Samsung UE46ES6800UXXU, Tested this TV for a week – Verdict: best purchase I’ve made and worth every minute of research spent before purchasing it!

Brilliant, hugely reccommended. So i was hunting for a 3d tv when i stumbled throughout the smart tv from samsung, very first of all the brand identify was a excellent get started. You cant go improper with samsung and this tele is no exception, you get what you pay out for. The television was sent cautiously and experienced no harm at all. For folks nervous about shopping for a tv on line i must say your more probable to damage it oneself transporting if from the outlets to household. On to photograph high quality, well what can i say. The hd channels are exceptional and you will delight in them for hours. From box to check out took beneath fifteen minutes, the setup is so easy and uncomplicated for anyone who is considering its far too complicated for you.

It takes a lot for technological innovation to impress me – it is the day to day operation, the genuine usefulness, which impresses me, not the awareness that the chips are 5 times more rapidly than yesterday’s or that the display screen was polished by elves applying moondust. As a result much that is new is disappointing, and i am often a late adopter. So when i was asked to take a look at drive the samsung s6800 i was not anticipating a lot – it is, just after all, just a tv, and i have owned a tv, in several various types, for around 30 several years. And yet, crikeyprobably the best five stars i have supplied this year. Below is why:- image: unbelievably crystal clear in some cases it is like looking by means of a window at first it was a tiny disconcerting, but after a few weeks i simply refuse to go back to a reduced high quality image- physical design: thinner than you would believe possible, and even with possessing a 40-inch screen it avoids dominating the home- pvr: the operation for a pvr is developed-in just buy a usb external challenging drive, plug it in and you are good to go, with scheduled report, collection record and all that things. I purchased a 1tb western digital travel and now have several hundreds of several hours of ability- apps: there is a growing list of helpful apps i use bbc iplayer, itv participant, lovefilm and youtube, but there are a good deal additional for other interests- blu-ray integration: i purchased a low-priced samsung bd player and the tv recognises its sibling and i can use the tv remote to management both equally- bit torrents: this tv can enjoy every online video format i have thrown at it the picture good quality when taking part in very low resolution downloads is supernaturally good – i have no thought how they do it- usb slots: as perfectly as utilizing the usb slots for a pvr really hard disk, or little bit torrents, you can, for illustration, plug in an iphone and the tv will supply you the possibility to view the pictures on it, plug in an android and you can see almost everything, these as videos and podcasts- 3d: and of course, this is a 3d tv we really don’t trouble with it significantly, but have enjoyed a few of 3d blu-ray films, and the high-quality is fantastic- 3d conversion: a different freaky feature is the conversion of standard 2d broadcasts into 3d once again, no concept how they do it, but it truly worksall in all, this is a pretty outstanding tv. There is other functionality i have even tested nevertheless, these types of as immediately beaming information from a samsung smartphone to the tv, or viewing digital pictures, or actively playing mp3’s or playing with many different picture modes (the default picture is incredible so i have not felt the require to experiment. )with so many characteristics, every single residence will use it in different ways. Samsung are plainly striving to make the tv that each and every home should have and they have come pretty close to it by now.

Samsung 46-inch 3D Smart LED Slim TV UE46ES6800 Full HD 1080p Widescreen with Dual Core Processor (discontinued by manufacturer)

  • Smart Content, powered by Samsung’s Dual Core processor, lets you enjoy thousands of your favourite downloadable apps, allows you to browse the web and wirelessly share movies, photos, music and more with AllShare Play
  • Dual Core processor enables lightning-fast multitasking for enriched engagement
  • Full HD 3D technologies give you a breath-taking selection of 3D documentaries, game trailers, children’s movies, music videos and sports content on demand via Explore 3D, and even includes a 3D Converter so you can watch 2D content in 3D
  • Micro Dimming technology delivers vivid contrast images, with superior colours at their purest and clearest, and sharper detail

Wow, how tvs have occur together. The tv market is now quite confusing. It employed to be that a tv was a tv – it would clearly show you the five terrestrial channels and that was it. Hd, 3d smart, led, and so the record goes on. As a samsung supporter my new tv was likely to be a samsung but their 2012 array is relatively significant. I desired the significant conclusion functions without the need of the substantial selling price tag. The ue40es6800 appeared to tick all those bins. The smart functions on this tv i am utilised to from my e6100 blu ray participant. On this tv although, the user practical experience is substantially much better. On my blu ray player the interface was sluggish, items usually did not load and normally wanted updating when i opened it.

Fully recommend this tv. For the money (much less than i was planning to spend) you get a breathtaking display screen, 3d which i was not even bothered about but is excellent, wi-fi streaming from internet tv and so on and many others. Duel core for effectiveness – in no way any buffering. The hd photograph is almost 3d its this sort of very good high quality. The hand waving / voice handle crap on additional pricey tvs is a gimmick at the instant till they can get it to function correctly. My past tv was best of the vary lcd with all the bells and whistles which went out of date & compatibility with every little thing in just five yrs and the further grand i paid for that was wasted. . I bought a suitable samsung soundbar which was well worth it as yes, the slim tvs just cant generate excellent base, or variety. But for general tv programmes the audio is great. We have a average sized living home and the 40in with this set-up functions definitely nicely.

