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Toshiba 49U5766DB 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED WLAN TV – good deal :)

The first tv arrived badly damaged inside the packaging. The replacement was quickly arranged and old one collected. Had a few operational issues with it. The remote seems to be in a world of it’s own and the tv turned on and off randomly when watching a movie. Some online research led me to disconnect tv from the internet router and it cured the issues. Not ideal as my smart tv is no longer smart without a net connection. Great picture and stylish tv anyway.

Great price for what you get.

Great colour, looks very smart, need to be technical minded to set up though. Here are the specifications for the Toshiba 49U5766DB 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED WLAN TV:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Ultra HD 4K resolution – Live and breathe the on-screen action with a Toshiba 4K UHD TV. Bringing you exhilarating life-like picture clarity, 4K UHD TVs display four times more detail than Full HD models.
  • Dolby Audio – Experience the kind of audio that you would normally expect to hear in a movie theatre. Enjoy authentic-sounding dialogue and hear more of the on-screen action thanks to Dolby Audio.
  • Toshiba Smart Portal – A whole new world of entertainment awaits you on your Toshiba big screen TV and it’s all just one click away. Choose from Toshiba’s huge range of music, video, TV and social media apps. With NetflixⓇ and YouTube, you will find plenty of 4K content.
  • Screen Share & Social TV – Share your most precious memories. Display photos from your smartphone or tablet on your big screen Toshiba TV. Get social! Check and update your social media accounts while you watch TV.
  • Eco Friendly Mode – A contribution from us to help reduce your carbon footprint. Achieve thirty per cent more energy efficiency with Eco Mode. USB Recording

This would be 5 stars if only it didn’t have the bright green power light on constantly. Other than that the quality is incredible and the sound with dynamic bass switched on in settings is really full and good quality.

Lots of connection points a real bonus. The sound is fine and can customize. The problem with this 49′ model is , the viewing angle. Viewed from the slightest angle ( other than straight on ) a misting effect occurs , this is a great shame because the picture quality is good. So i have moved it to the bedroom and it sits directly in front on a chest of draws, result is excellent. I did buy this for the lounge , but it has to sit in the corner, no good. Shame had to keep my old 43′ lg.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Highly Recommended
  • nice tv

Great telly for the bedroom fantastic sound and easy to set up.

Received it yesterday and while not drastically different from the hd version of the same make (49er) it is worth the price given the audio, visuals and the way it gels with hdmi devices however possible. The only pain point is the mettalic piece that fits at the base of the unit, which is quite unsteady and wobbly. The hd version came with a reasonably sturdier yet firm base compared to this one. I also think the uhd version (this tv) is heavier including the base piece. In terms of visual experience, the inbuilt interface appears sharper than the normal hd version but barely differs in terms of quality and pixel density while watching netflix and youtube. It’s not the movie quality we sign up, rather the interface on each of these channels that is blurry. I’d expect sharper and crisper imagery if a device is regarded as super hd or future ready 4k quality. Not sure if the streaming channels themselves are optimised for quality. Although both hd and uhd (this tv) have decent sound quality given the dolby promise, the uhd version fares better while listening to heavy instrumentation and distortion playlists on spotify. Either way it’s a good bargain for the price and features it offers.

This is a quality product at a very competitive price-it is sleek and elegant in appearance-picture quality is good and to date i am very pleased with it-if anyone is looking for a smart ultra hd set at reasonable cost -then i am confident this set will more than be suitable.

Brilliant tv for the price and was delivered promptly. We also ordered a yamaha sound bar. Excellent pairing and extremely easy to set up.

This is right up there as one of my best buys. So easy to set up,amazing price and looks the part with chrome surround and stand, quality picture,sound and so easy to operate.

Cant wait to watch the world cup on this the first one turned up damaged but that was not down to amazon they replaced the item with no fuss although the cost of returning was nr on £40 by parcel force. Think they need to set up a free post on big items. Well happy with the product recomend to any one.

Unfortunatley there was 2 small blue spot on the middle of screen. When i received ive sent an email to amazon service and they solve my problem very quickly. I did order the same television wich is excellent. So is always some problem with 4k movies from hard drive. No not the hard drive is the problem 1080p goes well. But anyway in this price this tv is perfect.

