Samsung LE40C580 40-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Allshare LCD TV – SAMSUNG TV

A world apart from my old crt. I decided to finally drag myself kicking and screaming into the 21st century, ordering this 40 inch samsung to replace my trusty old panasonic quintrix crt – a tv that has served me well for many years and was top class in its day – it cost about twice what this samsung does when it was new. My, how things have changed. The tv arrived on a saturday, 3 days after i ordered it – via super saver delivery.Thanks amazonfirst impressions out of the box were very good. Pleasant, minimalist design with a nicely weighted glass base and frame with subtle red detailing. The unit feels solid and serious, not plasticy or generic like some of the lgs and such that i’d seen in stores. At this price point i don’t think you’ll find a more aesthetically pleasing tv. Setup was incredibly quick and easy – screw mount to base, screw the tv to the mount, plug in the power and aerial – job done.A few minutes after opening the box i was watching my new tvhaving read a lot about the picture quality of lcd tvs with regards to black depth, motion blur, input lag etc, i was slightly dubious about making the leap as crts suffer none of these imperfections.

Purchased this tv from john lewis today. More expensive at £ 500 but the five year guarantee made the extra £ 70 worth it for me. I previously owned a 32 inch 3 year old samsung (about £ 600 at the time from memory) which i loved for every minute i owned. However the 580 is a big big improvement. The picture with standard definition freeview is amazing, and almost hd like. My previous tv struggled to get a good reception at times but this is perfect. Moving on to hd freeview (which by the way the freeview website said i won’t be able to receive until april 2011). This is crystal clear, and cheryl cole looks good enough to eat on xfactor. i haven’t yet fully experienced it’s performance for blue ray / ps3, but what i have seen is excellent.

Ordered this tv to replace an older 37″ samsung tv and found the quality of the picture to be extreamly good. Sound isn’t quite as good as my older one then this tv is slimmer and i expect the speakers are a little smaller. This isn’t a problem as i usually play all my sound through my av amp. Setup was easy and i had it up and running in a few minutes. I found that the contrast needed turning down a little as it was set on 100% which is a little too high in my opinion. Hd freeview is very good, normal freeviws is as expected. Blu ray, ps3 and xbox 360 look amazing in 1080p. Usb socket allows the attachment of usb sticks and hard drives and the built in media player funcion works suprisingly very well for a tv. Not up to the standard of a standalone hd media player/streamer but certainly usable.

We recently upgraded from our former 27″ hd tv to this, the samsung le40c580 – or, as we call it, the screen of loveliness. It is sleek and beautiful, with rich, precise colours, deep clear sound, and since mounting it on the wall it has become beloved by me and my normally technologically-unimpress-able wife. Wall mounting is advised, as it is a beast of a thing, though i miss the stunning glass base, and playing the ps3 has now become quite scary (ohmygod the cars are coming at me). Buy it, buy it now and live your life as you were supposed to.

  • Extremely happy with this TV – great Freeview HD pictures!
  • another great LCD panel from Samsung
  • The best 40″ LCD for the money
  • Great TV but watch out for quality issues
  • Our new Samsung TV
  • Great once it’s set up!

Samsung LE40C580 40-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Allshare LCD TV with Freeview HD

  • Samsung Full HD 1080P LCD TV with Freeview HD
  • Connect your movies, photos and music easily to your TV via USB
  • Anynet+ lets you one-touch control any compatible Samsung device connected via HDMI
  • 4 HDMI slots let you connect more devices in HD quality
  • Wide Colour Enhancer brings the true colour of your picture to life

Bought this tv last week and im pleased to say that im over the moon with it. This is my 2nd lcd tv and is loads better than my 1st one. Xbox 360 hooked up to it and is just brilliant. I do have 1 problem with it at the minute though, and here it is -when i have my ` common interface card ` inserted for espn and turn the tv on the freeview hd channels doesnt display but the ci channel(espn) does. I get an message on the freeview hd channels screen saying ` unable to display common interface services. Check module is working properly. ` but i know its working fine. When i unplug the ci card the hd channels appear on screen, so i then have to re-insert card and freeview hd channels still displays its programes.

