Sony KDL40EX403U – Good all rounder

The tv is great the finest tv i have experienced would propose it to everyone there is only 2 downsides. There should really be a developed in wi-fi unit as a substitute of sony attempting to get you to purchase just one ( i am just likely to get me a ethernet cable. There was a fist sized gap in the box when it was deliverd. Other than people two items the tv was fantastic & if you can run a ps3 menu you will have this tv up and managing in no time at all.

I ordered this tv at the weekend and following our very first several days of use i can actually say that i love it. I’ve carried out a lot of analysis and resolved on a brief record of types but absolutely nothing can compare to actually standing in front of a bunch of tvs and observing the photograph quality. This was by significantly the very best picture in our cost selection. The make quality is outstanding and the impression high quality is superb, specifically for the cost. Try to remember that you do get what you pay for so you will never get the exact photograph as you would if you were being paying out £1000+ but for each day use and hd playback it can be wonderful. The internet facet of points is a terrific characteristic. Streaming content material from youtube is good but it will not stream the hd content material from youtube, so with any luck , that will appear in a upcoming update. Total i’m seriously delighted with the photograph and establish high quality. It is outstanding, so substantially so that my siblings have each bought particularly the identical design.

Following a little bit of internet analysis and a trip to the nearby tv store, this tv was the a person advisable for our selling price selection and measurement. The supply was prompt and the conversation for amazon up to their ordinary higher conventional. The tv was very uncomplicated to set up and has loads ports for all of the peripherals. The on display menus are quick to use and incredibly intuitive. I applied an ethernet connection to the modem which negated the will need for the dongle, it couldn’t have been a lot easier. This authorized obtain to the bbc iplayer, youtube and other on line access which is outstanding. The paper manual that comes with the tv is basic. The inbuilt i-manual is in considerably far more depth and pretty easy to navigate with reasonable menus. The photo top quality is excellent.

Key specs for Sony Bravia KDL40EX403U 40-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LCD Internet TV with Freeview HD:

  • High Definition at a comfortably low price
  • Watch subscription free, High Definition TV with Freeview HD built in
  • Access YouTube™ and Catch Up TV with BRAVIA® Internet Video
  • Enjoy full High Definition 1080p picture quality
  • Easily connect to Blu-ray players, games consoles and more via 4 HDMI and BRAVIA® Sync

Comments from buyers

“More than just a TV!!, A Value for money TV to suit your budget, Great TV, DLNA Perfect & BBC iPlayer IS Definitely Coming!!, Great Quality Television, Good, but not perfect, Excellent value for money.”

Only had the tv working day but what a buy£400 is a steal. The tv has fantastic specs – four hdmi ports, usb slot, ethernet connection. Brilliant sound, image is perfect (primarily with blu-ray & ps3). Picure alternatives are presently preset if you can not be bothered with setting your possess – vivid is a superior established-up fo significant-res movies/video games. Stand is straightforward to set-up, will take about five mins (seven screws). Linked it to my computer yesterday and picture is fantastic, minimal pixelation from vga link. Connecting to the website specifically is a piece of cake. Basically plug-in in ethernet or your wi-fi dongle (would not have to be sony’s model) and you’re prepared to go. Could not advocate really sufficient,a amazing order.

At £399, receiving a 40-inch tv was exceptional worth for money. The photograph is very good, fairly refined, and may just take some finding used to in comparison to the more garish illustrations or photos on display screen in the dealers’ windows. I have a computer completely related and use that to bridge the ethernet from the tv to property wi-fi, and the streaming from e. The iplayer will work as expected. I can also stream nevertheless illustrations or photos from the house pcs, films may have to have to be in the mt2s (avchd) structure. All the marketed features do the job, while it may possibly have been awesome to have a right printed guide – the a single supplied only covers the least specifics about setting up. I downloaded the html guide and check out it on my ipad, although there is an on-display screen handbook. Equally hd and sd pictures from freeview screen quite very well, and of study course, on a 40-inch display screen you can actually see the difference (viewing from ~2. There may be slight interlace-induced mistakes on some up-converted materials (commonly static shots), and there is slight movement-blurring on /some/ product, but this just isn’t a £800 set with the 100hz frame level. Immediately after a couple of week’s use, i am even far more delighted with the images from this tv. I found that the theatre manner was somewhat warm, and learned that by default it appears to be established to a color temperature of ‘warm 2’. I reset that that to ‘normal’ for all (i.

