Sony KDL-40W705C Smart Full HD 1080p 40-inch TV – Mostly excellent

Bought this for my study so not the main family tv. It was easy to set up, and the picture is good. I mainly use it to stream movies from the internet and as i have a very fast broadband connection it is fine. I have connected both hdmi and scart devices and they all worked well. The only minor annoyance is that when it boots up it remembers what connection you last used and assumes that. If you want to change to another connection it takes up to 30 seconds before it allows you to change. In this day and age when we are all impatient some finds this irritating.

This tv has really impressed me after using it for around a month. The sound quality is not remotely ‘tinny’ and it provides crisp, clear bass. As can be expected from tv speakers, they are not the best in the world but they are very good. The picture quality is fantastic and my tv arrived without any obvious dead pixels. If you want the android features, this is not the tv for you, but i can’t see the appeal of those anyway. The sony-created os running on here is more than adequate for what i use the tv for. I run all smart features through my games console rather than directly through the tv itself. The smart features can be a bit slow, but this is expected unless you are running a quad-core processor in your tv. Overall, i would highly recommend this tv for anyone that will be using it for games consoles or for hooking up directly to a pc via hdmi.

I downsized from a 40″ samsung to this. The best part is how little input lag this has. I connected my pc and just by moving the mouse pointer around i could tell there was no more input lag than on a pc monitor. Even in game mode with the ps4 (game mode doesn’t turn off all picture processing) there is no noticeable lag and it looks absolutely stunning. The level of detail it brings out compared to my old samsung is incredible. It was a thrill loading up all my games and seeing them as they were meant to appear. The improvement in detail compared to my old samsung is like the difference between 900p and 1080p. Pretty dramatic although it does lead to some shimmering but on balance well worth it.

This is an amazing high quality tv. Its looks stunning in any living room with its sleek design. It has and amazingly easy set up process. The colours are the most accurate on any televison model that i know of.

  • Worth considering
  • Satellite Tuner a Bonus!
  • these new Sony Tv’s with their VA panels exhibit superior blacks with better contrast
  • Best TV for gaming. Great for TV also.
  • Great except for the whole motionflow thing.
  • Great Picture and Feature Rich

Sony KDL-40W705C Smart Full HD 1080p 40-inch TV

  • X-Reality Pro: Experience high picture quality
  • Smart TV: Watch what you want, when you want. Catch-up TV, films and TV series on demand, YouTube and more
  • Slim design: The elegant slim design seamlessly blends into any living room, even when mounted on the wall
  • Motionflow XR 200 Hz: Reduced blur and judder. Smoother images, whatever you watch
  • One-Flick entertainment: Control your TV with intuitive interface. Easily flick through TV, personal or Internet content using the optional One-Flick touchpad remote

Before you send yourself mad trying to customise the picture, check that your terrestrial aerial lead is ‘sound’. After three days thinking other reviewers were suffering from blurred vision – because i couldn’t get the ghosting lines out of faces – i happened to put in a new co-axial cable. . Clear enhancement across standard definition channels (when using factory settings + reality option) – and little mermaid on dvd makes a real splash too.

Great tv – seamlessly connects to the wifi so i can access netflix, iplayer and the various other apps that you can save to your app screen. I bought the connecting sound base with mine so i’ve not actually used the volume on the tv at all but they go together peaches and cream.

Great except for the whole motionflow thing. . Firstly, i got this tv for gaming and movies. For those needs, it meets them very nicely from what i’m seeing. I cant really compare it to other tvs since my last one was a goodmans tv that is so old that you can still plug a super nintendo or mega drive into it. Anyhow, my main gripe is the supposed motionflow. Now i am not the most knowledgable person out there when it comes to tvs, however this tv doesn’t seem to use motionflow in the traditional sense. ] a sony community representitive responded to someone elses grievance regarding another tv model and said the following “this model of television has a setting that reduces motion blur, but it is not called “motionflow”, rather it is called “led motion mode”. ” there is a difference between the two. This model doesn’t seem have frame interpolation motion processing, (which addss extra frames into the video to make it look smother and give it to opera effect).