Bought this tv after reading many reviews and decided to go for this model because of the inbuilt hd freeview. It is a very attractive design and the picture quality is excellent as i come to expect from samsung. Decent sound and very easy to set up on installation menus. Delivery was puctual and the price (£476)for what you get is the icing on the cake. A small quibble that stopped me giving 5 stars, was that the stand was not attached and was not the easiest thing to attach. I have another 40in samsung and this was delivered with stand assembled and was up and running in minutes. You definately need 2 people to put this set together if like me you are going to be using the stand provided. This apart, definately a tv i would recommend.

I bought this tv after many hours looking at sonys. Lg’s and toshiba’sfirstly it was delivered within a day from amazon and despite the adverse weather conditions the box was in perfect condition. The tv itself is childs play to set up and is one of the best looking tv’s for the price tag. The quality of the finish and the sturdyness of the glass stand is to be commended – i have a few family members who have lg tv’s with plastic stands which looks lopsided. I am no technical expert in terms of picture quality but for me as a lay user the picture and sound is perfect – using it with an lg blu ray.

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  1. A. J. Bainger

    This review is from : Samsung LE40C580 40-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Allshare LCD TV with Freeview HD

    Samsung continues to produce excellent tvs at a very competitive price.
    1. shaver bob
      I am pleased with this tv it fits in beside fireplace and windowand has given good service so far to date.
      1. bogi
        The tv is still working, 3 years on. Though i might need an led soon. Remote was not 100% spot on though, a bit slow on the left cursor button, and one usb at the back of the tv is not working i think. Unlucky as a friend who bought the same model from amazon did not have this problem.
  2. Mr. Ndv Evans
    Fantasic product, i have owned this tv over 3 years, still good as day one. This is an exceptional tv, picture is superb, people always think the standard sky channels are in hd. Gaming is perfect, xbox360 an ps4 have both been used extensively and tv has never struggled and picture has always been great. It will play any file format you can find, i have a terrabyte hard drive connected to the tvs usb slot and it plays all music and video files i can find. It can be more picky over dlna but i can download a video file in x264 for example and stream it direct to the tv from the tablet, connectivity is excellent. The tv is wired into the router and can play wirelessly from laptop, ps4, tablet and phone, as i said connectivity is superb. If there is one criticism it would be the sound, and the fact there is no arc, and its not that the sound is bad at all, just not as good as the picture, screen and features. The lack of arc is no great loss, i use an optical to the av reciever so it just means i can use playsation and tv sound with music playing through the speakers. Tv does everything you want it to, in over 3 years it has never let me down. Only reason this tv will be changed is for a bigger one, there is nothing i would want to do on a smart tv i couldnt on this one. And do not be put off by my comment on the sound, i i simply meant sound met expectations rather than exceeding rhem massivly like the rest of the tv does.
    1. rafal
      I would recommend this tv to all who wont a v. Good tv for a fraction of a price. Looks stylish , it has a great reviews on internet and for that price i was a real steal.
      1. Baker
        Using this tv now to write this review. Has picture in picture which is took me a while to realise cause i didn’t know what pip meantwhy only 4 stars?. All of the important cables go into the back only. Not good if you’re using the recommended wall bracket, which means u can’t get to those cables etc. Side sockets would have been better, perhaps with some kind of a flop cover cable channel to hide the mess. Of course this is not a problem if you will keep this on a stand, in which case one is provided to keep it upright and it works as it should. Another possible downside is teh pip is actually quite small, in my opinion.
  3. collywobbles

    This review is from : Samsung LE40C580 40-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Allshare LCD TV with Freeview HD

    Good picture, lots of conectivity, sound is good too if you arent expecting cinema sound from a mid range tv. Buy it, you wont be dissappointed.
  4. Lee