Very simple and fashionable. . As this was my very first lcd tv, i did really a little bit of research just before i purchased this. I obtained it yesterday and must say im really, quite satisfied. I was preparing to get the forty two-inch lg42ld450 which had a number of constructive assessments, but when amazon introduced the rate down of this established to 399 lbs . which was way too good to overlook. My friend owns the lg pointed out earlier mentioned and it appears a bit far too huge for a standard dimension dwelling area and to be good it does not render sd as nicely as they say it would in those opinions and it seems to be low-cost with individuals shiny plastic edges. This sony is conveniently the most practical in its vary with internet tv, 2 scart and four hdmi ports. It seems pretty fashionable and unquestionably needs additional respect than an lg. But the lg is much slimmer than this one. Location up was incredibly easy, as for some unfavorable remarks about this not currently being fantastic for gaming, i am not a gamer so i wouldnt comment on that. But for an normal consumer this tv is packed with capabilities and wouldnt enable you down.

One thought on “Sony KDL40EX403U – Good all rounder

  1. AF

    This review is from : Sony Bravia KDL40EX403U 40-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LCD Internet TV with Freeview HD

    4 years going strong still. . Had this tv for 4 years exactly and its still working like new and its still very much up to date with modern technology. Has internet functions and all the needed inputs that todays smart tvs have. It was either ahead of the game or technology hasnt progressed much. Besides 3d and 4k of course but thats a different price bracket. As smart tvs go this is very much as adequate as the newer models. I will replace soon as i think 4-5 years is good run for a tv and i want to get a good price for it while its still working well. But sony is where its at for durability.
    1. Mr. R. J. Walsh
      But the sound can be poor between dvd player/ps3. The sound effects/music is good but the dialogue is not great. You have to turn it up for dialogue and reduce the volume for music/sound effects. Annoying when watching movies. I have played around with the settings and to no effect. The picture is great though.
      1. John Walton
        Fantastic television at a fantastic price. . I am so impressed with this television it has met every expectation i was hoping for in buying a new tv. Plugging an network cable in the back of it and into your router puts this tv into a completely different world. With the built in i-player application, you can catch up on tv you may have missed, watch films on demand through the film applications and my personal favourite you can watch youtube clips directly through your tv. (you can buy a dongle for it to make it wireless at about £70)the picture quality is brilliant and putting through devices such as sky hd ps3 and xbox 360 through hdmi cables, i don’t think that the quality can be faulted. It is an incredible picture. The sound is very reasonable although could be a little less tinny. I put my sound through external speakers so it doesn’t really affect me. I also really like the navigation of the menus, the remote is brilliant and really easy to use. When using the internet features, the remote almost doubles up as a keyboard turning the numbers into letters for ease to type. The only minor thing i could say that is slightly irritating is the length of time it takes to turn on. It turns on relatively fast but there is usually a 7-10 second delay before the menu becomes available to navigate. Not really a problem tho as once you are in, the menus are very quick and smooth. It really is fantastic value at this price.
  2. Samantha Briggs

    This review is from : Sony Bravia KDL40EX403U 40-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LCD Internet TV with Freeview HD

