was 6 or 7 years old, although we had been more than happy with that tv we wanted something a little bigger. The improvement in picture quality over the old tv is very marked. Hdtv whether through the inbuilt freeview or sky box is brilliant. Hooked up through panasonic blu ray player which was simple via viera link. Bought ocean wonderland to try out 3d capabilities and although we were not expecting much it is really impressive (fish floating around the room in front of you). Inbuilt internet much nicer than having to use a dongle and have had no problems using, it connected immediately also unlike some earlier reviews have had no problems with i player so maybe panasonic have sorted this out. (shame as yet no itv/channel 4 player. Sound quality is adequate for us but am sure this would be better with a soundbar if you are happy to spend the extra. As a previous reviewer has said the screen is very reflective but this has not been an issue for us. Overal would highly recommend this product.

Excellent, a massive improvement on my lcd tv. Really impressed by the picture quality straight from the box, especially compared to my old samsung 40″ le40 lcd tv bought 5 years ago. There is a massive improvement in contrast, colour range, and detail, no doubt attributed to the ips panel. High definition video looks amazing, there’s really good clarity and detail even in dark scenes. The black level is good, even in a dark living room, the black is very dark and there is no light bleeding at the edge of the panel, impressive. I was also quite impressed on how natural and realistic the picture is, it really is convincing. The motion processing makes video more life-like, fluid and real by making extra frames to smooth the movement. However, this can be disconcerting, especially when old films look more like modern digital video. It can be a strange effect, but probably more realistic motion and i guess this would be good for sports. You can adjust the motion processing as you like it.

I was looking for a 40 to 42 inch 3d tv to replace my 5 year old 26 inch sony bravia lcd. Upon reading a number of reviews and trying hands on with sony, samsung (active 3d) and lg, panasonic (passive 3d), i settled for this model. I bought it with currys along with a wp220 bd 3d player as a combo as they were giving 10 % cashback for a limited time on quidco for all purchases and the price after cashback was the best price i could get. I’ve paired these with sony strdn 1030 amplifier and tannoy hts 101 speakers, and they work together very well :). The only problem i had with this tv is that my favourite action movies looked like tv episodes, i. Picture widened and action scenes “slowed” down a bit and with too much of clarity lacking that grainy feeling of the cinema. I wasn’t happy with this and after looking into available settings i figured out that the tv can tweak hdmi output and do an intelligent calibration for you. After switching off all these intelligent display settings, i got my chosen look and feel back.

Panasonic tx-l32et5b 32-inch widescreen full hd 1080p 3d led tv with. Bought this tv one year ago. Have a feeling that nothing better came out for this money yet.

After my son returned from university with his aged 40″ lcd samsung television, and kicked out our antique 28″ crt panasonic, i decided it was time to upgrade. Choice was between the sony 40″ 753 model or the 42″ et5b – the panasonic won because of the excellence of the 12 year old 28″ crt. Excellent on the freeview hd channels, very good on the sd ones. Ok-ish from the tv’s own speakers, but better to run it through a dedicated 2. Very good – 4 pairs of glasses came with the set. Works well, but maybe won’t get much use. Set is connected direct to home hub via ethernet cable.

I like other reviewers had always considered sony as the big gun when it came to smart tv’s. How wrong was i, this tv is fantastic, my son has a sony which he thought was the “bees knees” – until he saw this panasonic, i can assure you he is now green with envy. Every thing about it is easy to use from set up to 3d to internet, just plug in, follow the on screen instructions and away you go. I went to my local panasonic dealer and this tv was “on offer” at £1349 and the salesman was sick as a pig when i told him that i could get the same model from amazon for £779. So impressed with this tv i’m walking round with a huge smile on my face.

This is a fantastic purchase and worth every pennythe sound is slightly tinny, but it didn’t bother me that much, as i have surround sound. The 3d is epic and i mean epic. Much better than in the cinema. Hd channels look amazing and the colours are so vibrant. If you are looking to purchase this tv,all i would say is, that you can’t get to the shop quick enough.

Excellent picture but needs tweaking on dark images. Summaryin most cases the picture is very good in daylight, but it doesn’t handle some dark scenes – the opening scenes in the matrix for example – as well as it might in a darkened room and, initially it over-emphasised green if the scene has large areas of vegetation. Music is best played through an external system but setting to emphasise speech setting works well. That said, it’s a good buy and worthy of 4. Set-upwe’ve had a very good 4:3 crt television for the last 18 years and, i’ve had security concerns about wi-fi since its inception, so buying this smart television was new ground. I needn’t have worried as it quickly found and stored the tv and radio channels, and just as easily linked via wi-fi to my internet router. The television comes with a scart to hdmi adaptor to connect a vcr or other equipment that has a scart but not an hdmi socket. That still leaves three hdmi sockets for a pvr and dvd player. Music, video, and photos can also be played via the three usb and one sc card ports. It has wi-fi direct which i find useful for connecting to my galaxy tab 2 tablet, as the usb connection from the tablet to the tv is not recognised by the tv and the tablet. Picture – update 1the 2d viewing angles are as good as a crt, whether viewing from the side, standing, or lying on the floor watching a pilates or yoga dvd. Contrast automatic adjustment works well in daylight lit rooms, and standard definition pictures are up-scaled competently. With the “intelligent frame creation” set to mid, i can’t detect blurring in formula 1, wimbledon, and camera horizontal panning. Films on television or from a standard definition pvr where the background is dark can be murky and large areas of grass or trees can be un-naturally green.