    This review is from : Samsung LE40C580 40-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Allshare LCD TV with Freeview HD

    Totally happy, best purchase i have made in ages. Got this on amazon warehouse for £320 and cant complain about anything really. Came in 3 days, perfect condition. Has changed my tv experience. Use the usb slot all the time to watch hd content, and the freeview hd for the football when its on. Still eed to upgrade the sky contract but might be leaving my flat soon otherwise i would have already. The picture is clear in both sd and hd but i guess the sd picture is what im most amazed at. Sometimes i think its hd its so clear.
    1. WillD
      This is my second samsung tv, the first being a hd ready model. The difference at 1080i is noticeable. I like the design, the look, the quality. The stand looks nice, and overall fits in with all the other black items i have such as the glass tv stand. I like the interactivity of plugging in my samsung blu-ray player; all the samsung products work well together on one remote. I was a little disappointed that when plugging in an ethernet cable, nothing really happened. There isn’t really anything you can do with the internet connectivity. Plugging in a usb with music/videos on brings up a nice looking menu to play from. Freeview has a good menu layout which is easy to use.
  5. bobulation

    This review is from : Samsung LE40C580 40-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Allshare LCD TV with Freeview HD

    “perfect” for tv and dvi pc monitor. I had been impressed with samsung lcd monitors, and spent time in tv shops looking for precise image definition. The samsung stood out as a likely dual-role tv and monitor. It has exceeded my expectations.
    1. M. S. Parkinson
      I bought this tv in may 2011. I have absolutely no issues whatsoever. The tv is a great size, it has full hd capabilities, freeview hd, a fantastic epg with timer settings along with a whole host of connections. 4x hdmi input2x usb1x ariel input1x scart socket1x red/white/yellow av1x component1x common interface slot1x pc in1x pc audio in1x lan slot1x toslink (optical) sound inputthis tv has all the connections you could possibly ask for and moreit is lcd, not led, but i don’t have any issues with the picture, it’s as perfect as i could possibly ask for. The sound, as with all lcd tv’s is the only real niggle, but the room it’s in is quite narrow, so i doesn’t have to be too loud and, with it being samsung, you can connect with anynet+ to practically anything, even toshiba products work with itthe lan socket allows streaming from pc’s over a network for videos, music or pictures. I have only used the feature once and it’s fantastic, but it’s not something i need; but nice to havethe usb’s are great and one of them is able to support ‘hard drives’. The benefit of this is if you have digital copies of films, from blu-ray triple plays for example, or videos you have made youself,you can whack it onto a portable hdd and watch it via the tv’s ‘media’ centre. Overall a perfect tv, i paid £500 for it when it was released, which is amazing value for money.I am very very pleased and couldn’t ask for anything better (at the time of purchase) – now, i want the full led version, but i’m in no rushthe newer model, le40d580 has no av socket (red white yellow) and has a figure of 8 power adaptor as oppose to the kettle (3 prong) in this model.
  6. D. Beggs

    This review is from : Samsung LE40C580 40-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Allshare LCD TV with Freeview HD

    I hate it when the review score is about the seller and not the product so i’ll just quickly say that amazon warehouse delivered a cracking deal – happy with the price and the condition, although the packaging was a little loose – obviously intended for a 42″ tv – perhaps why so many of these are broken?anyway, on to the tv. I did a lot of research, visited a lot of shops, and drove my other half mad with pros & cons. In the end i decided there is almost no relationship between price and quality.I plumped for a very affordable price from a good solid brand. This tv is a proper bargain. 3d is a gimmick, 50hz refresh rate is fine (and if you actually read the reviews for most 100hz+ “montionflow” tvs the reviewer usually tells you to turn it off). With this tv you’ve found freeview hd, usb connectivity and 4 hdmi ports and those are far more important. 40″ is a good size for most rooms without being silly.

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