Sony KDL50W829B 50-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D Smart TV : Depends very heavily on what you want

Shipping was brief and easy.

Definitely superior tv havnt experienced any difficulties. Yeah sleek graphic for gaming and films.

Probably the greatest i have witnessed. Seriously impressed with this tv, maybe the very best i have viewed,let on your own owned. Surprised at how it also turns regular second into 3d with quite an impressive end result. All over again, i imagine the picture is fantastic. The sound nevertheless is a bit of a enable down, not quite as superior as other televisions i have owned, but that is possibly why the sound bar was thrown in for absolutely free. Another destructive is the value of supplemental 3d eyeglasses. Nevertheless, i have been having difficulties to locate a tv of this good quality photo for yrs, and getting found it is why i have rated 5 stars.Here are the specifications for the Sony KDL50W829B 50-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D Smart TV:

  • W8 Full HD 3D TV with X-Reality PRO, One-Flick Entertainment, and Live Football Mode
  • Full HD (1080p) with 3D
  • X-Reality PRO for enhanced picture quality

Terrific tv straight out of the box. My first foray into led televisions was a samsung 32′ that i have been immensely happy with. I was likely to stick with samsung for this enhance (in dimensions and high-quality) but the selling price of this sony, together with the free of charge audio bar swayed me absent from that and i’m glad it did. The build quality, design, picture quality and audio are all excellent on what is actually a mid-array tv. If you happen to be looking for a significant display tv then this is the just one to go for even though it’s less than £800. Anything above and i probably would’ve gone with the samsung 48h6400. I am not somebody who wishes to get in amongst all the choices and options on a tv (if you are that way inclined there are loads of good strategies in some of the other assessments). I just want it to work, search very good, and sound excellent straight out of the box, and this tv provides on all fronts. You you should not have to tweak or modify nearly anything if you really don’t want to as sony seem to be to have completed a excellent position on their presets. Adhere it on the stand, plug it in, and it just is effective.

Large high-quality comprehensively featured smart tv. I had not been anticipating to procure a new principal tv because my four year aged panasonic (plasma) g20 was functioning wonderful – till it was demolished by just one of my cats – don’t ask. As i have a place in my designed in household furniture which accommodated a 46′ tv with big bezel, the new led back again lit slender light-weight tvs with slender bezel, a 50′ will match – essentially smaller sized in general than the sick-fated 46′ panny, and only half the weightinstalling was high-quality – only difficulty popular to all new-technology tvs is the deficiency of phono outputs for sound to plug in to ye olde – but superb stereo. Quick analysis unveiled that i would require a dac to hook up via optical sound output – for case in point a marantz na7004. The good news is i obtained just one of those people last yr, a wonderful addition to interface the new networked electronic globe into an old recognized stereo. And so, right after procuring an spdif optical cable, tv audio can as soon as again be performed on the key stereo. As for the tv by itself, image is outstanding, unquestionably enhanced with location adjustments – thanks to individuals who have provided solutions in numerous reviews. I observe some disparaging critiques, but i have to set them down to flavor – without a doubt, despite the fact that i have established up according to tips, i have individualised settings to my tastes. The sound – nicely its a skinny flat display screen, so out of the box, quite terrible.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Excellent. Top quality 800hz TV for a bargain price! Picture settings included
  • Top quality TV although smart features are not that good
  • An almost up-to-date Smart TV.
  • Very good TV and very happy with my purchase
  • Excellent clarity on all channels even those that are not

Top high-quality tv though smart features are not that good. For its value, you will really battle to discover a superior just one in terms of size, picture good quality and features. The soccer mode which i imagined would just be another gimmick ended up actually bettering the practical experience of viewing online games on tv (of course i bought it for the world cup). Environment it up is really straightforward – just hook up it to your wifi community wirelessly or through a ethernet cable and off you go in 3-4 basic ways. The image quality is terrific. Colours are vivid, no delays participating in video video games involving seem and photo. The style is also gorgeous. 1 of the slimmest tvs you will uncover and it appears to be awesome in our dwelling home without having drawing far too much attention and earning it glance like a dwelling cinema room. Reasonable plenty of the base element at the back is a bit chunkier but the parts experienced to go someplace.

Never buy this tv at amazon specially if sent from yodel. The tv is fantastic but, i obtained it sent 2 times as the initial a single arrived damaged (liquid crystal display display destroyed) and the second one, sent as substitute arrived damaged again (exact hurt but various position). So the options are : or sony is not able to make them right or the carrier (yodel in the united kingdom) demolish the tv in the course of supply, smashing the box in this article and there .

One thought on “Sony KDL50W829B 50-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D Smart TV : Depends very heavily on what you want

  1. Beth
    I love this tv, easily set up and programmed with my favourites including amazon and netflix. I’m well impressed for the price paid. Arrived within a day and well packaged.
  2. Robert McAllister

    This review is from : Sony KDL50W829B 50-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D Smart TV with Freeview – Black (discontinued by manufacturer)

    Love it and it’s multitude of features. Love it and it’s multitude of features.
  3. Dave Powell

    This review is from : Sony KDL50W829B 50-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D Smart TV with Freeview – Black (discontinued by manufacturer)

