Sony KD49X8307CSU, Pay for setup! Save yourself some hassle!

Fantastic tvandroid system even now requires a little bit of tweaking. We just bought a 49′ x83c and from what it looks like, its continue to early days for android tvi will begin with the disadvantages and then get to the professionals:disadvantages:1. Will take at least 50 % an hour to set up (dependent on your net velocity). Does a extensive program update and it can take ages to set up the firmware so be patient2. Do not hook in your hdmi cables before the tv has updated itself for the reason that for some reason only hdmi1 is recognised by the system while hdmi 2,three,four are remaining non-responding. At the time the update is more than, switch of your tv, unplug, wait around for a minute or two whilst you hook up all the hdmi inputs. Plug the tv again yet again and now it works3. There is even now no netflix and google forged (for netflix) does not operate from an iphone either. Retains asking you to update your cell phone app.A glitch which will hopefully be sorted quickly.

Hoping issues get superior immediately. I have always been very impressed with sony products and solutions and there tv’s exclusively, but i have to say they have made a mess with this one particular. To explain the image high-quality is outstanding as superior as just about anything in its price tag level, but the software program effectively the only phrase for it is a mess. It crashes, reboots causing the tv to sluggish down and playback on things such as netflix to stutter, sony are pushing out common updates but boy does it want them, i am hoping it improves quickly, due to the fact as a pure tv it is fantastic, but the andoid working system functioning on it wants a ton of get the job done.

Sony KD-49X8307C 49-inch UltraHD Smart 4K TV with Freeview – Silver

  • 4K PROCESSOR X1: Whatever you watch is boosted to near 4K Ultra HD clarity, with greater colour & contrast.
  • ANDROID TV: All the personalization, intelligence and entertainment of your smartphone, on the big screen.
  • SLIM DESIGN: The elegant slim design seamlessly blends into any living room, even when mounted on the wall
  • Motionflow XR 800Hz: Reduced blur and judder. Smoother images, whatever you watch.
  • SMART TV: Connect to the Internet for a range of Catch-up services and content

Outstanding picture but flawed application. The minor 4k content i have looks awesome. It also appears to be like excellent with bluray and dvd films, which are upscaled to search quite great. I have it hooked up to the ht-xt3 sound bar, which delivers extraordinary sound and outstanding bass. Even so, the software package is buggy. Amazon primary streaming judders alongside, without having sound. There is the occaisional hold, significantly when swapping from a person exterior gadget to a further. All you can do is electricity the tv off and on again, to repair it. I have an apple tv related which shows hd material really nicely, but sd tv demonstrates you should not upscale so perfectly.

Fantastic work sony (not so excellent amazon prime shipping and delivery). Following getting around my preliminary disappointment of this tv arriving at 6. 00 on a tuesday night even while it was requested the past friday ahead of, and me getting a primary buyer, i have to say, i am blown away by how basic this tv is to use, and the set up. I am not a technophobe by any stretch, but genuinely innovative technologies does frighten me a minimal – on the other hand i experienced this tv tethered to my telephone for internet accessibility (just moved property) to update and prepared to go in no time. The home screen is really intuitive, and if an imbecile like me can perform it out, any individual can. I am searching forward to hooking up my x-box and wii u and taking pleasure in the added benefits of the crisp image. I also have a sony xperia mobile phone, and the interface with that was instantaneous, so i was ready to enjoy any movies and pictures from my cellular phone on the significant display screen straight absent. Just one point i will point out – i did get a soundbar to go with the tv, having said that i am not completely absolutely sure this is needed. The tv has really great sound on its possess, and a sound bar in entrance of the device essentially blocks the infra red sensor for the distant, so i have to flail my arms a little bit when i want to adjust just about anything or go to a menu. Overall, for the price tag i compensated, you cannot seriously defeat the price of this solution, and if it last’s me as extensive as my previous tv, it will price tag me about £2.

It was a fantastic occupation i browse the critiques for this tv. In any other case i would of thought the tv was damaged as it took ages to update and install. Also the note about leaving out your hdmi cables until eventually the tv has updated is a should. If not as the prior reviewer stated only hdmi 1 operates. Also it does freeze for a short time to time when playing with settings and pressing property or switching channels. Which i suppose will be set with even more updates. The picture top quality is wonderful in high definition. I’ve only just established it up and will participate in close to with the configurations at a later day but and would say placing the photo on sport mode it manufactured all the netflix hd films glance 3d devoid of the use of 3d specs.

Sony KD-49X8307C 49-inch UltraHD Smart 4K TV with Freeview – Silver : Not what i expected it to be, despite seeing it at a shop. First of all, i was expecting a proper setup guide telling me what things are included in the box and what to do, step by step. There was a big manual but it is a multi language manual, so the info in it is really minimal. Eventually i figured out how to assemble foot stand. You need a + screwdriver and the 4 included screws. The tv wobbles on its stand even though the foot is screwed in securely.

