Samsung LE26C450 – 26inch LCD TV

Good image, outstanding as monitor. I purchased the tv to use in my examine to view sky athletics rugby although my wife is looking at strictly/x aspect etc. As i have restricted home, it also experienced to swap my pc keep track of. The outcomes are substantially better than anticipated. I was worried about applying a 26′ tv as a monitor due to the minimal exhibit resolution offered but i uncover the 1360 x 768 exhibit wonderful for all household utilizes. I would not like to use it for enhancement because of to the confined vertical resolution but for all the jobs i use at house, it is wonderful. The tv adjusts itself to my graphics card automatically so there was no manual set up. The tv picture is outstanding and the electronic receiver appears much more sensitive than my 37′ toshiba. The audio is better than i anticipated whilst significantly thinner than my separately run computer speakers. Amazon played a blinder with shipping and delivery – i ordered late on saturday night and it was shipped monday lunchtime.

I obtained this tv for xmas i asked for this tv personally, it operates good even with out hdmi cables it’s superior, my laptop performs great with thisi’ve received rationale to believe this is 60hz not 50, oh and it truly is 1080i not 720p. To again upwhen i improve to the sport imput it suggests 1920x1080i 60hz. The buttons on the tv are awesome for the reason that it can be a touch panel if that can make perception.

I bought this tv at the weekend and was pleasantly astonished at the usb capacity. It performs nearly anything i throw at it from a 320gb usb difficult drive i plugged in. Photograph is wonderful most of the time. However, i have noticed motion blurring when there is rapid and not so fast movement on the monitor. When i viewed accurate blood on friday movement blurring was transpiring when a individual moved their head. Now is there a environment i can alter to circumvent this?.Humorous thing is that i have watched a ton of soccer in hd on the set and there is no motion blur for that so it appears that the processing can handle quick transferring balls but not motion on peoples faces.

Key specs for Samsung LE26C450 26-inch Widescreen HD Ready 50Hz LCD TV with Freeview:

  • Samsung HD Ready LCD TV with Freeview
  • Connect your movies, photos and music easily to your TV via USB
  • Anynet+ lets you one-touch control any compatible Samsung device connected via HDMI
  • 3 HDMI slots let you connect more devices in HD quality
  • Wide Colour Enhancer brings the true colour of your picture to life

Comments from buyers

“Superb Picture Quality, Well Specified with Very Useful Features not all TVs Have, Lovely TV, actually better than my Sony, Great Television, Oh What a Lovely Telly!, Samsung LE26C450, More than pleased!”

I have a smaller residing space and wished to replace my 21′ tv. I did an awful whole lot of research prior to selecting on the samsung. The 26 inch is the perfect size for my lounge and the photograph and sound high-quality is amazing. Set up is really straightforward such as connecting to my bt vision box with an hdmi cable. I actually like it really is simple, satisfying layout as it manages to blend with my decor rather than dominate it. I have no hesitation in recommending this telly.

Samsung le26c450 26inch lcd tv. Very pleased with the tv so considerably and it is straightforward to use. Would seem to do all i need for a basic intent use i wanted it for. I located the initial established-up was easier using the consumer handbook as there is a lot more details than stated in the rapid established-up guideline sheet. The usb is handy to show photo’s and many others. I have not used any of the other solutions as still. I would endorse it as a superior all rounder tv.

Getting determined on a 26′ as getting the finest dimension and least obtrusive tv dimensions for my residing area, i was at to start with confused by the extensive assortment of makes/price ranges readily available. On the other hand, samsung experienced been advisable to me as a very good brand name and i uncovered this design at a third off on the currys internet site. Nonetheless i then identified it £25 more affordable on amazon.Shipping was speedy, established up uncomplicated, photograph and audio excellent are superb and i am now delighted with my pretty new tele.

One thought on “Samsung LE26C450 – 26inch LCD TV

  1. Happy Customer
    This is a great looking television and has a very good screen quality picture. The only downside is the sound. The televisions are so thin now-a-days that there is no reverberation to the sound. All you need to do is wack up the sound or buy a sound bar. Saying all this i will continue to buy samsung televisions.
    1. Pete Henson
      Very good tv, excellent quality picture and the usb feature is extremely usefulmy only negative was that the remote which came with it was in chinese (apart from the numbers) but luckily most of the symbals (volume etc) are universal.
  2. Tracey
    Bought this tv because it was recommended by what hi-fi,this model had 5 stars. The top rated 26inch tv for 2010. The price elsewhere ranged from £300 to £400, we purchased from amazon at £201, what a bargain. The tv was delivered very quickly, set up was quick and easy, great picture and sound, looks good in my daughters bedroom. Would definately recommend amazon and samsung.
    1. arik
      I have this tv for more than a year now. I mostly use it as a monitor for my desktop pc connected via hdmi and have no complaints whatsoever. It also has built-in freeview, separately bought an indoor aerial (one for all sv9215 flat antenna, can be found on amazon)and i get about 40 channels in leyton (east london). Plays movies and music from the usb stick.
  3. Erilia

    This review is from : Samsung LE26C450 26-inch Widescreen HD Ready 50Hz LCD TV with Freeview

    Having researched on which site for a small tv for the bedroom, i was very dissapointed that none of the under 32″ tvs did that fantastic. So i put my faith in the amazon reviews and chose this model. Very easy to install and after a bit of tweeking with the colour, i now have a really good picture. Did have concerns for the sound as all the tvs in the which tests got either an average mark or less but i think it’s pretty good and am well pleased.
  4. EQuigley

    This review is from : Samsung LE26C450 26-inch Widescreen HD Ready 50Hz LCD TV with Freeview