    An almost up-to-date smart tv. . Bought at a keen price, although an ex-demo set with a little damage sustained and no 3d glasses supplied. Works fine and with the settings tweaked was vastly improved. One down side with this model is that it is not fully android compatible. Maybe a future firmware/software update will sort this out sony?another let-down is the programme guide which only tells you what is coming on over the next hour or two at most. Neither use nor ornamentback to you sony.
    1. Maurice Carter
      Can’t go wrong with this sony. Picture is superb once calibrated. Sound much better than expected, tv looks classy even when switched off.No problems playing xbox 360 on it. Summary: 10/10 and for less than £580 an absolute bargain.
      1. Daniel Hardy
        Brilliant tv out there only negative is on demand smart. Brilliant tv out there only negative is on demand smart apps only really consists of netflix amazon bbc and channel 5 so quite limited.
  4. R D Grundy

    This review is from : Sony KDL50W829B 50-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D Smart TV with Freeview – Black (discontinued by manufacturer)

    Great tv with a lot of options and features. After reading a lot of reviews and watching video reviews i decided to purchase this tv to replace an older samsung lcd non smart tv. In my opinion this tv is awesome and what a great price from amazon (about £200 cheaper than a local shop). I think the picture quality is great, very clear and great for watching anything from kids tv to movies (there is a lot of control over the picture settings in the menus) when i first opened the box and took out the tv i wasn’t sure as it didn’t look much bigger than my old 42″ tv, but when it was switched on. There is so little around the screen (compared to my old tv) and the picture looked massive. The smart features seem good. I have it streaming movies from my network storage device, the tv controls can control my playstation 4, so if you wanted to say watch a blue ray or dvd on ps4 you can use the tv control rather than going for the ps4 controller. You can record programs from the freeview tuner to a portable hard disk. I can’t say how well this works as i use sky +. One small drawback i found was the sound, not the quality but seemed to be loud then quiet in the same program etc. But after a bit of option changing i think i have got this better now. I haven’t had a tv with 3d and even though this one is active 3d (with the glassed that needs batteries) it was very easy to sync them with the tv and i was surprised with the 3d as i didn’t think i would use it, but after watching a couple of movies in 3d i really got into it. I can’t say how good it is compared with others as this is the only tv i have seem with 3d. Over all, i am very impressed with this tv and i would recommend it to anyone looking for a new tv even though it is big and looks impressive when on it doesn’t look too big in a smaller room when it is turned off.
  5. Jean

    This review is from : Sony KDL50W829B 50-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D Smart TV with Freeview – Black (discontinued by manufacturer)

    Very good tv and very happy with my purchase. Very good tv and very happy with my purchase. The picture quality is excellent. The only drawbacks are the stand is very flimsy but you forget about that after a while. No 4od on the apps, which is shame. You absolutely need a separate sound bar. Never used the 3d, don’t care for it. The main thing is the picture which is top notch. You can also use a usb stick for music, photos, movies and it has wifi to connect to your network.
  6. joe

    This review is from : Sony KDL50W829B 50-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D Smart TV with Freeview – Black (discontinued by manufacturer)

    Really good tv havnt had any problems. Yeah smooth image for gaming and films.
    1. G
      Worth the extra money over the cheaper models. Excellent picture, slick wireless operation. 1 through to a sound bar via optical unlike 90% of tvs on the market. I play my google play movies straight through the tv with no additional boxes.
      1. Duane Allmark
        This was a bigger tv than our last and initially i thought it was too big until it was mounted on the wall. A point to note about that, the stand converts to a wall mount (which is great) but i needed an angled mount and had to buy a converter kit before i could mount it on a standard vesa fitting. It should lose a star for that but the tv is that good that it keeps it. If i were to complain i would say that the menus can be a little slow to load up (i might just be impatient). This tv is loaded with useful features that the whole family enjoy and too many to write about on here. My seven year old says he wanted to give it 1110 stars.
  7. J. Axup
    Well i’m upgrading from a 2010 lg which had a beautiful glass screen with no frame. To me this plastic screen feels cheap in comparison and i’m sure my son will scratch it somehow. Well there’s always a reason for cheap. That aside the display is totally beautiful – the blacks are maybe best on market. Though may have been better with a glass panel. I’m loving the netflix built into remote control. I’d say get the bigger size – they’re cheap now, and you’re worth it ;).
  8. rony

    This review is from : Sony KDL50W829B 50-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D Smart TV with Freeview – Black (discontinued by manufacturer)

    First of all this television have great outlook and great picture quality. Quickly i’m going to describe what i like most and what i don’t :everything is fine except processor speed. It’s pretty much slow for me. I’m very fast speed pc user so this tv speed not enough for me. Some times after turn on the tv you have to wait like up to 10 second. Also i don’t like tv features also this tv have very limited app on app store compare to samsung. I don’t like the tv sound it’s not enough for me. I’m using logitech z5500 with this tv so i don’t care the tv speakers. If you looking for outstanding picture quality and great 3d than gor for this one and as i said tv is slow for me but i don’t used tv features that much.
    1. C. Edwards
      Firstly, love this tv, from the excellent picture to the fantastic 3d it is everything i wanted and more. The only gripe i have and why it looses a star is the screen mirroring does not work any more so trying to find the right lead to connect my tablet to the tv.
  9. Amazon Customer

    This review is from : Sony KDL50W829B 50-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D Smart TV with Freeview – Black (discontinued by manufacturer)

    It will not stay at this price for long, great tv. But only ordering on the friday feb 20th it had gone up £10 from £669 to £679 in one day. Now as i look on the site today the 26th only a few day’s later it as now dropped in price by £80 to £599. Not happy with this price drop so soon after i have had to pay £80 more for it. So my advice to u is get it while u can it will not stay at this price for very long. I am very happy with my tv as i went for the better spec 50in but do make sure u have the right size room for the big one. As i have mine in my game’s room, and i love it.

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