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  1. Ian B.

    This review is from : Sony KD-49X8307C 49-inch UltraHD Smart 4K TV with Freeview – Silver

    I purchased this television to replace my old sony 32” led which was 5 years old so i thought it was time for an upgrade, i had read numerous reviews which has scored this television badly . No software updates available, bad sound, etc. Upon reading these reviews i started to do my own investigations and it appears that most of the original complaints had been ‘ironed out’ with the latest updates so i decided to take the plunge and purchase. The tv stand instructions were precise and was easy to put together within a few minutes so it was now time to turn the bad boy onfirst off, firmware upgrade, this does take a bit of time, think mine roughly took 25 minutes on a 74meg fibre line (downloads usually hit between 5-6mbps) so it’s probably beneficial just leaving this to run on its own and go back later on cos i found waiting in anticipation only for it to leave me hanging…. Once the firmware has installed and rebooted it was time to look at the what it could do being an avid user of xbmc/kodi for a good few years now and with the introduction of android boxes to the market i was intrigued to see how it would run against a stand alone box. I downloaded the latest kodi from google play store and proceeded to install, it went in like a dream with no lag or complications whats over. If you’re familiar with xbmc/kodi there are numerous installation ‘repo’ packages out there which are basically all in 1 installers with the more common and popular reposi went for my old trusty ‘wookie’ installer and installed without a hitch, the interesting thing for me was that the television ran quicker than my mx android box, loading times were quicker, searches were quicker so this was a massive tick in the box for me. Now next up 4k, i already had a netflix account so decided to fire the app up (through the netflix button on the remote, handy little shortcut ) & proceeded to log in and went straight for the ultra 4k content, breaking bad never looked so good, picture was sharp and crisp and depth of clarity was something else, i had the tv hooked up to my bose solo speaker through an optical cable and the sound was amazing, definitely improves the whole 4k experience with a decent speaker. All in all very pleased with the purchase, the only downfall that i can see is that there is currently no external usb recording upgrade option but i’m lead to believe this is coming very shortly.
    1. M. Sugden
      Great job sony (not so great amazon prime delivery). After getting over my initial disappointment of this tv arriving at 6. 00 on a tuesday evening even though it was ordered the previous friday before, and me being a prime customer, i have to say, i am blown away by how simple this tv is to use, and the setup. I am not a technophobe by any stretch, but really advanced technology does frighten me a little – however i had this tv tethered to my phone for internet access (just moved home) to update and ready to go in no time. The home screen is extremely intuitive, and if an imbecile like me can work it out, anyone can. I am looking forward to hooking up my x-box and wii u and enjoying the benefits of the crisp picture. I also have a sony xperia phone, and the interface with that was instant, so i was able to enjoy any videos and pictures from my phone on the big screen straight away. One thing i will mention – i did buy a soundbar to go with the tv, however i am not entirely sure this is necessary. The tv has really good sound on its own, and a sound bar in front of the unit actually blocks the infra red sensor for the remote, so i have to flail my arms a bit when i want to adjust anything or go to a menu. Overall, for the price i paid, you can’t really beat the value of this product, and if it last’s me as long as my last television, it will cost me about £2.
  2. Backrow

    This review is from : Sony KD-49X8307C 49-inch UltraHD Smart 4K TV with Freeview – Silver

    Technology not always brilliant. . I will be brief, the set is great and so is the picture but as regards to installing it if you are young you should have no problems but if you are in the older generation then i would advise you get someone with knowhow to install it as it is not straight forward.
  3. john nairn

    This review is from : Sony KD-49X8307C 49-inch UltraHD Smart 4K TV with Freeview – Silver

    Very good, however, slow start. On the whole, no complaints john.
    1. P. A. Bosomworth
      Excellent picture but flawed software. The little 4k content i have looks amazing. It also looks good with bluray and dvd films, which are upscaled to look very good. I have it hooked up to the ht-xt3 sound bar, which delivers incredible sound and excellent bass. However, the software is buggy. Amazon prime streaming judders along, without sound. There is the occaisional hang, particularly when swapping from one external device to another. All you can do is power the tv off and on again, to fix it. I have an apple tv connected which shows hd content very well, but sd tv shows don’t upscale so well.
  4. Chris Hoare TOP 500 REVIEWER VINE VOICE

    This review is from : Sony KD-49X8307C 49-inch UltraHD Smart 4K TV with Freeview – Silver