I got this tv with five year panasonic warranty from a non-amazon shop for £999. Initially sd picture was quite pixelated but after some settings this problem has largely disappeared. For picture settings i’m using viewing mode on cinema, colour balance on cool; vivid colour, cats & p-nr turned off although i turn vivid colour on for watching movies; i have intelligent frame creation on min, clear cinema off & 16:9 overscan on although turning 16:9 overscan off gives a marginal improvement in sd picture quality. Obviously hd picture is very good. For connecting sky box i’m using a high quality hdmi cable and again the picture quality is very good. I like the outer frame of the tv with its minimalist design, the sound is adeqaute for most viewing purposes despite having a soundbar which i find overpowering except for movies. The wireless internet function works fine and so far using youtube and the bbc iplayer worked a treat. Not watched any 3d movies yet but watching some 3d free content from sony 3d world looks very good.

But display screen demonstrates like a mirror. The photograph on this tv is wonderful, audio a tiny little bit much less than anticipated in high-quality so intend shopping for a seem bar. Effectively designed as to be anticipated from panasonic with loads of hdmi connections for sky, dvd and bt. The designed in wireless performs incredibly very well and was simple to set up. The to start with is that the monitor is so shiny, it is pretty much like a mirror, so that the reflections in daylight make viewing not really fantastic with far too much decline of good quality. Also in the darkish, it reflects any room lights, even smaller table lamps so i have had to change them off and reposition them, which is not the most effective remedy as they ended up selected to in good shape the place. The second grumble is that the sky hd box control, when calling up the tv guideline, is now quite sluggish.

Panasonic tx-l42et5b led tv. Really delighted with both hd and standard picture good quality. Self set-up guidebook is a doddle and developed-in wifi tends to make acquiring on the net very easy. The built-in freeview & digital programme manual is truly very good, nevertheless i have sky+ so hardly ever use it. Obtaining just upgraded from a cathode ray tv established with 4 scart sockets, i was fearful that i wouldn’t be capable to join my present analog wii, & dvd participant, camcorder, and so forth. However, there are ample ports to aid outdated analog products and sd playing cards or usb sticks cntaining pictures, video footage, etc can be plugged straight into the various ports for them. Have not attempted the 3d still, as i refuse to spend even far more funds to sky to check out a pair of 3d channels. Most significant dilemma i had was mounting the tv to the stand – there is a finding sq. pin that is fairly tough to get the job done out, but i got there in the finish. Only real disappointment is the obvious deficiency of pip. My low cost liquid crystal display tv in the bedroom and my brother’s lg tv have pip, as does my previous analog tv so i assumed pip was a relatively standard feature.

Color and sound are good, and the established looks eye-catching with its silver body. Would have liked an instruction booklet, however.

I like and have bought several panasonic solution. In my expertise they are effectively developed, strong and of very good quality. I have experienced this tv for numerous months now and so considerably it has carried out almost nothing to alter my view. Just to qualify my overview i have used the tv for freeview (sd + hd), bt eyesight, lovefilm prompt, web (youtube, bbc iplayer etcetera. ), streaming from my residence laptop, viewing dvds and blu rays (panasonic participant) but not gaming. Fantastic photograph quality both equally on hd and sd. Easy to set up, easy to connect to the internet (wifi in my situation). Very good connectivity possibilities (usb, streaming from my property computer system (windows seven), scart, hdmi, computer (keep track of and sound)). Not so great points – but all minimal in my viewnothing to do with the hardware but upset that i could not connect to lovefilm quick right from the tv. Have performed so via a laptop computer – but that’s a little bit messy. Placement of the relationship slots hdmi, usb and so forth. Could have been far better placed and created simpler to use.

This panasonic television is the ideal by far, observing on line casino royale on blu ray on this tv is an expertise that is really merely spectacular, supremely clean the photograph glides across the display screen. This television just oozes excellent. The 3d element is also very very good in fact. I don’t generally depart testimonials but i had to with this tv – it is that great. Leading marks to panasonic on a great solution.

I purchased the 55 inch version and i couldn’t be happier with it. Good picture good quality, especially when taking part in video game titles. My xbox 360 and wii u look wonderful and i couldn’t advise it adequate if you might be seeking to improve to a even bigger monitor. I haven’t experimented with out the 3d nevertheless but if it really is everything to go by from the rest of the tv i should not be unhappy.