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Panasonic TX-58AX802B TV – Really good picture – why we chose this over other brands.

Bought one of these at the end of 2014 (not from amazon) and it’s really a very good tv. Played ultrahd content from netflix during our free trial over christmas. Have not managed to get ultrahd from amazon prime (yet). Ultrahd demo videos are simply stunning. Normal bluray upscales really well (automata is very good). Like some of the smart tv features, but probably use about 10% of them :-(i don’t normally post reviews online, but did here to counter the stupid 1 star review which amazon should really remove.

The tv is great, with plenty of preset options. I’m not particularly impressed with the the dual freesat tuners. To get the benefit of both you have to purchase a separate usb hard drive, which isn’t a problem (if you can source one and afford the additional cost). There are 2 tv guides; one from freesat and one from panasonic. The freesat guide does not support programme recording at all (freesat got shirty with me when i asked about it lol). The panasonic guide only supports single program advance recording. No series link or ability to manually program repeat recordings on particular days or weekly.

I bought this refurbished from panasonic for £800 in august 2015. It is a fantastic tv if you can get it for a similar price. The picture is bright and colourful, blacks are very deep as well. The apps, for the most part, are fast and responsive. It looks very smart and the remotes are high quality as well, lasting very well. The main remote is also backlit and this can be turned off. Sound is average but tv speakers aren’t the best anymore so i’d recommend a panasonic sound plate to pair it with. Makes a huge difference and it links with the set so comes in with one button and adjusted with tv remote. I’d have given 4 stars, but the one issue is that in the centre screen, sometimes you see backlighting on deep blacks. It’s hard to pin point why as it is only on some content, ie netflix for me. Here are the specifications for the Panasonic TX-58AX802B TV:

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  • 24P-MOVIE
  • 3D TV-Y
  • Audio Output-4Watts + 4Watts + 10Watts
  • Built-in DVD-N
  • Camera-No

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Really good picture – why we chose this over other brands.
  • Good TV but mine went pop
  • Panasonic TX58AX802B Review After 10 Months

Panasonic TX-58EX700B 58-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV, Amazing picture quality and great sound

This tv was purchased for a bedroom where i felt i could get away with a bigger 40′ tv over the 32′ currently in there. I narrowed it down to the 40ex700b, samsung 40mu6400 and an lg 43710v. The panasonic stood out as a much nicer looking tv in design, with a noticeabley smaller bezel than the samsung, and the lg (being much chunkier). I also needed a tv with a vertical/flat vesa mounting position as i had a slim fixed mount to mount the tv as close to the wall as possible. This ruled out the fat lg and the samsung mu6400 which has a sloped back requiring either spacers or a tiltable mount. I prefer to buy higher spec tvs but 40′ is now considered small by manufacturers these days and it is apparent the technical specification of tvs 40′ and below is now below par across all makes. The biggest flaw with the panasonic and others being the use of a cheap 50hz panel (vs 100hz panels in all the larger ex700b tvs). On screens 32′ and less you don’t notice this too much as there isn’t much screen estate to shift around but i believe this contributes to the blur people are seeing, and on a 40′ tv it should have a panel to reflect the relatively large size and maintain the spec of a mid-tier tv like this. On a similar note, 4k is just not needed on a tv this size (unless you are sitting a 1ft away or using it as a monitor); at a normal viewing distance 1080p is indistinguishable from 4k (and i would trade a top quality 1080p genuine 100 or 200hz panel instead of the 4k 50hz on offer here). Sound isn’t bad at all, standard mode is best which still allows you to uplift bass and treble settings.

Awesome television, worth every penny.

Arrived promptly and in perfect condition, soon fitted it to our existing wall frame, up and running in no time at all. Superb picture, upscales well, slight lag with bigger games, sound is very good through our av audio system, normal sound from the tv speakers is weak, but overall, well worth the money-a bargain.

Key specs for Panasonic TX-58EX700B 58-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with SC-HTB488EBK 200 W Soundbar with Wireless Sub Woofer Bundle:

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  • 1 of Panasonic TX-58EX700B 58-Inch 1600 Hz Widescreen 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with Freeview Play (2017 Model) – Silver
  • 1 of Panasonic SC-HTB488EBK 200 W Soundbar with Wireless Sub Woofer

Comments from buyers

“Quality TV
, Excellent TV
, Perfect.

Can’t fault this in anyway.

