Sony KD-55X8005C 55 inch 4K UHD Widescreen Smart TV – +Best TV for technical people as it has plenty of options, +Superb Picture & upscaling, – OS Bugs

This is a review for the 55″ tv. First off, these sony tv’s get a lot of stick for some issues they may have had in the past. I’ve been using this tv for the past few months. Out of the box, android is a bit long to set up but it’s definitely worth it. If we start with software, which seems to get the most stick:it’s actually awesome. The android interface is slightly laggy but not so much as to stop you what you’re doing. Netflix and amazon instant video work pretty much perfectly and even though the tv is literally at the furthest point in the house from the router, 4k streams perfectly. There is a huge lack of 4k content (netflix and amazon are probably the best source for tv) but anyone in the market for a 4k tv probably already knows this.

Android works well, not buggy at all. It’s been a few weeks since i bought this tv, so far it works great. I have installed few android apps that i use for internet tv and they all work brilliantly. One thing i like is, remote controller works well with the apps, so you can rewind or pause the streaming from the apps using remote buttons. I installed latest patch and so far didn’t have any issues, reboots etc. For the price i paid, i’m very happy.

Best 4k budget big brand tv. Got the 55x8005c on amazon lightning deal. And what a fantastic tv this isdid a lot of research prior to buying this set and sadly there is little in the way of professional reviews for this set online. Was in the market for a decent 4k 50inch+ on a tight budget.Looked across all the big 4 manufacturers:samsung – previous sets all been excellent/reliablesony – family members own this, also excellent/reliablelg – increasing popularity, with some strong sets and great passive 3dpanasonic – previous viera sets have been superb, strong black levelsin the end it came down to either the samsung or the sony. Based on reviews and personal experience, sets from these 2 brands typically have great response rate (less motion blur) and strong up-scaling capabilities, which is essential as 4k content is still very thin on the ground with the majority of content still on 1080p or even sd. Went for the sony in the end, due to better pricing and with android tv, a higher feature set, which i will describe later in the review. For those who don’t want to read the full details, here is a short summary:pro’s- excellent picture (strong blacks, great colour, excellent motion handling, 4k resolution)- good sound quality (clear dialogue, decent volume without distortion)- great connectivity (4x hdmi2. 0, twin freeview/freesat tuner, lan+wifi, built in chromecast +miracast)- android tv (future proof)- nice design- sony brand- value for moneycon’s- plastic bezel, looks less premium than others- no 3d capability- no hdr- missing usb recording function- android tv (some slow down)overall, the best budget 4k big brand tv. Aesthetics:the tv is all black, with a glossy slim bezel. (think piano black)looks nice, but some may prefer a metal/aluminium frame. The sony next range up x830 and x850, has an alu frame. Still the tv seems well built.

Great picture, sound as expected and a quicker processor than some of the reviews suggest. We received out tv last week as we were looking for a reasonably sized entry level smart 4k tv. A number of reviews accuse the tv of being slow and hanging frequently. However we have found the set to be fast and stable with no issues. I suspect people complaining about performance have yet to update the android operating system. Picture quality on uhd streaming is brilliant and ups scaling also works very well on standard hd or blue ray inputs. A very good entry level set for the size.

  • Best 4K budget big brand TV
  • +Best TV for technical people as it has plenty of options, +Superb Picture & upscaling, – OS Bugs
  • Great picture and sound quality for a good price
  • For the price: Amazing!
  • Great come back by Sony with the power of Android.
  • Great kit. Forget the Hz: this is amazing for the price.

Sony KD-55X8005C 55 inch 4K UHD Widescreen Smart TV with Freeview – Black

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  • 4K PROCESSOR X1: Watch everything with stunning clarity, colour & contrast.
  • ANDROID TV: All the personalization, intelligence and entertainment of your smartphone, on the big screen.
  • Motionflow XR 200Hz: Reduced blur and judder. Smoother images, whatever you watch.
  • YouView: Catch up TV from BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand 5. Easily search for the shows you love with the seven day scroll back TV guide.
  • Playstation Now: PS3 gaming on your TV, No Discs, No Consoles, just connect a PS4 controller

Bought this tv on amazon on lightening deal for 699its outstanding performance tv, and with the latest update its running very smoothly. Love the android, installed kodi and running smoothly. 4k is mind blowing, its all crisp clear and feels like you can actually touch it. Its got 4 hdmi ports and 2 usb ports. The motion is smooth, no blur or motion lag, i haven’t played games on it, so cant say whats its like connecting to playstation or any other box. And with twin tuner, it gives you ability to record on hard drive connected through usb. Sound is ok but not great, i would recommend a soundbar to go along with the tv, as of size of 55″ will give you the cinema effect. The remote is ok, but ideally wanted a smart remote which unfortunately does not come along with tv, so have to buy separately. Update:31/10/15sony and youview are pleased to announce that from 8am on wednesday 4th november the youview service will be available on sony bravia 2015 televisions making bbc iplayer, all 4, itv player and demand 5 available to all android connected television sets.

Great upscaling, fast to turn on, supports casting devices to it natively, has bluetooth for playing music and using devices as remote controls, regularly updated with new android os patches, has all the great modern perks you’d expect. If you’re upgrading from a non-smart tv (or even if you are, but one of the older styles of “smart” tv) you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what this can do. It has access to the android market place, so you can even change the entire tv layout by downloading a new app. As for general usage perks, just things like being able to see visual cues on screen, like which input ports have active content ready to be shown, is such a great boon for me. The tv quality is great, 4k looks beautiful and upscaling is great. I’ve even tried gaming on it and it upscaled 1080p beautifully.

Review for the gamers out there. I’m a ps4 owner who was investing in a gaming/cinema room, i had around 500 for a tv, i was going to opt for a larger screen at 1080p but i stumbled across a bargain. I bought this tv “used” which actually was brand new but the box was damaged so anyone thinking of getting this tv and get it cheaper i would recommend looking at the used section for amazon warehouse, (please read the descriptions before buying, there very helpful to get the right one. )anyway for the gamers out there.This tv is amazing, don’t hesitate, the picture quality is absolutely amazing no noticeable lag, i played ufc 2 without any problem and picture quality was amazing, i also put in batman a/k to test as well and that also played like a dream, so any true gamers out there thinking of a 4k tv but having hesitations about lag be rest assured it really is better. *update*so i’ve had this tv now for over 2 weeks, i’ve played countless online matches in ufc 2 and can confirm there is no true visible lag online, i’m also playing from my loft through wifi and the hub is in my living room so i’m 2 floors up so it would be even more flawless with a wired connection. I’ve also just watched the new star wars film and i can truly tell you the picture quality being upscaled to 4k by this tv is outstanding (very noticable difference from 1080p once the room is in darkness. I’m not sure what people are complaining about the smart/andriod part of the tv, mine runs flawlessly, i can be in and out of netflix within seconds, everything runs very smoothly, i’ve had absolutely no problems from many of the reviews on here, so i’m not sure whether there not updating the system all the time, but from my point of view this tv is one of the best tv’s you can buy for such a cheap price, yes it’s a level entry 4k tv but you can’t tell, the only tv i think will show a better picture than this is the lg oled 65in, i’m not saying this tv is the best out of all the 4k tv’s but what i am saying is you can’t go wrong with this tv for the price point.