Samsung UE55C6505 55-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p100Hz Motion Plus LED [email protected] – 55inch TV

Samsung ue55c6505 55inch tv. Not only does it look great (picture quality as well as the actual look of the unit itself) but it is great value for money. I did a lot of research before ordering this tv and it has exceeded my expectations. The equivalent sony product would cost twice as much and have almost the same functions. Firstly – the unit looks great. My living room isn’t huge and i was concerned that a 55″ tv would dominate the room. That is not the case and it looks fine in a medium-sized space. It isn’t obvious from the picture here, but the rectangular base of the stand is brushed aluminium and looks very smart. The cylindrical part of the stand is clear plastic, which sounds cheap, but isn’t and looks good with the whole unit.

I received delivery of the samsung ue55c6505 monday just gone and although i was amazed by the hi def from sky picture quality, dvd’s, blurays and mkv played from the pc directly in from dvi to hdmi were curiously jerky. There is also lots of ligh breakthrough in patches on ver dark scenes which i’m finding increasingly apparent and annoying. I seemed to improve the jerkiness when fed from a pc with dvd and other formats by turning off led motion plus and that seem to improve the juddery effect. As for the light breakthrough on very dark scenes: well the only way to improve that is don’t watch in the dark -leave a light on and then its not so noticable but it still nags me. I’ll give it week and i may possibly return it if i can’t live with the patchy light breakthrough. I had the same with my toshiba wlt58 but it wasn’t as bad as this. So so far i would say a great picture but like the curates egg only in parts therefore i can’t rate more than 3 out of five stars. Sorry samsung but the light breakthrough is a massive negative and shows the medium is still fundamentally flawed.

Read the negative reviews and the positive ones. Agree with the positive ones. Have not explored most of the functions, however delighted with what i have used so far.

Bought this after considerable research to replace my samsung 50″ plasma. What a tv , now mounted ,looks awesome, picture is nothing short of stunning , now to watch all my favourites all over again. Really does make it a whole different level of viewing. Highly recommend this tv , my mate just bought the equivalent sony and cannot believe how poor it is compared to this set ,and the samsung was more than half the price to boot.

  • Samsung UE55C6505 55inch TV
  • Fantastic TV and a very good price.

Samsung UE55C6505 55-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p100Hz Motion Plus LED [email protected] with Freeview HD

  • Audio/Video PC streaming

Having upgraded from the smaller 40″ version of this tv we preety much new what to expect and we where not dissapointed once we got it up on the wall it looked fantastic. Picture absolutly awsome but just a couple of minor gripes as in a previous comment there is a bit of light breakthrough in very dark scenes more noticable on this tv than our smaller one but we can live with that. Also when there are fast moving scenes there does seem to be quite a bit of motion judder i am trying different settings at the moment to try and cure this, and this is why i have given 4 instead of 5 stars. This aside a super telly and a good price to.

Very nice tv u get what u buy, im happy with it but brought it a week ago for £1550 on amazon so bit annoyed that its gone down by around £80.

Fantastic tv and a very good price. . All i can say is that i was blown away with this tv. Picture quality is fantastic. Cant comment on sound as using 5. Having owned a couple previous samsung tv’s i was pleased to see the source button now goes to a menu for fast switching between inputs. Connectivity is great, 2 x usb, i bought the wifi stick which uses one of them up. Leaves 1 free for watching movies via usb stick, magic.