I upgraded to this after the colours started going wrong on my lg 1080p monitor which was only 22′. First and foremost this is a tv that will run my consoles. Obviously, first things first, the tv was a massive step up in size and i ‘only’ went for the 40′ version of this screen. However, that means that everything is larger and clearer, obviously the 4k upscaling and 4k native titles help with that, but everything just looks more vivid due to the exceptional colours on display. Hdr, where i have seen it, is incredible and makes a real difference. It is not the brightest of hdr but then it is not a £1000+ tv, but you do get a noticeable improvement. Titles such as infamous first light look like the generation of games that are to come, as opposed to the current generation. Youtube videos look brilliant and it comes loaded with a variety of apps such as netflix and amazon video. It looks smart although as stated here, the stand does not have the option of being put in the middle like on the larger models. All in all, for the money this is an excellent tv and by far the best i’ve ever owned.

True cinema screen mode is excellent to watch films.

Great tv picture quality is excellent.

Great value tv that is simple to set up and has made an elderly couple very happy.

Such an amazing quality tv, i have no concerns or have had any issues.

Picture quality is fantastic. Also, apps very simple to set up with your phone.

Spent a lot of time looking for the right tv. Really please with my choice.

Arrived within 48 hours absolutely lovely tele at good price thank you.

My last tv was an lg smart 42in tv, and i thought it was a great tv, but i wanted a bigger tv. After hours of reading reviews i decided on the panasonic tx65ex700b. I was just about to buy it from amazon when the price went up, so i had to buy it from elsewhere. Whilst i was waiting for the tv to arrive i started reading more about it, and then i got to the part where i read it’s weight as 40kg. My lg tv is 12kg, and i struggled putting it on the tv cabinet, so the panasonic is really a 2 man job. I don’t know anyone else to help me put up the tv so i had to put it up myself using a very carefully planned, military style operation. So the tv arrived, and it took 3 hours just to get it out of the box, and that was being very careful not to damage the tv of course. The tv is built like a tank, i managed to slide it onto a chair whilst the other end was still on polystyrene to protect it from the 30 deg tilt putting weight on the other end. Once on a chair i slid the other end onto another chair, so now i had the middle open to attach the stand, but still holding onto the tv with one arm. So now i lean over to grab the stand with my other arm, and somehow i have to also grab a screwdriver, and the screws.

Good value for money comparing to other brands, easy and quick menu.

My last three televisions have been panasonic and i can only say they get better and better each time.

The picture and sound quality is amazing, easy to use remote and fits nicy on the wall bought this last month and so far it never hanged or slowed down, i was pleasantly surprised with sound quality considering the sound quality these days in led tvsit’s value for money and the device arrived on time without any defects.

Easy to use and excellent picture quality.

Is thew best tv i have purchased.

Excellent tv has everything you need at a decent price :).

I use it on both my xbox one x and pc for 4k gaming and it looks and plays amazing.

Paired with the sound bar and sub woofer, i don’t think that you can better in this price range.

Amazing picture and very small footprint because the frame looks barely there at all.

Panasonic are great been around for a long time. Great tv easy to use, choice of where and how you fit the stands depending on what you are placing the tv on. Great sound,picture, plenty of connectivity on the back for all you need to connect.

Panasonic TX-L47FT60B 47-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD LED 3D Smart TV : LED FT 47″

Having read many reviews on this tv, i think it wise to visit your local currys/pc world to view these sets first. Having made my mind up on a samsung, i bought this set for the clarity of the presented picture in all types of feed including 3d. It should be noted that there is a certain amount of dirty screen effect visible in some feeds: football etc where the camera is panned fast, but this can be minimised by the motion options within the menu. Many people would probably not even notice this. In all other aspects, the performance of the picture & sound are excellent. The screen is very reflective, which i did not notice in the shop, so beware if reflections on your set annoy you. I have had this set for aprox a month now so feel this review sounds out all the essentials of ownership.

I got this tv for 799 pounds a few weeks ago and now have it up on my wall. I’m not a tv expert but compared to anything i’ve ever had before it’s simply amazing. Easy to use, freesat built in and looks great.

We was very pleased with the tv we bought and would highly recommend if any ones buyin a tv to buy this one.

Much better in all departments then the 4yr old toshiba it replaces. Dont know how it stacks up against its peers but looks/sounds fine to me. Thin, minimilist, works with sky, bluray player and ps2 no problems. One thing to note is that for wall fixing you will require m6 12mm screws. Dont know why, i just assumed that it would be the same as the outgoing toshiba but it wasnt. So if you have got an existing bracket you have been told this doesnt replace my panasonic plasma 2008 purchase, that still going strong, picture is not quite as vivid as the new led, they are both very good but different, wouldnt say one is better than the other. These things are very subjective.

