Samsung UE32F4510 32-inch Series 4 Smart HD LED Widescreen TV – Good but has flaws

Mostly great for usb / netflix / amazon prime. Alright, i use it mainly to watch netflix and amazon prime, as well as videos from usb memory stick. Can be a bit slow to catch the wifi, and to load netflix compared to the ipad version, but all right really. The usb part is ok mainly, and so much nicer than having to use a pc for workout, yoga videos etc. But it seems to have glitches, and sometime the tv totally shuts down if it doesn’t like a video (although others i encoded at the same time work perfectly), i can read approx 1gb files without issues in general. Doesn’t read flv so i have to convert to mp4 first, but again no biggie once you know. I am definitely enjoying the tv so even though it’s a bit of a pain it gets 4 stars. One thing if you use your tv like me, but also use a sky box sometimes, put the box on the hdmi input 3, as input 1 and 2 with make the tv popup some random thing asking why the box isn’t on, even though i don’t need to use it. That was sooooo annoying, but thanks to internet forums the problem is solved (i think, because since i changed this i haven’t tried to use the tv box, but at least i don’t get the bloody message every minute when going through the smart features).

I bought this tv for just under £280 and had my eye on it for a while, reading reviews etc. I wanted a tv which i could mount onto the wall in the bedroom to replace the small 22 inch dvd unit i installed a few years before. This tv certainly does not disappoint. Yes the resolution is 720p (which it does say in the description), but you cannot really notice this. The features it has are fantastic, the ability to play films and music from other wireless devices such as laptops, network area storage devices and wd play boxes really does put a smile on your face. . This may not have an in-built dvd player like my old tv but it definitely does not need onei would highly recommend this tv to everyonethe only bad point i have found was that during the install i noticed that one of the 4 mounting holes is not tapped. . Meaning you cannot fasten the wall bracket to it using all 4 mounting holes – therefore i am using just 3, but. With the tv as lightweight as it is it really doesn’t matter. It looks a top quality piece of kit and being white blends in on the neutral wall very wellall menu navigation is very clear and responsive. You don’t even need the manual it is that easy.

We bought this tv for our kitchen diner and have it wall mounted with all the cables hidden, it looks great and functions brilliantly, the buit in wifi is superb and has no problems with the signal, the picture quality is good and excellent with the freeview hd channels, i haven’t hooked up a hard drive yet so i can’t comment on the recording features. I know its a gimmick but i have downloaded a screensaver app that leys you choose from various fish tanks, fireplaces etc, which is really nice to have on in the background with friends and family around for dinner.

I know this isn’t 1080 hd but the quality of the tv is fantastic, it looks great, picture quality is fantastic and all the smart tv features top the whole package off. I’ve always been a bit of a sony snob, but i’m totally convinced by the product. Set up is really easy and all the functions are self explanatory. Also very cool is the app so that you can control the tv via ipad or tablet, great if you ever misplace the control which i regularly do.

  • Worth it if you want a decent telly at a cheap price
  • Best 32 inch tv out there for the price – picture settings included!
  • Recording Secrets: Record One Channel + Watch Another
  • It looks ok but doesn’t sound ok
  • Brilliant For The Price

Samsung UE32F4510 32-inch Series 4 Smart HD LED Widescreen TV (discontinued by manufacturer)

  • Amazon Instant Video Compatible
  • S-Recommendation technology lets you discover more of the TV you love by suggesting what’s new to watch based on what you like. It Intelligently learns your preferences and instantly searches Live TV, video on demand services and apps to recommend TV and on line content tailored to you, now you’ll always know what’s on without the need to look for it.
  • Samsung’s Smart Hub intelligently organises and manages all your content into five easy to navigate panels. The intuitive interface uses vibrant thumbnails to provide instant previews to help you quickly and easily select what you want to watch. The five panels include: On TV; Movies & TV Shows; Photos, Videos & Music; Social; Apps.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi provides hassle free access to all your Smart TV content, no wires required, just turn the TV on, connect to your home wireless network and enjoy
  • The only Smart TV with a full catch-up service, ITV, BBC iplayer, 4OD & Demand 5, meaning you can be sure you’ll never miss your favourite drama, comedy, documentary, sporting event or radio programme, again

. Speakers twitch and vibrates when the volume is above 30 clicks on the dial and makes one of those noises when you know your speaker can’t take anymore pressure and you need to turn down the volume. One answer could be to attached surround sound speaker so that they take the hit.

Such a great tv with impressive reviews that are totally justified. Some reviews bang on about the technical spec which means nothing to me so just ignored the lower rated reviews. Sound quality is impressive, picture clear and adjustable. For my small-medium sized lounge its a perfect size. 2 weeks into using this tv, the remote control stopped working. I tried new batteries but no joy.

So good i have ordered a bigger one . Fab tv, life changer – added a usb hdd out of an old laptop with a cable, press pause, grab a brew and some really fattening nibbles, press play. . Wiz through the adverts in seconds rather than being forced to watch the same old, same old dreadful boring adverts for ages before the film comes on again for 10 mins before another advert break. I could not ever go back to steam powered tv againshame pause tv only records for 90 mins and this can’t be changed, otherwise i would record it all the time i am not a super duper hd 10-80 p thingy tv type of guy. My eyes ain’t good enough anymore. I get all i ever need from the built in wifi apps, and the samsung hub. The tv is really very good, great picture, good sound and easy use remote. I have ordered another samsung smart tv today, but much bigger and plan to move this one into another room.

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    This review is from : Samsung UE32F4510 32-inch Series 4 Smart HD LED Widescreen TV (discontinued by manufacturer)

    Best thing ever ive purchased can go to bedroom &. Best thing ever ive purchased can go to bedroom & catchup while my other half watches football its big enough for bedroom x.
  2. Colour Name: White Verified Purchase

    This review is from : Samsung UE32F4510 32-inch Series 4 Smart HD LED Widescreen TV (discontinued by manufacturer)

    Really happy after one year using it. Brilliant smarttv, easy to use and high quality resolution.
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      I love it, awful lot of gadgets and games. I love it, awful lot of gadgets and games , tv etc. A very clever tool, now would like a larger screen version of the same tv. Smart tv, you can bank on it, very smart indeed.
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    This review is from : Samsung UE32F4510 32-inch Series 4 Smart HD LED Widescreen TV (discontinued by manufacturer)

    I was so surprised that a telly this good was so affordable :-).
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      Great smart tv and the 720 res works very well. Easy to configure and would recommend.
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        This samsung tv is wonderful, with the smart feature. This samsung tv is wonderful, with the smart feature, easy to use, makes viewing great, very smart in appearance also, good sound quality,.

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