Samsung Ue46c7000 3d Ready Led Television – ue46c7000

Firstly, i am not the most techie person in the world but after buying a plasma tv for £2000 the month before hd was announced then i knew that i would take my time when it was time to upgrade my tv in our living room. After researching many different options including the basic lcd version of the samsung 3d and the 50″ plasma i decided to hunt down one of these as well just so that i could compare all products like for like. This unit was head and shoulders above the other two. This tv is superb in every way (at least in what i have found so far. )after taking delivery late last week it stayed in its box for three hours till my curiousity got the better of me and i had to take it out of the box. Before even switching the unit on i was thoroughly impressed, if a tv can be beautiful then this is it, a high gloss screen finish combined with the four pronged stand and touch buttons for volume/power etc make this truly stand out, especially considering the 20mm thickness on the screen. The set up was also remarkably easy, attach the stand, plug in the scart and aerial attachments plug in all your standard leads and hdmi cables and away you go, the tv will follow the setup and autotune for all available channels. You are then free to watch away. The standard settings are not optimum for the set but these will vary dependant on where your set is placed, mine is on a stand next to the main window so settings needed adjusting due to glare.

I bought this tv and i can say it’s worth the money. If you bought it as well grab your remote control and go to menu/picture/picture setting/motion plus and turn it off or put it on a low level when you watching movies.

Samsung ue46c7000xkx 46″ full 1080p hd 3d led tv. I have just bought a samsung ue46c7000xkx 46″ full 1080p hd 3d led tv and samsung ht-c6930w 3d 7. 1 ch channel blu-ray home cinema system with specs and free 3d blu-ray package. There are several light patches on the tv screen, only visible during dark scenes – what people call “backlighting” or “spotlights” from the backlit led’s. I only noticed them after reading reviews and note that other people have returned their sets because they consider this to be a fault. Now i’m becoming obsessive about them, thinking they are getting larger, when the reality is that they probably do not detract from the visual experience. The bluray player makes a hell of a racket. Not when playing a dvd, admittedly, but when performing most other functions.

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  • Samsung UE46C7000XKX 46″ Full 1080p HD 3D LED TV

Samsung Ue46c7000 3d Ready Led Television

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