  • Panasonic LED FT 47″
  • Upgrade to 3d
  • The TV as described.

Panasonic TX-L47FT60B 47-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD LED 3D Smart TV with Freeview HD (discontinued by manufacturer)

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  • Panasonic 47″ FULL HD Smart Viera LED TV network enabled in an Elegant Slim Design with a high preformance engine – Size dimensions 1067 x 627 x 35mm Energy Efficiency Class A+
  • Freeview HD provides an extensive range of subscription free, digital TV & radio channels in full high definition
  • Voice Interaction – By simply saying a key word into the Touch Pad Controller or smartphone*, the search result is displayed on-screen and verbally read out. It’s like operating the TV by talking to it. Its Voice Guidance function is also at your service. *”VIERA remote 2″ must be installed for smartphone use. *Requires broadband Internet service. *Requires a wireless LAN connection
  • My Home Sreen – set up your own personalised screen layout of your favourite news, social media & video on demand apps that are available through Viera Connect, Panasonics own cloud based internet service
  • The new Viera Remote 2 App, available on iOS & Android, will give you full control of your Viera TV through your Smartphone or Tablet PC, allowing easy use of Swipe & Share, Share & Save and all TV commands

This television has been a careful upgrade to replace my existing panasonic it needed careful thinking as it had to compete with an exceedingly good range of 3dtelevisions i can certainly say it has surpassed all expectations it not only looks good it also does what it says on the label i must say i am very pleased with my purchase.

Arrived when arranged, packaging was damaged but thankfully the set was not damaged, could have had more protection in front of screen. Tv is as described and we are enjoying all aspects of it.

If you’re thinking of buying an led tele then take my advice and don’t spend much on one as they have various problems with the picture. I wish i had waited until they had sorted the problems out. This applies to all led’s,they are problematic.

Panasonic TX-49EX600B 49-Inch 800 Hz Widescreen 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED TV : fantastic tv hdr for ps4 pro

Looks great except for the banding in the dark colours. Why oh why do all modern tvs have such dreadful banding?. My three year old 1080p laptop screen doesn’t do it so why do all new tvs do it?. Its very frustrating to watch.

I was warned not to buy a tv off amazon as many arrive damaged apparently. This one arrived with packaging and tv fully in tact. Love the tv with deep colours, lot’s of online connectivity. Only a few months old at the moment but so far no problems.

When i first got it there was a fault with the screen but amazon sent me a replacement soon afterwards. It’s a good television no problems so far.

The odd supports quite far apart make it hard to position over a dvd or sound box. That said, the screen resolution is excellent and it’s the usual panasonic quality. Not sure i like the latest freeview guide though. I bought this to replace an 8 year old defunct panasonic, which, following the arrival of the replacement, promptly revived.

  • It’s a good television no problems so far
  • Panasonic TX-49EX600B
  • Very happy with this great TV

Panasonic TX-49EX600B 49-Inch 800 Hz Widescreen 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED TV with Freeview Play (2017 Model)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 4K Ultra HD with HDR (High Dynamic Range ) Resolution: 3840 x 2160
  • Switch Design Stand – 2 positions, 4 styles
  • Netflix, Amazon Video (subscription required ) & YouTube streaming in 4K UHD & HDR. Dimensions: 110 x 35 x 70 cm
  • Freeview Play Catch-Up TV with advanced features ( Broadband connection required ) Enjoy 70 free channels including 15 in HD
  • 3 x HDMI 2.0, 2 x USB 2.0 / Component & Aerial / SCART / Digital Optical Output / Ethernet / Wifi

This is a really nice tv , the only problem i have is its contains less apps and no android other than that its amazing.

Great telly and wonderful picture quality as ever from panasonic. Smart features work very well. If i had to add a balancing statement i would say that the programme guide hangs sometimes but it can be worked around. All in all for the money, it’s excellent.

An excellent piece of kit, which seeks to emulate a touch-screen facility with cursor select – that makes it a bit tedious to communicate with in dialogue, though it makes guesses on the user’s objective to quicken the dialogue.

Allays buy panosonic never have anytrouble with the television great.

For a sub £400 tv this is a good buy, the picture could be sharper and the sound better but overall good value for money. Lots of apps and other features to keep you happy, the netflix button on the remote is a nice touch. I would have given it more stars if the picture was a little better when watching live sport.