    Bought this item from amazon warehouse with a little trepidation , needn’t have worried. Item had small cosmetic blemish but worked perfectly. Picture is very good when compared to other lcd’s but again no match for a good plasma like my 3 year old panasonictv is used in my sunroom which is approx 13ft x 10ft and the sound is also very good. Well pleased with item and at the price discount from the warehouse.
  5. DWM

    This review is from : Samsung LE26C450 26-inch Widescreen HD Ready 50Hz LCD TV with Freeview

    I read almost all the many reviews of this tv before taking the plunge. I must confess to not understanding half the technical reviews. Anyway, my wife set the thing up while i was at work, so it must have been easy () but the factory settings – ouch.I am glad the real world doesn’t look like that. Oddly, i altered the settings to the values suggested by one helpful and massively detailed review, but they were hopeless – the picture was so dark you could barely see it. That seems to bear out the suggestion from someone else that each tv varies. On the whole, i am really pleased. Works well with bt vision box, although it is pixillated on some programmes. I cannot get as worked up about it as some reviewers – it is only a tv after all and not especially expensive so you cannot demand too much.
  6. Jack Moore

    This review is from : Samsung LE26C450 26-inch Widescreen HD Ready 50Hz LCD TV with Freeview

    Got this tv a couple of weeks ago, and so far i haven’t really had any problems. The picture settings takes a bit of fiddling to look as good as it can, but once that’s sorted, the picture quality is very good, and the sound is too (as far as my experience with tv’s goes). Just a couple of annoyances. First of all, there is no actual power off, only standby. Some people may prefer this, especially as it’s only low power, but the red light and the thought that it is on 24/7 just annoys me. When turning it off at the mains, all of the settings and channels reset which is such a painthe max volume is very low. If you like to watch your films loud, then you’re in for a problem. On normal tv, it’s fine, but as soon as you put a dvd on, turning it up to max (100) is pretty quietapart from these things, it’s a very slick, good functional tv. Lots of settings to mess with, and a really nice designed epg.
  7. MGS

    This review is from : Samsung LE26C450 26-inch Widescreen HD Ready 50Hz LCD TV with Freeview

    Excellent picture and good quality sound. Set arrived ahead of predicted time from prc direct. Only disappointment is the instruction book which is difficult to read with its small feint printing and indistinct illustrations.
    1. Dr. Peter G. Upton
      Appearance is shiny ‘piano black’ plastic with matt screen, not to every taste; annoying ‘bong’ when it switches on and of; can’t find out how to switch that feature off. Not as good a picture as i was hoping, and using 14:9 setting doesn’t always work unless you like to see itv3 characters looking like humpty dumpty. I would think there are better choices.
  8. maltman

    This review is from : Samsung LE26C450 26-inch Widescreen HD Ready 50Hz LCD TV with Freeview

    Analogue to digital changeover. Very impressive delivery performance and clear instructions on assembly and installation. Commissioned by grandson which was useful. Best of all the digital channels come through loud and clear from a roof-space aerial. Had expected that a new roof-top device would have been necessary so this was a bonus. Screen size ideal for viewing with the morning tea in bed .
  9. TheRamblingFatMan

    This review is from : Samsung LE26C450 26-inch Widescreen HD Ready 50Hz LCD TV with Freeview

    I’ve just purchased one of these for my girlfriend and couldn’t be happier with it. Pros:- stunning picture, with the samsung edge definition button enabled the picture on 1080i with a dvd, rivals blu-ray on a tv £500 more. In fact i know someone with a 26″ bang and olufsen and this is better, a lot better. – lots of connections, even if one was to stop working (the main thing that goes wrong with tv’s nowadays) you still have a multitude of alternatives. – price, seriously good value. – the “surround” sound option gives a nice touch of spaciousness without losing voice definition. – if you have trouble hearing voices there is a function to enhance them (really useful for the aged)cons:- errr. – being really picky, i would say the sound is a too lightweight. 1 pc sreaker system from logitech or creative would really beef it up.
  10. P. A. Green

    This review is from : Samsung LE26C450 26-inch Widescreen HD Ready 50Hz LCD TV with Freeview

    Samsung le26c450 26-inch widescreen hd ready 50hz lcd tv with freeview. Very pleased with product and delivery service from amazon. Tv extremely easy to set up using auto-tune facility resulting in excellent picture and sound on all digital channels including freeview. An all round winner on price and product.
    1. N. Kemp
      Excellent quality, lots of features. . Firstly, let me say i am not into the latest hd images and giant screens and cinema surround sound. I simply wanted to replace my old analogue 4:3 crt tv / set-top digibox combo when it died. I wanted a reasonably priced transitional set that would work with my existing dvd and vcr, get me into 16:9 widescreen and let me add freeview hd and other hd sources later. I wanted something that wouldn’t dominate my living room, so 26″ was the perfect size for me (now rather hard to find as the smallest “big” current generation tv seems to be 32″). I wasn’t sure what to expect, having read reviews that implied lcd tvs were rubbish with blurry motion and low contrast images. I have to say i have been pleasantly surprised by this set. (so much so that i bought its smaller 19″ cousin to replace my kitchen set a week later). I can’t detect any motion blur, and the contrast is more than adequate. Blacks look black whites are white and bright lights look like bright lights and they’re in the right place.
  11. Ian Long

    This review is from : Samsung LE26C450 26-inch Widescreen HD Ready 50Hz LCD TV with Freeview

    Samsung le26c450 26-inch widescreen lcd tv. The set was purchased for the bedroom, a perfect size, picture quality is excellent. The set bought from amazon, arrived the within two days, simply unbox connect to aerial or sky box switch on and watch, as simple as that.
    1. Stuart
      Excellent picture and not a bad sound either. This tv replaced an old sony crt, and does the job very well. A doddle to set up and my elderly mother is pleased as punch. I would highly recommend this tv for anyone on a budget.

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