Samsung LE40B530 40 -inch LCD 1080 pixels 50 Hz TV – Good, but not great

Stunning picture quality for the price. I bought this tv a couple of months ago now, primarily for blu-ray movie watching, and the picture quality is absolutely breathtaking. Colours are rich and life-like and the detail levels are sublime. The standard refresh rate (50hz i think) means that some fast panning shots can become a little hard to pin down visually- ‘blurry’ would be far too strong a word. But 100hz screens cost an extra few hundred pounds, and it’s rarely a concern, and i’m pretty obsessive over quality. I’ve seen criticism over the speaker quality, and any movie fan should have a seperate av receiver for audio anyway, but the speakers in this tv aren’t bad at all, and the faux surround effect is very good when watching the built in freeview. I’d recommend using a medium settings on the ‘black level’ and ‘dynamic contrast’, and keep the brightness in the 40-45 range. I found the perfect settings with a thx set-up found on the terminator 2 skynet edition blu-ray (which is also recommended). This is an excellent tv, and after a lot of research, i settled on it as the best in the sub £600 range at the time.

Plenty of quality for great price. This tv has recently become available from various high street and online retailers for sub £500 and at that price it really is an impressive piece of kit. At 40″ in gloss black it looks fantastic and is very easy to set up. The stand pivots for easy viewing in any conditions. I’m no tech geek but i do have an eye for detail in picture quality, and having struggled to find a review online before i bought, i was relieved to find the tv provides excellent pictures from any source. The default set-ups aren’t bad, but i spent a while tweaking the settings until i had it just right – this is probably more due to my obsessive nature than any weakness in the performance. The picure from freeview and sd sky is very good, much better than my 3 year old lg 32″ that i paid £600 for. This tv really shines when running hd though, with sky hd looking truly incredible. I haven’t seen a sharper, more vibrant colourful picture on any tv anywhere. The black levels are really impressive too, inky and solid.

I’ve owned several samsung products, and have never failed to be disappointed with them- great specs and poor performance tend to make them a “jack of all trades, master of none” in my opinion. I did my research, not only on this model, but on their tvs generally, and all reviewers and owners were generally positive so, with some trepidation, i purchased the le40b530p. The setup procedure was very straightforward, and each step was very well explained onscreen. The tv has a built-in freeview tuner (as you’d expect), and the channel scan started. It must be pointed out that the reception in my area isn’t great. The samsung only picked up bbc 1, bbc 2, bbc 3, cbbc, cbeebies, bbc news and bbc parliament. This is very disappointing as my old tv picked up around 30 channels, leading me to think that the tuner in this tv isn’t great. However, the picture quality of those channels is superb, as is the epg (which is hi-def). I don’t yet have an hd input source, so can’t comment on that aspect of performance, but this did lead me to an unexpected problem: lack of suitable connections.

Great price but crummy menus & remote. The most annoying thing is the tv menu for changing channels etc. Big black box appears in top left corner with channel number (10 x 20cm), this disappears after a few seconds which is ok. However, if you select alternative input (av, scart, dvd), you have to select input, then press ok, to ‘ok’ it only then will big black box disappear. Most other tv just take a few seconds and accept input automatically, not this tv though. Also, cannot see how to delete unwanted channels. To go from tv to text is complex, and its not possible to just exit text by pressing a few times, you have to search for a different button called tv. I tried to update the tv software, but, no improvement. Tv does not contain even a simple headphone jack . Also the remote control is huge, and badly balanced, so that it keeps falling on the floor(weird shape). So good price, but honesly the way it functions is suprisingly clunky.

  • Plenty of quality for great price
  • Great price but crummy menus & remote
  • Stunning picture quality for the price
  • Good, but not great

Samsung LE40B530 40 -inch LCD 1080 pixels 50 Hz TV (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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