Sony KDL48W585BBU X-Reality Pro 48-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD Smart LED TV, Easy to set up, with amazing features

Top rated quaility photograph excellent interactivity options. . This is an fantastic tv with suburb picture high quality and excellent audio. This most recent design sony tv is a smart tv which means it has access to a significant selection of apps for interactive expert services linked to the net. Amongst these are the evident iplayer, you tube, amazon key, and netflix providers. Many other not so evident decisions as properly as basic web accessibility and facebook. Placing the tv up intially is really straight ahead and largely automated. There is an information and facts button on the manage which takes you to internet pages of facts to allow you to make the most of this tv. Image good quality is really really fantastic. Awesome clear contracts and fantastic blacks and whites as nicely as the colors. I viewed ‘batman returns’ on bluray as a exam and was incredibly delighted with the good quality which was significantly top-quality to my preceding liquid crystal display tv which is only 5 several years old.

Acquired this monitor size after selecting i needed to shift to a much larger monitor dimensions i previously owned a sony kdl40w605b a outstanding tv as very well but a small on the smaller aspect. This tv yet again signifies great top quality and value for revenue. The hd photo top quality is basically amazing for the cost and sd is upscaled fairly nicely for a huge screen. Colour contrast and black amount are all quite impressive. Just after i had it shipped i viewed an episode of the mother nature programme africa it was pretty satisfying and seriously displays the opportunity of this tv. I experience the smart tv is high-quality it doesnt have 4od or itv player but i have a now tv box to include these. Some have reported the stand is flimsy but its suitable for a light tv like this and im delighted with it. The satellite tuner isnt freesat but as it has a now and subsequent tv guide it can beused for recording by using the hdd usb slot and offers really a couple much more extra channels. All in all a exceptional tv for top quality worth and capabilities its photo top quality wont be bettered for the price tag and i would not wait in reccomending it.

I acquired this tv after acquiring to deliver back again a samsung that only lasted 4 days ahead of sound & photo challenges. I have a sony 37′ 7 yrs previous now & ought to have stayed loyal. This 48′ is up to date & has a actually excellent photograph although you may possibly have to have to order a sound bar as the speakers are very typical, as for the web dont think that you will be equipped to ‘surf’ as when typing in a web site handle all i saved receiving was ‘not plenty of memory’ which manufactured it unuseableall in all a very excellent tv that i hope will give me the very same amont of reliabilty as my aged sonytherefore i would suggest this set if you just want to observe tv, youtube, filx, and so on.

  • Happy. although does take 20 secs to boot up
  • Superb sony quality
  • Quite possibly the best thing I own
  • A pretty smart, smart TV
  • Sony at it’s best

In addition to other reviewers responses, other fantastic points about this tv that i found relevant and satisfying are the adhering to: subtitles are simply chosen from the distant: freesat is in hd: freesat has subtitles: freesat plans are tuned-in in the standard order (e. G bbc1 is first on the list, then bbc2 and many others. The headphone socket can be managed to be possibly on or off at the exact same time as the speakers: the audio set-up has a voice strengthen management. However, freesat will not have teletext (something to do with the truth that the satellite receiver is not a dedicated freesat system). I as well assumed that the stand screws ended up missing and i experienced to go and come across replacements, but on tidying up the packaging i discovered that they ended up in a separate little cellophane bag sellotaped to the outdoors of the substantial polythene bag that had held the tv and were being quite easily disregarded. Very happy with the tv total.

Exceptional value for income, if a substantial, attractive, reputable smart tv is what you are wanting for, you’ve got observed it. Looked around at pretty a few unique possibilities to improve from our previous, forty two inch busch tv. Ultimately determined to give this one particular a whirl and was not disappointed. Superb photo good quality, when related to first rate internet it is lightning speedy to download items, streaming is from netflix and so forth. Sound fairly very good, could be better but which is how it is with thin tv’s. Fast and straightforward to set up, seems great, is sturdy and connects seriously conveniently to essentially just about anything. Would really suggest, specifically at £419.Would have happily compensated £550 for it and not been unhappy.

Features of Sony KDL48W585BBU X-Reality Pro 48-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD Smart LED TV with Freeview HD – Black

  • X-Reality Pro – Everything you watch is improved to give you the most detailed Full HD picture possible
  • Smart TV – Watch what you want, whenever with catch-up TV, films and TV series on demand, YouTube and more
  • One-Flick Entertainment – Intuitive menu for your SMART TV allowing you to easily flick through your favourite shows, catch-up TV and photos
  • Live Football Mode – Live Football Mode automatically adjusts picture & sound settings for the optimum match day experience
  • Bass Reflex Speaker – The sharp crack of a twig in an eerie forest or the gasp around stadium as someone misses a penalty. Sound is half of the experience. With a wider range of sound the bass reflex speaker delivers clearer, crisper highs and extended lows

If you are contemplating about obtaining this tv do it. Ita effectively well worth the revenue (we obtained it on sale at £420) and the picture quality is awesome. The attributes are fantastic and theres even a netflix button.

Extremely easy to assemble and set up. Arrived effectively packaged and when predicted. Extremely simple to assemble and set up. Picture and audio high-quality outstanding. Only complaint is that you have to have to obtain the crafted in consumer guidebook prior to you can operate out the tv handle (doofer) – it would be less complicated if it was supplied in paper sort.

One thought on “Sony KDL48W585BBU X-Reality Pro 48-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD Smart LED TV, Easy to set up, with amazing features

  1. S. Helman

    This review is from : Sony KDL48W585BBU X-Reality Pro 48-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD Smart LED TV with Freeview HD – Black

    Great tv only disappointment is limited apps and. Great tv only disappointment is limited apps and unable to get itv player or channel 4 catch up.

