Samsung UE48H6700STXXU, Another good’un from

Completely stunning photo. This is with out doubt the most effective picture i’ve seen on an led tv, the photo on the designed in freeview hd is breathtaking, you can see each individual depth. I’ve also analyzed out the 4k on netflix extremely hd (which is one particular of the smart functions together with 4od, bbci participant, itv player, need five, facebook, twitter, youtube, wakuki, blinkbox among many others,) the photo was unbelievable. I expended an hour modifying the picture options and the audio settings (surround sound choice is the ideal) to get it just right as when the tv is first switched on the seem is fairly tinny and the pic is a little bit dull but when altered it appears wonderful. Appears equally great in a perfectly lit vivid place as properly as a darkish place. There is a element on it for darker configurations films like harry potter which boosts the black ranges, incredibly impressed with this. This tv was extremely simple to set up far too. The voice activated distant is superior pleasurable, even though you do require to be on line for it to worked. I’ve long gone for a wired solution on the net as it presents a improved image (use group six or higher than cable). It does a decent occupation of upscaling hd to close to extremely hd.

Terrific quick shipping and delivery and no negatives with tv at all at the moment very content .

One more good’un from samsung. With the 2013 version of this tv sitting on our wall in the dwelling home, i was pleased to get the 2014 variation which now sits on the wall in our bed room. Firstly, the set up and setup. You may require a next human being to aid you get the established out of the box as the packaging inside of the box is pretty tight. The 2013 product came with a relatively nifty stand, two little feet both facet that ended up effortlessly eliminated. Samsung have long gone again to a more classic centre mounted large foot. Individually i chosen the prior version’s stand, but it is really purely down to my individual preference. It really is simple to match and it retains the tv solidly, so no real grievances. Firing up the tv for the to start with time usually takes you by a quite straightforward to use setup menu.

Initially the very good (and its quite. I required to give this 4 and a half stars (based mostly on my downsides), but as amazon doesnt deal in halves, five does definitely feel the most fair centered on my working experience of the negatives most likely just becoming private, relatively than the fault of the merchandise. 1st the good (and its pretty, pretty very good)straight out of the box it was exceptionally quick to established up, and when in area this tv is ridiculously quite. Its uber slim, with a tiny, virtually edgeless frame, and a easy stand so no bows or fluff to distract from the on-screen action. The illustrations or photos are crisp, clean and truly hd – when utilised with a blu ray motion picture, or (as i do a whole lot) the amazon prime immediate video application i have on my xbox, in hd, its obscene. You sort of expect high excellent screens as normal with samsung, and my aged flatscreen tv – also a samsung – was no exception in spite of the frame being rather chunkier – but this one particular is a full new stage of wowsound is fantastic – i did end up hooking it up to a separate sound program which significantly enhanced it, but if you havent got a single you wouldnt actually need it. The 3d is fantastic far too – it applies a 3d impact to anything on monitor, so for instance you can observe a thing specially filmed in 3d and have your eyes explode with pleasure at the results, or look at corrie on it and it will nonetheless have some diploma of 3d to it. If youre a gamer, it works far too on xbox/ ps3 online games.Not to the extent that you can expect to faint, but surely there is a depth extra to anything at all (the superior top quality the enter, the superior this impact is) the color is dimmed working with the 3d bins, but you can alter the settings to deal with this – just suggests you have to recall to fiddle with it when not making use of 3d, and vice versathe total of stuff you can plug into it is amazing much too – it has many usb ports, i imagine three hdmi cable inputs, the common aux, headphones, and in essence nearly anything else you would will need for the full home hub knowledge. The again has far more holes in it than a block of swiss cheese, but everyone has a opportunity use, so its good theyve protected everyones desires. Its electricity effective, and you can apply options to it which improve this even further more – even though its quite discouraging getting to ‘ok’ the automobile-display shutdown that pops up, you can switch this alternative off if you want. It just usually means that if your loved ones is the sort to put the telly on then wander off and get distracted, or you doze off on the sofa – it will shut down when not getting utilized, saving electrical energy. The downsides nevertheless this will likely be particular, so i would recognize if you read it and think ‘bunkum’first the 3d glasses – i discovered these really uncomfortable if worn for a lot more than 50 percent an hour, and the lens dimensions astonished me with how little it is (i get that may be a tech restriction however), and the battery existence on them is weak. Rechargeable kinds are out there, and ive seen quite a few ‘universal’ kinds in various designs, but havent yet seen a set that are comfy and have even larger lenses, so im heading to have to check out and uncover anything that suits me if im desperate to watch stuff in 3d.

