Sony KDL46HX853BU – 55HX853 marvel

Bought this final week to replace a 40′ sony set. 55′ will take a very little receiving utilised to, it definitely is a focal place. However it swiftly turns into normalised on your wall, i have wall mounted mine, irrespective of staying a large established, it is just about flush to the wall, so seems as discrete as it can. I have mine hooked up to a respectable 3d capable av receiver, and for that reason have no issues with the seem. A tv set of this size must unquestionably be hooked up to a suitable set up relatively than count on the meagre speaker system it occur with. So i’m not going to downgrade the mark as some other individuals have due to the fact of that. Now onto the main rationale for buying, the image. Basically the best picture for the income out there at the moment, probably the samsung es8000 is the only set with a slightly superior image, but that is c. £1k moremotion additionally is unobtrusive and productive, i set up mine with the calibrated settings (effortless to obtain in the world-wide-web) but observed it was a little far too dark for my tastes, i just improved the brightness by 10, and i find the picture substantially simpler on the eye now.

This is a excellent tv, offering great benefit for money. For an edge lit led it is about as great as you will come across for the rate. The default configurations need some tuning, but im extremely content with the impression high-quality. There is only minimal clouding and black definition is very good. Obvious and distinct furthermore are fantastic for athletics as they negate pretty much all of the terrible processing outcomes. Onboard seem is typical at ideal, but including a first rate pair of laptop speakers is effortless as there is a basic three. 5mm line out by way of ‘headphones’. The bonus is that the television can handle this volume via the remote immediately, not like my very last toshiba 55 inch. Exterior speakers advisable.

Holy mother of the television gods. It mainly sends all other screens in the identical rate bracket to the corner of shame. There is practically nothing else i can increase that will emphasise just how great it is. There is a ‘simulate 3d’ functionality which makes an attempt to interpret 2nd into 3d, really enjoyment for video games these as battlefield but not something like legitimate 3d by a prolonged shot. I really recommend despicable me (blu-ray 3d) as a very good value and highly entertaining family movie for demonstrating off the tv. The 3d is used definitely nicely during with some pretty unforgettable scenes.  tron legacy is also a cracking 3d title.

Key specs for (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

  • See the best possbile detail in vibrant, real-life colours thanks to our advanced picture technology.
  • The sleek stand doubles as a home theatre system for sound with added oomph.
  • Choose from a huge selection of instant entertainment – catch up TV, sport, whole TV series & the latest films.
  • immerse yourself in the world of 3D
  • one sheet of gorilla glass contained in a sleek monolith stand.

Comments from buyers

“Great family TV (a non-technical review from a procrastinator), Great TV, but don’t let it fall over! – get the iPhone App!, Sony KDL46HX853 46-inch 3D with home cinema stand, Amazing piece of technology, I may mention the word quality a few times, Outstanding picture!”

I was deliberating among this 1 and the 753 design and as i could not see much difference involving the two aside from a £300 rate difference i plumped for the 753 product, admittedly i ordered it from john lewis, then i arrived throughout additional data that this product was vastly outstanding in photograph quality so i straight away cancelled the 753 and tried out to buy this from john lewis but alas they do not inventory it any a lot more because of to new types currently being produced this spring so i resolved to purchase from amazon as i have constantly been happy with and protected in the understanding they are one of the greatest for replacements/consumer service and many others if something should be amiss. I was considerably miffed i experienced to acquire a individual warranty getting from amazon as john lewis delivers their personal free 5yr one particular. I only get prolonged warranties for an highly-priced purchase such as this which should last numerous a long time. In any case, this magnificence arrived pretty rapidly and was quite easy to set-up on its incorporated stand. The 6 diploma tilt backwards i was worried about prior to ordering but i have not seen the tilt whatsoever so it is not a problem for me as i thought it could possibly be. I was also not eager on the shiny display screen, i are unable to stand reflections on tv’s. Luckily it hasn’t been way too a great deal of an situation, the only time i’ve noticed a reflection is seeing in the night with a dim lamp upcoming to me with the rest of the place in the dark. I can see a bit of the lamp reflected in the display screen but it is not a big issue to resolve, i will just need to move the lampcoming from a 32′ hd ready sony bravia that i have had approx 7yrs, the 46′ at first looked substantial.Inside of a couple of times it now appears to be far more usual in my area.