    This tv is brilliant, can do everything the description stated, exactly as described, only downfall is having to buy an adaptor for the wireless internet, would have been better to have as part of package and pay a little more for it to save having to go and get one, excellent delivery, no problems, will use again if and when needed.
    1. BB
      This is simply the best value for your money. You get everything you need: hd freeview, usb connectivity, wireless internet access. Perfect for film watching with its true cinema and the contrast of the imagery is great. Youtube access is an amazing perk. Very highly recommended unless unless you are prepared to pay pretty much double the money.
      1. D. A. Bowyer
        Bravia new world secured at a bargain price. I was looking to upgrade from my 32-inch, hd ready, freeview hitachi lcd television. Affording me an upgrade in all departments this sony bravia boasted 40-inch, full hd, freeview hd, and internet tv. More connections than you could reasonably shake even the most advanced of sticks at. Rather than looking though the box for manuals and setup guides describing the details of the features and connections simply sit back and switch on the tv and browse the in-built imanual using the remote control simply inspired. Freeview hd is a bit of a yawn offering just 4 hd channels over-and-above the standard definition freeview offerings but i am glad it was embedded in this tv none-the-less. With 4 hdmi, 2 scart, component video, composite video, vga, usb2, and an ethernet connection, this tv should exhaust the list of gadgets that you may need to connect in even most technology-packed living rooms. The usb2 can be used to connect media directly or sacrificed as a direct connection for a dongle allowing the tv to connect to your local network wirelessly. The picture quality is faultless and look of the tv is very pleasing i am completely satisfied with the tv and would recommend it gladly to anyone. I purchased through amazon warehouse as an open box – used/like new condition the discount afforded was substantial and the condition was as described and i could not imagine a new tv looking any better than the one i received.
  3. tracy
    Fantastic value for money was rather dubious about ordering an item that was not new. When it arrived it was as good as new and was delivered super fast. Would definitely buy more tvs like this. I am now on the look out for one for my bedroom.
    1. Hazel Jones
      Sony bravia 40 inch sold as new but with damaged packaging. Delivery as promised, but no accompanying paperwork from amazon. Also no batteries for remote control. However, these are small criticisms. It took a visit from my son before i could get started with it as the set up instructions did not work for me. I have not used all the facilities the tv is capable of, but very happy with tv, record, digital camera and satellite tv. Will try to learn how to use all the other possibilities in time. The manual is not always clear to someone in their 70s with limited technical expertise.
      1. D. Iddon
        For the price i paid, i genuinely believe this tv cannot be beaten at present. The clarity is perfect, and the wealth of options means that there is always something to suit the viewing experience you require. The internet tv is a really nice feature, however, it was slightly disappointing to find that out-of-the-box the tv doesn’t come wirelessly equipped. This is fine if you have a wired setup for your home network, however, if you’re looking for wireless capability, a seperate add-on is required. Still, the tv comes with an ethernet port, so complaints are few. The bravia sync feature is a real help and saves having to pick up more than 1 remote to put on a blu-ray via the ps3. Overall, to get freeview hd, internet tv, bravia sync and the wealth of options (not to mention 3 hdmi ports), this tv is certainly top of the range in its price bracket.
  4. Dave R

    This review is from : Sony Bravia KDL40EX403U 40-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LCD Internet TV with Freeview HD

    After owning this tv for a week now i can honestly say it was well worth the money paid. Picture quality is excellent, easy to use and set up. The only little problem i had with this model was the sound quality from the tv’s own speakers, the sound does’nt have any guts behind it unlike like the sony plasma tv i had before it, but if you are hooking it up to an amp/receiver like i am then forget that little nagging point as it really wont matter, sound quality will be great. The bravia sync works a treat and works very well with my laptop via hdmi, although iv not set up the internet tv over the wifi yet as it requiers a sony wifi dongle (expect to pay around £70 for this) or an ethernet connection is requiered. Or you always purchase a comtrend powerline ethernet adapter with filter which is wot ill be doing which would also have the same effect. This tv is an absolute winner, a real bargin for the price, i am a very satisfied customer.
    1. Amazon Customer
      Bought the sonly 40ex403 over the christmas period and over the last few months it has really lived up to expectations. Internet content is limited so will not be investing in a wi-fi dongle but may use homeplugs later to just connect with a cable. Sound quality seems just fine, not much to complain. Sky hd pictures are just great but standard definition is not that good and overall pictures are a little softer than some of the other models but minor issues when compared with the overall package. Would recommend as a good buy.
  5. Jack Percival VINE VOICE