Samsung UE48H6700 48-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D Slim LED Smart TV with Quad Core Processor and Freeview HD (discontinued by manufacturer) : The picture quality is true to life. Do not under any circumstances listen to the snobby av magazine/website reviews for this television. It is by no means a budget tv. On the contrary, it is in one word – amazingthe picture quality is true to life, and the features it has are market leading. It does not have 3d, but who needs that gimmick trick, when you have 4k resolution at your fingertips. 4k is a better feature than 3d. The images are almost life likedo not hesitate any further, just press the buy it now button.

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  1. P J Harknett and k l harknett

    This review is from : Samsung UE48H6700 48-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D Slim LED Smart TV with Quad Core Processor and Freeview HD (discontinued by manufacturer)

    Great product and great service. Excellent picture, particularly with hd channels and blue ray. Price and service provided are also very good. My tv signal comes from a cable provider and so i really don’t care that this is a european model and thus uk digital tuning gives slightly different results.
  2. Red Crab

    This review is from : Samsung UE48H6700 48-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D Slim LED Smart TV with Quad Core Processor and Freeview HD (discontinued by manufacturer)

    This is why people buy samsung tv. It has everything i need such as internet access, youtube, seamless access to external devices in addition to the quality tv. It is surprising to have the high resolution in the large tv when browse and watch the internet streaming.
      1. Ron01
        I’ve recently switched back to my 3year old 50″ lg 3d plasma tv after 9months with the samsung. Because the lg, despite needing to be viewed in subdued lighting and is full hd, not 4k, is more like looking out of a window – there is more more depth & naturalness (& i’m not using the 3d glasses). Watching bbc’s coast, the aerial photography was captivating: something missing from the samsung. Its images are bright, pin sharp and at a glance, hard to fault but for some reason it never ‘blew me away’. Its image is flat – purely 2 dimensional, probably due to the extensive digital processing upscaling both 1080i freesat or 1080p blu-ray. Its a bit like comparing vinyl to digital audio – the latter’s technical superiority should mean its sounds best but it doesn’t yet no one can explain why. Pity, and i am glad i kept the lg.
  3. YIKES
    Seems to be great tv i’m hoping to order 1 very soon. But all those people leaving reviews about this tvs 4k abilities are wrong.
    1. Spongebob
      Excellent tv but by else where. . Gald i never brought this from amazon almost half the price in john lewis with a 5yr guarantee,unlike amazon you have to pay even more. Just use mine with freesat what can i say the hd channels are amazing and the tv looks amazing. Was abit worried about the lip sink problems which alot of people seem to have, but there was no need to everything works perfectly. Amazing amount of apps available for this tv. Linked to pc and blue ray player with out any problem now thinking about a soundbar. Even though its coming to the end of its run grab one while you can but not from amazon, £1149 what a joke.
      1. Patricia Tate
        The only thing is the sound isn’t that good so will probably buy a sound bar. But brilliant value for the money.
  4. Cryptic Kirk
    Standard definition is acceptable. . Everything that has been said in the customer reviews i can agree on, a great tv that works,is easy to set up and use. If your not that tech savvy like myself this is tv will work for just about anyone. The smart hub is very smooth and the smart remote works very well and speeds things up in comparison with below. Bearing in mind that they call these smart tv’s but they are not quite a smart phone due to the screen size. My only criticism is that the standard broadcast could better,i have a samsung 55 d 7000 which i purchased back in 1212 and the picture is more defiantly better and clearer in standard broadcast, which is what a lot of tv is still broadcast in and will be for a few years to come. In saying that the picture is acceptable and i did pay considerably more for that set which is in the next series up. From a price point of view i paid £459 on an amazon wear house deal which does represent good value for money.

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