    So sony tvs still come with impenetrable naming conventions; kd49x8305cbu. In the range its towards the bottom of the 4k line; but the price reductions have mostly come by not supplying extras like the one flick voice control remote control and 3d glasses; both of which you can buy separately. The remote is quite expensive; but you can use a sony app – tv sideview on your phone that seems to do most of its features. Taking it from the box is likely a two person job the kd49x8305cbu isn’t heavy; coming in around 10kg but it is big. In the box is a ribbon shaped stand; which is easy to attach; and as you would expect the back of the tv has vesa mounting sockets so you can mount the tv to the wall. Also on the back are frankly the largest amount of connectors on a tv i have ever seen; 4 hdmi 2 composite, an rf for over the air, 2 satellite screw in sockets, ethernet (there is also wifi 2. 2 and 5ghz), optical out for audio, 3 usb socket, and unbelievably in 2015 a scart socket. The hdmi sockets are all side facing which lets you mount things closer to the wall. The ethernet and audio sockets are straight in though.
  5. Richard Mills

    This review is from : Sony KD-49X8307C 49-inch UltraHD Smart 4K TV with Freeview – Silver

    Great tv, marred by bugs and problems. . I should love this tv, however it has caused me many troubles, mostly seeming to stem from the bad android implementation of the tv. It won’t recognise hot-plugged hdmi inputs, it won’t accept streams from any of my media players, it refuses to screen mirror with my samsing galaxy tab4. , ffiv from google play was laggy and almost unplayable. Hopefully further system updates and patches to this new tv will help. I can only suggest waiting a year or two if you intend to buy one.
    1. Keats The Cat
      The most important thing with any tv has to be the ease of use and picture quality. Happily sony continue their tradition of supplying quality screens. Out of the box very little picture calibration was required. I just needed to turn up the black level from 50 to 55 and reduced the contrast enhancers to low. 95% of people will be happy with that i think. Of course you can tinker with loads of other settings if you’re a terminal tinkerer. The image is evenly lit and doesn’t suffer from what seem like dirty patches on the screen that my panasonic had. Definitely one of the better ones i’ve heard.
      1. Sam
        Phenomenal tv after the updates. There have been a lot of negative reviews around the internet for this tv and it gives an unfair view of how good this tv actually is. Almost all of the negative reviews are based around the android tv operating system or missing functions. This has since had 3 updates with a further one coming on 17th aug which have corrected most of the criticisms. As soon as i got the tv i plugged it in and immediately started the update process. Contrary to other reports, this only took 15 minutes. I have fibre so maybe other reviewers have slow internet?. The recent updates bring netflix, iplayer and significant performance enhancements. Pros-the tv itself looks great. The bezel is slim and has a nice brushed metal look.
    This sony kd-49x8305c 4k smart tv delivers where it really counts and that is in picture quality – it is superb. I found the out of the box setup reasonably straightforward although you’ll need a hand to fix the stand if you’re not wall mounting it (it is vesa mount ready). Below are the strengths and areas for improvement but, let me say, it’s not just my opinion, everyone who has seen the 4k picture has been wowed by it. . – the picture quality is top notch but doesn’t jump out at you with vivid colours and excessively high contrast etc. It is a great picture in a natural way. The strengths are the detail, colours and deep blacks which help the contrast plus the backlighting is perfectly even (unlike our older set). Also, the upscaling of hd programmes works really well and there’s a definite improvement in detail. – motion is well handled and there’s no smearing or lag thanks to the 800hz processing. – the physical design of the set is appealing. It’s ultra-slim and the stand is attractive plus high enough for most sound bars to be placed in front of the set. Even switched off this set looks good with a really narrow bezel and very slim profile. – the android operating system will seem second nature to you if you use an android phone. There’s plenty of scope for customisation plus android seems to lend it itself well to a tv operating system – we both love it.
    1. A P Britton
      Crystal clear picture with everything that you could ever need. Netflix in ultra hd is a must. I have mine linked with a sony blue-ray player, sony z2 experia and a playstation 4 and everything works perfectly. Setup was easy and the power usage for the size is unbelievably low. 5 star + + rating, i would give it a six if i could.
      1. Silver Surfer TOP 100 REVIEWER VINE VOICE
        Very high spec tv with a huge array of online services and good connectivity. Out of the box, the tv is imposing even against our current 40-inch sony. Powered up, it is far less slow to start up than would be a tablet or smartphone even though android now controls its operations. Freeview and freesat are both natively supported but you can also connect to sky, cable services etc. The top and side bezels are extremely narrow, just about 1cm; the bottom bezel is modest at about 3cm. Assembling the stand and mounting the tv to it is relatively simple and requires a philips screwdriver. There are 4 hdmi, 3 usb and the usual headphone sockets, all side-mounted as are the aerial and satellite/cable input sockets. Displayport, svga or other solely computer-specific connections are not provided. All operations are via the remote, even power. If you wished to connect to a pc or laptop to utilise its large 4k screen, you would need to use hdmi.

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