Samsung UE32H5500 32-inch Widescreen LED TV – I’m pretty sure it’s not our internet as everything else works

Prompt delivery, had my tv installed and running 3 days after purchase. This new generation samsung series 5 fulfilled our requirement for a bedroom tv. Connected to the internet immediately. Had no problems streaming using wifi (5ghz & 2. 4ghz) although it will be permanently used wired to our home lan (very annoying the ethernet connector placed protruding high on the back, makes it difficult mounting the tv against the wall. I cannot understand why this socket is not on the side, along with the hdmi and aerial connectors). If you are reading these reviews there is a fair chance that you are concerned about tv’s performance using netflix, as i was before my purchase: well. Initially it would not run the netflix app, despite being connected to internet and having all other apps like bbc’s iplayer working fine. Tried the usual updates, restart, etc.

I need new tv and never had new type before, was not shore what to get, very easy to set up, easy to install, very clear picture, easy to use, so glad i got it,.

Picture quality is great, especially the freeview hd channels. Sound is better than expected. The guide scrolls through the channels very quickly. The smarttv menu is very quick and all the key on demand apps i’ve tried work fine. Not sure about the games though.

Be careful the slim option is an older version and not as slim but costs more. Warningi was recommended the ue32h5500 tv as its one of the very best tv’s on the market with all the gadgets etc. Be aware that the advertised ‘slim’ version as adverised at the top of the page is completely wrong. Even though it is priced as 299 and more expensive than the normal 32 inch it is in fact a older version from 2013. I bought this thinking it must be better as it costs more and i wanted a slimmer version. Terrible advertising and very misleading. Luckily the returns option is dead easy. I now have the right tv (which i bought from john lewis by the way as they give a 5 year warrenty for free for same price). So the slim option is more expensive, older version, and definitely thicker.

  • Great TV. Perfect for home use.
  • I’m pretty sure it’s not our internet as everything else works
  • I have two of these in the house its thats good
  • Samsung makes great TV’s that are best in their class
  • What a fantastic TV
  • Samsung UE32H5500 32-inch Widescreen Full HD Smart LED TV

Samsung UE32H5500 32-inch Widescreen LED TV (discontinued by manufacturer)

  • Quad Core Processor – faster access to Smart features
  • Samsung’s Smart Hub – Instant access to your favourite content with catch-up TV, video on demand, games and more
  • S Recommendation – get viewing recommendations tailored just for you
  • Football Mode – with the touch of a button optimize video and audio settings, feel like you’re in the stadium
  • ConnectShare Movie – watch videos, play music or view photos from your USB device

A genuinely brilliant tv – smart and good looking, like me really. This is a great tvi bought this as a second set for use in the bedroom – where it primarily will be used to stream content from my plex media server. The apps available are great – it access to all the on demand services you’ll ever need. The picture quality is superb – when viewing a native hd source it appears that you are looking through a window – very sharp with faithfully reproduced colours. It also works well with games consoles. Sound is good – not the best out there, but certainly well within the realms of acceptability. All in all though it’s a great set – exceeded my expectations.

Great tv, with excellent smart features. Excellent tv, with raft of decent features. Picture and sound quality is excellent, both in sd and hd, and smart features are comprehensive. Nothing to fault, a very good tv for a very good price.

Great tv, had a few niggles with setting it up, it didn’t want to let me bypass the special “connector” that allows you to combine your two remotes into one. Finally figured it out (just pressed next) and the picture and sound quality are excellent.

One thought on “Samsung UE32H5500 32-inch Widescreen LED TV – I’m pretty sure it’s not our internet as everything else works

  1. EricH
    But you’ll be surprised how often you. But you’ll be surprised how often you have to wait for things to happen with updates etc. And it’s annoying how often it just doesn’t play. When it runs smoothly it’s brilliant and the basic t. A which recommendation and, for the price, a very good buy.
    1. Dave G
      Bought for my son, a man of few words. What an accolade, when pushed he said he was happy with it, praise indeed. I think it’s great but as i don’t use it i have no technical input here, sorry.
  2. D. T. E. Gosnell
    Great set for not much money. This is proving an excellent 32″ set, and looks great as both a furniture piece and its picture. Not sure what happened with some customers, who claim there’s no wi-fi because ours worked fine, straight from the box, and gets used heavily with the full set of the main catch-up services (bbc iplayer, itv player, all4 and demand5). Viewing angles are a bit lacklustre but that’s lcd for you, and at least there’s not the off-axis colour inversion you get with older pre-led-backlighting sets, and the image is otherwise eye-popping especially in hd. We had a problem mid-2015 when bbc hd reception went through the floor, but after trying and failing to investigate this ourselves, a firmware update unexpectedly arrived in september 2015 and it’s been impeccable since, also updating the aesthetics of the smart functions. Turned out a few brands were affected by some tweaks bbc made to their hd transmissions. This is one of the last samsung models to include scart connectivity as standard, needed less and less for sure, but many upgraders like ourselves will have legacy dvd, game console etc to connect.
    1. helen evans
      Great purchase, brill having a ‘smart tv’ as we. Great purchase , brill having a ‘smart tv’ as we can now watch decent progs via the internet not repeats of rubbish.
  3. kevin

    This review is from : Samsung UE32H5500 32-inch Widescreen LED TV (discontinued by manufacturer)

    Had it about a month and can’t fault it. Great tv, great screen and picture. No breaking up of the sound 5 star :).
    1. John B
      Works great – no wifi (cable only). Quickly connected to the wired home network – it doesn’t include wifi but at this price that’s not an issue for me.
  4. Roger Pegg

    This review is from : Samsung UE32H5500 32-inch Widescreen LED TV (discontinued by manufacturer)

    The picture is very good, with depth and brilliance of colours. The picture is very good, with depth and brilliance of colours. The sound is sharp although most of the time i wear headphones.

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