Having owned a selection of lcd / led tv’s, i was basically surprised by this tv. The image quality applying freeview high definition is breathtaking. Audio is surprisingly fantastic for a flatscreen. On-demand from customers providers have all the usual suspects (bbc iplayer, you tube, and so forth). Getting looked at the numerous rivals (samsung, panasonic, etc), i am so glad we went for this a single.

The 55inch variation very last weekend from my local sony shop (appear on amazon continue to keep up with the very best doable discounts) got a cost-free bluray player s490 and a five 12 months warranty 6 blurays and i can send off for the james bond boxset and spiderman trilogy and the new spiderman in 3d for £1399 inc supply. But the marketing position for me is the truely wonderful picture , freeview hd appears wonderful and even the usual channels are quite ,extremely fantastic contemplating the monitor dimensions, and blurays glimpse spectacular. Only draw back are the remote controls a little bit old fashioned,but the t. V style and design won,t be heading out of fashion whenever soon it appears to be fab, 3d. Not truly fascinated but the energetic eyeglasses are on offer you at the moment that,s probley since sony are likely passive this year. V with awesome picture good quality it,s a good offer.

One thought on “Sony KDL46HX853BU – 55HX853 marvel

  1. Rich
    Plenty of hdmi ports, hdmi-cec so xbmc works perfectly on my raspberry pi. Iplayer and 5od work fine, it’s a shame there’s no option for c4 or itv. Picture quality is so far ahead of my previous samsung. Startup time is a _little_ slow, but really not that bad. The stand tilting back the monitor is a little odd but you get used to it, it seems worse at wider viewing angles. Having it lean backwards is comforting with young children trying to smack it.
    1. Jacob
      This tv is just mind blowing. Gorgeous design and internet functions i dont even know how to use yet. But watching stuff in hd and 3d blows your mind. Its thin and teh colours brightness etc are top notch. Combined with sony surround system it just blows everyone away.

    This review is from : (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    Always buy sony never let me down the new tv is very good so if you thinking of getting a new tvthen have a good look at sony 1st.
  3. tj

    This review is from : (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    Amazing picture but sound is a little thin. Bought this tv last christmas as a treat to myself and the picture is simply outstanding. You really notice the difference between standard definition and high definition, blacks are black and colours really pop from the screen. The sound from the tv bar is acceptable, however i purchased a bose solo unit and the sound difference is remarkable. I’m delighted with my purchase and would recommend the above combination for those of you who have a reasonable sized lounge. Too large a space and you’ll need to invest in a different sound system, but for a normal house this works great.
  4. Mr Mark Beeston

    This review is from : (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    Very pleased with tv – picture quality excellent. Speaker quality not bad for a 3d lcd tvafter much searching on internet, very happy with tv but price could havebeen better as found much better price at richersounds but had no stockand would be getting no more.
      Built like a tank the picture quality is where this tv excels. I was a little concerned that the ’tilting back’ would be an issue but this apparently is common with all sony tvs but i can safely report that you will not notice it in use. I can’t really say anything more than what’s already been said in various highly rated reviews.
  5. R. H. Fyffe