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  1. Size: 40-inch Verified Purchase
    Very pleased with prompt delivery. The television is good quality.
  2. Size: 40-inch Verified Purchase

    This review is from : Sony KDL-40W705C Smart Full HD 1080p 40-inch TV

    Excellent tv, missing a few apps tho’. Excellent picture and sound, great wifi connectivity. Only gave it 4 stars for the lack of ‘freeview’ stations. There’s no itv, channel 4, e4 or now tv if you’re using this as a broadband only smart tv. For the price though it’s great, and we might connect a now tv box in the future.
    1. Size: 40-inch Verified Purchase
      Exactly what i wanted – behaves as expected of sony, just the job.
      1. Size: 48-inch Verified Purchase
        Phenominall unit , quality is unmatched fir the price. . Amazing product absolutely over the moon with the quality at hand,have seen other reviews regarding this unit and for some strange reason people have been pretty dry regarding the operating system and featureswell i must say im seriously delighted with everything the tv does and the features it has it, my net is fibre optic and the tv shows no delays or lag while using any of the software installed.
  3. Size: 32-inch Verified Purchase
    Slim, light, great picture and decent sound quality, netflix embedded too.
    1. Size: 32-inch Verified Purchase
      I have this tv for over 2 months now, very happy with it overall. The stand out thing for definite is the picture quality, if you want a great full hd picture this tv is perfect. However although the smart tv function is there it’s not very usable, i found it to be slow and laggy but i didn’t buy it for those features as i have an external set top box anyway. Pros——–the picture is crystal cleargood soundsatellite & terrestrial tuners built inplenty of hdmi portscons——–after power on the menus and features can take a minute to start-upsmart tv function not great, very laggy.
      1. Size: 32-inch Verified Purchase
        Especially the great picture quality. Just what was wanted, especially the great picture quality.
  4. Size: 40-inch Verified Purchase
    Light as a feather and superb sound with tons of great features for a fair price, very happy with this tv.
    1. Size: 32-inch Verified Purchase
      But the tv was in perfect condtion with a great picture. Got a discount as the package was damaged, but the tv was in perfect condtion with a great picture. Has had a lot of use this winter.
      1. Size: 40-inch Verified Purchase
        I have persevered with it and so far there has been no further occurrence the sound is pretty much the same as all new slimline. The jury’s out at present on this one,only had it a couple of weeks and it rebooted itself on several occasions for no apparent reason during the first couple of days on first switch on it checked to see if there were any firmware updates available but there were none,i also checked sony website but sure enough it has the latest version so that was not the cause. I have persevered with it and so far there has been no further occurrencethe sound is pretty much the same as all new slimline tv today ie not very good hence why soundbars have become so popular. I already have a sound system that works fine but unfortunately again like most new tv’s there is no analog out other than the headphone socket only opttical. I tried to use the audio out from the scart socket via scart to rca adapter but that only gives sound when watching from the freeview tuner not from external sources. I also tried an optical to analog converter but that produced really low output so at the moment i am having to use the headphone socket which means unplugging one or the other depending what i want to usethe picture quality on default settings is hideous,after tweaking with the settings i have now got a pretty good picture across all viewing sources which have differing sd and hd quality. Other than the catch up tv and youtube have found most of the other apps useless and or require a subscription of some kind. Connectivity wise it has 4 hdmi 1 with mhl and 1 with arc support,2 usb ports 1 with hdd recording support, 1 scart socket,optical audio out,component video and audio inputs from memory think thats all of them. With respect to hdd recording the first usb hard drive i plugged in caused a pop up on screen message requiring that the hdd be registered before use,i said go on then and the next message said all data on the hdd will be deleted so i very quickly said you can fffff right off as it has loads of stuff on there that i want to keep. Interestingly at some later point i plugged in a memory stick and the pop message never appeared so will have to experiment further with that when i have time.
  5. Size: 40-inch Verified Purchase
    The technology behind it is amazing. The only two problems that i found is the tv has limited apps and you cannot access many video from the internet.

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