    This review is from : Sony Bravia KDL40EX403U 40-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LCD Internet TV with Freeview HD

    Crisp picture, excellent quality and web features. Our second sony bravia tv, was even more impressed with this one than the first one with the additional features being an added bonus on top of an already great tv. Packed with freeview hd channels displayed in and easy to read program guide and an excellent remote this tv is easy to navigate and provides a good number of sockets on the rear for plugging in all your gadgets including a number of hdmi, component and other plugs. The internet enabled features in the uk (once you have connected the tv) enable you to currently watch bbc iplayer and five on demand amongst others. Whilst i hope to see more content providers in the future the current ones display more than i would ever be able to watch. There are only a few problems with this television that i would be wary of. The first is the long channel changing time and the lack of a switch button, which was present on previous sony bravia televisions. This means that switching the channel takes nearly 10 seconds via the guide while it loads or nearly 3 seconds if you know the channel number, while this doesn’t seem a long term you’ll quickly realise its annoying if you like to watch several things at once. The exclusion of a standby button is also something of a mystery, meaning that to take the tv off standby you have to turn it off at the wall every evening, something which is slightly annoying. The final thing to watch out for if you want the tv to connect to the internet wirelessly is that either you have to use the official sony dongle or (as i have) purchasing a cheap access point such as the tp-link tl-wa701nd and connecting via the ethernet port, it may be more difficult to set up but is certainly worth the cost saving.
    1. Jaz
      All round great tv, very happy with it. Having deliberated long and hard over which tv to get, i have been delighted with this choice. I had actually resolved to get a 36″, but when i actually took the boyfriend shopping to view different sets in person, as is typical, he persuaded me to get the bigger screen, and i’m glad we did. In a day or two we were used to it, it no longer looked so large, and i would not go back.He also persuaded me towards the sony, although i favoured panasonic, but the addition of internet tv for the money was enough to sway me. My boyfrind plays his xbox with hdmi cable on it, and trust me, call of duty has never looked to good. The difference in graphics is awesome. The internet tv functionality it great. We watch bbc iplayer on it all the time, so much less hassle than linking it up through the laptop.
  6. OB1

    This review is from : Sony Bravia KDL40EX403U 40-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LCD Internet TV with Freeview HD

    Very pleased with this television. I bought this tv seconds before christmas day so benefited from a lower price particularly with sony’s vat back offer. Therefore purchased at a price that has not been repeated. I have a quality television that i can watch while using the epg – something that was only previously possible when using a set-top box. The internet aspects of this television creates an entirely new viewing experience unfortunately when viewing youtube you’re pretty much stuck with the poor quality of the original upload and unlike the pc youtube experience the television does not link or line up successive parts of uploads in a convenient fashion. This television is not perfect as it has a couple of annoying features that i have been unable to overcome; firstly, television makes a sound anytime channels are changed or features accessed – you get it on start up, changing channels and going through the menu. Secondly, the remote control sensor requires a particularly good aim as the sensor appears to be rather narrow. For example, if my daugter stands in front of the left hand side of the television it renders the remote control inoperative. This is certainly the best television i have ever owned and provides a brilliant hd experience when viewing blu-ray.
  7. Dave

    This review is from : Sony Bravia KDL40EX403U 40-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LCD Internet TV with Freeview HD

    I also had a similar one before a sony 37w5500 i think?. The pictures seem to be of similar sharpness & quality. Setup is very straight forward, even getting internet tv. I was hoping to pick up some freeview hd channels but it didnt. I am guessing that they are not being broadcast in the kent area yet. In my opinion i got the tv for an excellent price so i am also happy with the seller. It said that there were some markings.
    1. Gj Carlton
      Very good television the price was very reasonable. I thank you for your very good customer service and will be buying goods again from your company in the future.

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