    This review is from : (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    I always wanted a sony television and have recommended them to friends and family but each time i went to buy a new set i would spot a great review of another manufacturer then go for that. This time all the reviews pointed to the hx853 series and so i went for it through amazon for convenience and the ease of returns. At first i was shocked by the size, previous samsung was only 42″ but the sony is slim, elegant and incredibly good looking so although the screen is wider it appears to take up less physical space and looks so much better than its predecessor. That said, having had 55″ i would not go back down the scale unless forced since the extra screen space is a boon. Setting up was simple, took bt vision at the same time and added a sony blu ray to the package, all 3 tuned themselves in automatically and the set itself is so sensitive i immediately managed lots more freeview channels even without bt. The sound is fine for me, previous set played through the wifi but no need on this one as it is loud enough and of good stereo reproduction. No doubt surround sound is better but that is extra money and wires so not for now. Lastly picture quality, lots of reviews have went into great detail on this but all i can say is wow, the detail, colours, vibrancy and contrast are spectacular and at times in hd it is like looking out of a window. Watching wildlife hd films is nothing short of amazing and makes the investment worthwhile on its own.
    1. VCNY
      Gorgeous even before you turn it on. . Apple like treatment on the panel glass extending to the edge where it bonds with aluminium makes this tv gorgeous, über high quality feel. Picture and technicals are great. But sony as an os and web experience has a long way to go. The integrated speaker / stand is a beautiful piece but audio is rather poor so ideal to link with a sound system.
      1. The Good Guy
        The pro’s — looks fantastic. – sd & hd pictures look insane. – motion is handled flawlessly. – 3d isn’t fantastic but its still fairly good. – lots of connections and ports on the back of the unit. – the freeview tv guide is clear and responsive. It allows you to continue watching your programme. – lots of appsthe cons — using any app/tv catch up programme on the sen feels like a chore. There is a lot of lag when typing and flicking through the menu’s. – small amounts of light bleed in the bottom right corner. Only noticeable when its dark. – whilst the 3d picture is great, when viewing 3d text there is a lot of double imaging.
  6. SlySimon
    After sony’s lacklustre offerings of late they are back on top. I replaced my old lg as i wanted to put it in the bedroom and decided to treat myself to something a little bigger for the living room. Yes, you can get 3d smart tv’s for a lot less money, but you get what you pay for. Stunning motion, even under the fastest action and panning shots. Fantastic detail and colour.
    1. G Craig
      Great picture, easy to set up, resonable sound without additional av amp or soundbar. Built in wifi and good menus gave easy access to i player etc.
  7. Big John

    This review is from : (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    Brilliant, brilliant, every body must have one of these. . My wife and i ummed and ard as to wether we should spend the money on this product as we are on a limited income as pensioners. We are so glad we did, it is fantastic, easy to fix yourself with basic tools for wall fitting. And useing our pvr-9300t humax, the set was up and running the same day as delivery. This 3d tv is amazing, if you’ve got the money?. Buy it, you will not be dissapointed. You may need someone with cable knowledge to extend the neccesary cables.
  8. Kev

    This review is from : (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    Bought this when my previous sony expired. Looked at the reviews both here and in magazines and decided this was the one to buy. Delivery was prompt and tv was soon up and running. Just about managable to assemble with ony one person, but straight forward. Picture quality excellent and no problems with the sound. Some reviewers had issues with the sound, but made sure i selected the sound bar as the sound output when setting up the tv and all seems to be fine.
  9. Mr Mark P Bennett

    This review is from : (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    I think there are areas for improvement, especially in the face of the competition. But this tv has the best picture of any led tv currently on the market. The lack of itv player and 4od are annoying.
  10. Reader

    This review is from : (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    Really good but not quite perfect. I’ve always liked sony tvs and this one has an excellent picture from all sources – tv/sky/blu-ray – with strong blacks and good contrast – at least as good as my now retired panasonic plasma. I prefer it to the highly-rated samsung tvs which i find too bright and digital looking. The menu system is a little bit too complex and counter-intuitive, but does have lots of options for fine tuning the picture. Having said that, and after lots of fiddling about, i find the default settings strike the best balance, at least to my eyes. Downsides are that the viewing angle is a little narrow, and there is a very slight magenta cast to the picture that is noticeable in some very specific circumstances (dark scenes with heavily graded flesh tones, if you must know). The screen is very reflective, but the 6 degree backward tilt of the stand mitigates this somewhat. The sound, like most tvs of this type, is pretty feeble so i have had to get a soundbar to beef it up a bit (which is a whole other world of pain). And being a “smart” tv it does seem to take 30 seconds or so to get going before it’s possible to access the menu system. Overall, a really good tv but not quite perfect.

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