    This review is from : Sony KDL48W585BBU X-Reality Pro 48-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD Smart LED TV with Freeview HD – Black

    I am an 84 years old pensioner and find the handbook to be a complete waste of time. The on-screen instructions are difficult to read so can be parceled with the handbook when binning.
    1. gingar-genome
      Its a great tv, would definitely by another one. Had nearly a year in main family room so switched on for about 14 hrs a day. Its a great tv, would definitely by another one.
  3. thedodger197

    This review is from : Sony KDL48W585BBU X-Reality Pro 48-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD Smart LED TV with Freeview HD – Black

    Excellent value for money. . I am very pleased with this purchase. I was a little nervous buying this , but i made the right decision. A superb picture, sound improved by the addition of a woofer speaker as more bass needed. Excellent internet connection.
    1. Andy Hazel
      Freeview and satalite built in. . This was a replacement to an older sony flatscreen that had both freeview and freesat built in and after reading all the reviews of this tv i was unclear as to wether this model has the freesat built in. It has a very capable freeview and also has a satellite connection. This is not true freesat and does not allow you the full listings and set up of a true freesat tv, it does however have all the channels, so if like me you some times struggle with freeview signal, we nearly allways have good freesat reception. The picture quality is good and has a good wifi setup for all your catch ups (except itv).
      1. Michelle
        I was concerned about receiving a damaged tv after reading some of the other reviews before purchase, but glad to say yodel delivered it quickly and securely. Smart tv functions are easy to access and use. Good size and cracking picture quality for movies and games. Can’t say much for audio quality as we have it connected to speakers. All round very pleased with purchase.
  4. wetting lover

    This review is from : Sony KDL48W585BBU X-Reality Pro 48-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD Smart LED TV with Freeview HD – Black

    Perfect excellent value great picture, just what i wanted.
    1. Ricky B
      Screen is very vibrant and crisp, the blacks are very dark and it reduce screen illumination in dark scenes, which is very nice. Smart tv functions are great, sometimes a *tad* slow when navigating. Tv functions take a while to get ready after starting the tv after it being on standby for a while, but displays the previous input source instantly. It also seems to intelligently figure out what kind of device is connected and reconfigure the colour calibration and sound reproduction to suit the input source, useful for games and bluray players. The bezel is nice and thin and the tv has an understated “i look good and do the job” kind of look, which isn’t as flashy as the glossy look to some comparable samsung tvs. The sound is as can be expected for a thin tv, the range is not great but it can go quite loud and still remain very clear providing your audio source is clear – certain audio sources (like some games) seem to attempt to do positional audio, but this will get reproduced in a way that sounds like it’s coming from somewhere completely different. Ideally, you want an external speaker of some kind. The live football mode only works on broadcast tv; when i tried to stream the england vs japan women’s match on iplayer and then turn the football mode on, it threw me back to broadcast tv, which didn’t work since i hadn’t attached an aerial.
  5. Mr Bum-Bum

    This review is from : Sony KDL48W585BBU X-Reality Pro 48-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD Smart LED TV with Freeview HD – Black

    The reviews are right mainly. This is a great tv and was the same price as the 42 inch version – brainer. The one review that made me hesitate was the one that said if you connect it to a media server you have too scroll through every file to find the one you want. I’m glad i ignored it in the end because it’s nonsense – there is a folder view option in the menus, you just have to look for it. The only slight negative i have is the speed of the os, it’s a bit clunky at times. But i’m being picky, it’s great.
    1. Rentaghost
      Really impressed with picture quality compared to my old plasma. Smart features add straightforward extra functionality. Sound is good too for such a thin panel.
  6. S Finnerty "Steve" TOP 1000 REVIEWER

    This review is from : Sony KDL48W585BBU X-Reality Pro 48-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD Smart LED TV with Freeview HD – Black

    Bought this to replace an older 40inch sony smart tv which although only 5 years old shows the pace of progress. First of all it is much thinner and lighter than the old tv despite being larger with the exception of the stand which did feel a bit flimsy although seems to do the job although there is no facility to turn or tilt the set. It is located with two screws that were supplied, but easy to lose in the packaging (they are in their own bag) and standard vesa wall mounting locations are provided for a wall bracket with the screw holes for the bracket 300mm (w) by 200mm (h) apart. The set itself feels well made and solid with an extremely narrow bezel and stylish gloss black finish it looks much more impressive than in the picture. It is supplied with the remote control including aaa batteries, an external power supply, stand, a quick start guide and a more comprehensive instruction booklet. I had it hooked up in no time and was surprised to note during the setup it had a satellite tuner as well as this wasn’t advertised. Not something i am likely to use but but you never know. The picture was excellent to my eyes with hd providing extra sharpness but sd is also quite watchable. Wimbledon was on when it had finished tuning and there was no noticeable blurring during matches, the colours were crisp and yet natural looking.
  7. Peter Scott

    This review is from : Sony KDL48W585BBU X-Reality Pro 48-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD Smart LED TV with Freeview HD – Black

    Very impressive except for the power supply standby consumption. The picture is excellent even when not using vivid setting. The speakers produce reasonable quality sound, though i shall be configuring the headphone jack as an audio output to feed to an amplifier. The energy consumption is impressively low. It varies between 40 and 45 watts and only 18 watts when the screen is off when listening to the radio. There is a built-in satellite tuner so i can do away with the separate satellite tuner box. This uses 80 watts so the overall energy saving is excellent. The standby power might well be 0.
  8. john wooldridge

    This review is from : Sony KDL48W585BBU X-Reality Pro 48-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD Smart LED TV with Freeview HD – Black

    What a great buy, best telly i have ever owned. What a great buy,best telly i have ever owned.

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