Bought this to replace an 8 year old sony 32″ tv in our lounge. The picture is absolutely stunning. A massive improvement on our old sony. We are using freeview hd and apple tv mk2 hd as our source. Nice simple remote control with easy to find and use smart tv features. Tried a bit of uhd via the bbc iplayer sample and it is absolutely amazing. Sound is via an optical output to a yamaha srt-1000 sound base which sits below and behind the tv as the feet are too far apart to sit on top of the sound base. To get a beautifu picture, on a uhd capable, smart tv for under £600 is incredible. Only down side is that feet are too far apart: the tv won’t sit on the soundbase.

But, from time to time the picture on bbc iplayer is dim and is hard to recover to normal brightness. I have corresponded with both bbc iplayer and with panasonic, and neither have been able to provide a solution, which i find very disappointing. If i plug in an amazon firestick there is no problem, nor does the problem exist with any othet catch-up station. It may be worth thinking about other makes.

Very good tv very easy to set up and am very pleased with it so far.

Image is excellent and the ui for using apps etc is also easy to fathom. My only small beef, was the challenge of turning off motion smoothing, which tends to make your favourite film, look like a soap opera. However, by doing a spot of research and turning the tv to real cinematic in the picture setting, it worked fine.

Fantastic television with actually good speakers behind it. Picture quality is stunning and app functionality is brilliant.

Great tv, all i expected, pity my area do not transmit in hd.

It’s performance is quite good so far and the functions i have tested have been great, nice piece.

Superb menu system, great design, speakers and headphones independent so that’s good. I am a photographer and am finding it hard to get the picture look and feel on most of the channels after 10 years with a superb panasonic plasma. (maybe some advice from other users) i have the same problem shooting video myself and getting the look i want from all scenes. Great for connecting a hard drive to the usb and seeing the quality of my down sampled 4k videos. Wi fi easy to set up and amazon prime works a treat with superb image quality. So all in all a typical top class panasonic product and hopefully in time with maybe a bit of advice from others i will get to grips with picture adjustments. Like getting comfortable in a new car maybe?further on. Having now had the tv for some time, and fiddling with the picture controls i have to say that i am finding the image quality and sound superb. The menu system is superb and the quality of hd is great.

The stand for table top is either end of the tv not centre.

We had thought about going for the top-of-the-range 50′ one with dual tuners, but to be honest the difference isn’t worth £300. What we’ve found with this tv is the colour is natural and lifelike – unlike some of the sansung and lg which appear way too vivid, bright and overblown. You want grass to look like grass, not like a snooker table. Setup was a cinch, and it it connects perfectly to the internet. Setting up the 4od, demand 5, iplayer and so-on is a bit of a trial, haveing to find passwords and so-on, but you only have to do it once. All in all an excellent set and the 4k (with a good uhd movie from amazon or netflix) is absolutely stunning.

Really good quality picture and excellent value for money. Only disadvantage was the ‘feet’ which were at the very outside corners and then curved outwards, thus needing a very wide base. It did not fit on any table i have, so i had to buy a universal stand to fit the centre of television. Unnecessary additional expense – bad design. That apart, now i have the stand, very pleased with tv.

Bought this to replace a 5 year old lg ‘smart’ tv and the difference is striking. While it may just be the advancement in technology the load speed and connectivity to lan or wifi is almost instant with the panasonic. Set-up was easy with clear on screen instructions as well as a helpful introduction to the features available. Being able to pin anything to the home screen is really useful whether its your favorite tv channel, app or web page. The tv guide is easy to use and clear to read and has the channel you’re watching still running in the corner which is always good when your partner decides they don’t like what you’re watching but take 20 minutes deciding what they do want to watchpicture quality is excellent especially when watching in 4k and i’ve not witness any screen lag as yet. Colour looks to be very natural with good contrast but not overly vibrant or exaggerated colours. The only issue and the reason for 4 stars not 5 is the sound from the standard speakers. We have chosen to wall mount the tv and the sound on standard settings seemed as though it was coming out of a bucket. We tried all the default setting but had to spend time adjusting the equalisers before getting a sound we were happy with. We will probably look at getting separate speakers or a sound bar to further improve this.

This is our (partner and i) first uhd television and we love it. The sound quality is good (obviously not external speaker system quality, but we don’t miss the external speakers when we are watching anything but loud, action films); the picture quality is great and noticeably handles uhd television content really well, i think; and the unit itself looks very good, nice and sleek. In shopping for this television, i just did online research, rather than going into stores and looking at actual tv units, so i can’t comment on how this tv compares in the ‘real world’ to other televisions. However, we have not been disappointed. For the price, simplicity of set-up, functionality (e. In-built netflix app which is really good to use), the built-in wifi which we’ve never experienced a drop-out/signal loss yet, the sound output. Very happy with the television.