Superior tv apps a minimal confined. As other reviewers have mentioned, the very best issue about this tv is the hd image good quality, it truly is very obvious and crisp. The smart attributes are less enthralling, we have viewed quite a few programmes on iplayer where by the good quality is amazing, delivered the source streams at an sufficient fee. Equally, lovefilm ‘watch now’ is fantastic delivered they never have issues streaming the movie to you. Obviously, the source and your internet connectivity are not under samsung’s management. Sadly, itv player is disappointing, nowhere close to the quality of the iplayer, but youtube & viemo – shockingly excellent. Most of the other applications are not specifically exciting and as still i have not found any solutions to clear away them from the display. There is just the one scart input, and that is by using a short adaptor cable so if you have much more than 1 scart only unit you want to connect you’ll need to possibly daisy chain them or use a switch box. The audio high-quality from the internal speakers is enough, but not seriously in the very same league as the photo and there is no analogue output apart from the headphone jack. Fairly than go for a seem bar, i’m intending to operate the digital audio out into our present hifi by means of a dac box.

Samsung 46-inch 3D Smart LED Slim TV UE46ES6800 Full HD 1080p Widescreen with Dual Core Processor (discontinued by manufacturer) : Great picture, unnecessary apps. Did quite a lot of research, liked the samsungs, didn’t want to pay top dollar for motion control or voice control, this seemed to offer the scope of functionality that we were after. Needed a large screen due to the layout of our living room and despite my reservations of it being too big after seeing it in an electrical retailer’s showroom, now it’s on the wall it looks fine and anything smaller would have made reading the on screen text difficult. To be honest, i wish we hadn’t bothered with all the bells and whistles. No one really needs a web browser on their tv – using it via the remote control is far too clunky – we use samsung’s bespoke allshare control app on our phones which works well. The equivalent ipad app is pants so don’t bother with it. The flattish surface of the tv’s own remote makes it difficult to navigate without looking at it and the video controls (play, pause, rewind, etc) which are used with the streaming services are poorly positioned at the bottom of the remote, making one hand use awkward. As for the streaming services, again, not sure why we bothered. Bbc iplayer is available on the wii and ps3 or any catch-up facility with the main tv providers.

One thought on “Samsung UE46ES6800UXXU, Tested this TV for a week – Verdict: best purchase I’ve made and worth every minute of research spent before purchasing it!

  1. M Evs

    This review is from : Samsung 46-inch 3D Smart LED Slim TV UE46ES6800 Full HD 1080p Widescreen with Dual Core Processor (discontinued by manufacturer)

    Does everything a tv should but just does it really well. Does everything a tv should, just does it really well. Having only experienced 3d in the cinema i didn’t know what to expect with the 3d on this tv. I was really surprised – its excellent and completely different to the poor 3d experiences in the cinema.
    1. K Rettinger
      Which i found to be much better. . Returned 2 tvs due to backlight bleed problems. Purchased a backlit led lg television instead, which i found to be much better.
      1. D. Darcy
        Brilliant sound quality, especially since it’s a flat screen (most other brand models are lacking in volume, due to the slimness of the screen) i don’t need to have a sound bar as you do with most other flat screen tvs. The picture quality is great also and the viewing angle is very wide, i can see it even at very acute angles. Brilliant product worth the money.
  2. Bishan Kerung

    This review is from : Samsung 46-inch 3D Smart LED Slim TV UE46ES6800 Full HD 1080p Widescreen with Dual Core Processor (discontinued by manufacturer)

    It work fantastic then i expected. Price worthy product , it work fantastic then i expected. I recommend to my friend to have this product rather then other product.
    1. Olorunsola O. Aboyewa
      I am still happy about the purchase. I am still happy about the purchase and enjoying too.
      1. Roy
        After many months of use very pleased with set. Bright clear picture, easy to work and ‘smart’ works well both using wifi or ethernet cable connected into a plug wifi extender set. Have used for freeview and after recently moving freesat as set has both converters built in.
  3. Miss Susan Hart

    This review is from : Samsung 46-inch 3D Smart LED Slim TV UE46ES6800 Full HD 1080p Widescreen with Dual Core Processor (discontinued by manufacturer)

    Great tv had it a while now and had no. Great tv had it a while now and had no problems with it, fabulous picture excellent service by amazon.
    1. Anon
      I had been researching 3d tvs for some time, so when the time came i knew what i wanted from my tv at the best price possible, but i just couldnt work out what would be the best for me. . That time came sooner than i thought so i sat looking on all sites possible for, new 2nd hand, reconditoned seconds to see find all the bargain price tv’s, i hate paying full price for anything, even if i have the money, i love a bargain. After finding all the tv’s that were well under the full price for different reasons, i then checked feedback, this one had the best feedback and it has lived up to it. Its still on factory settings. . Rare for me, it does need a little tweek but no rush as it is great straight out the box. I paid well under half the full price and it was cheaper than buying similar 2nd hand. It was graded from amazon warehouse,(light scrtaches to surround or back) but i cant find a mark on it. Picture, 3d, hd and non hd all clear and bright, all i would say is don’t buy this if you have to have it set up near a window, does suffer sun glare, but i have seen a lot worse. Sound, connectivity, everything is fab, i cant fault it.
  4. voni

    This review is from : Samsung 46-inch 3D Smart LED Slim TV UE46ES6800 Full HD 1080p Widescreen with Dual Core Processor (discontinued by manufacturer)

    Arrived on time and well packaged. It is exactly what we wanted and exactly what we ordered. We had a good deal on a good quality tv and will certainly order from this supplier again.
  5. Tadas

    This review is from : Samsung 46-inch 3D Smart LED Slim TV UE46ES6800 Full HD 1080p Widescreen with Dual Core Processor (discontinued by manufacturer)

    Plays 3d, hd and supports multiple codex. Plus dual core processor helps to use smart hub and samsung applications. So far not regretting and only loving it.

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