The usual amazon service, arrived on time and as described. The tv is all i expected and i could not expect more.

Very happy no issues had this tv for about 6 weeks and it will not download apps or allow me to search for apps asked for a return only to be told my return has been closed as i am outside return period this tv was sold by a 3rd party not by amazon so please be careful when you buy from a 3rd party seller. Hopefully i can get it fixed under the gurente.

Been looking for a new telly for ages and looked at lots of modelsthis one is idiot proof – trust me- i am no techygot it set up really quicklystill a few functions i have to master but very happy with the product.

Absolutely great value for money, providing everything i needed – and morethe wifi connectivity to mobile devices is incredible, only requiring mobile internet to watch 4k video online, or directly from the mobile, without using any data or wifi internetfab picture – and looks great attached to wall using an adjustable rig.

I hope that it last a couple of years,l.

5 stars but 2 may have been harsh. If you’re looking for real high definition. This is not it – save up and purchase samsung or lg. This tv really confused me with what 4k utra hd means?. This is like regular tv on a really big screen and not what i expected. Tried changing the features, internet connections etc, and even when watching netflix ultra hd movies. But i’ve seen high definition which sometimes makes you feel like you’re in a director’s seat because the images and motions are so lifelike. Other than that, the appearance of the tv and tv stand are pretty slick and nice to watch.

Received this product it’s a good television for the price.

Some of the reviews i read complained about the sound quality. Picture quality and sound are very good.

It’s like being sat in the cinema (without the sticky floor). Great picture and sound – and dead easy to use. One thing though (and this goes for all tv manufacturers) make remotes that you can see in the dark. Backlight the buttons or something.

Toshiba 24D1633DB 24-Inch HD Ready LED TV/DVD Kit – – Great picture quality

Great picture ,sound and easy to use but does not include fee view play plus and is incompatible with my current fee view play /plus equipment , however this could be down to user error.

I bought thia as my tv in the motorhome packed in after 5 years of non regular use. It was delivered next day not a problem. I set the tv up within 5 mins i was watching it using a freesat rciever. Vg picture and clarity, sound also is good. First time i have used a toshiba excellent.

Great small tv for a bedroom or kitchen. Crystal clear picture, sound quality could be better but you can always buy speakers.

Use this tv for when we travel away in the our caravan. Good picture and sound and very easy to use and setup.

  • Great picture, sound and easy to use but does
  • Great picture quality

Features of Toshiba 24D1633DB 24-Inch HD Ready LED TV/DVD Kit – Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Lightweight and slim, this 24-inch LED backlit screen offers enhanced viewing quality.
  • Offering a 720p-resolution display, this LED TV is HD-ready.
  • In addition to an HDMI port, this TV with DVD player features a SCART port and high-speed USB 2.0 port. Connect USB drives to enjoy video, music and photo file playback.
  • Rated A+ for its energy efficiency, this Toshiba LED TV will help to keep energy costs low, consuming just 27kWh per year.

From the manufacturer

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Lightweight and slim, this 24-inch LED backlit screen offers enhanced viewing quality.

Offering a 720p-resolution display, this LED TV is HD-ready.

In addition to an HDMI port, this TV with DVD player features a SCART port and high-speed USB 2.0 port.

Rated A+ for its energy efficiency, this Toshiba LED TV will help to keep energy costs low, consuming just 27kWh per year.

Toshiba 19AV615DB 19-inch Widescreen HD Ready LCD TV : 19″ LCD TV

This television was for my kitchen and serves that purpose very well. Only one criticism: the colours are a bit too bright for my taste and the controls do not allow me adjust it to my liking. Otherwise a good buy at a good price.

I purchased two of these lcd`s from amazon for the kids bedrooms. After a lot of looking/comparing i found this tv the best buy. Sound is a bit boomy when up but for this price im well happy. Setup and menu`s very user friendly too. Picture is faultless xbox360s works spot on for games too. All in all no regrets from me. S amazon delivered it quickly and securely packed too.

Toshiba 19AV615DB 19-inch Widescreen HD Ready LCD TV with Freeview – Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 19″ LCD TV with all Freeview channels
  • Digital text and 8-day electronic programme guide
  • USB port – plug in your PC or other electronic device
  • 1366 x 768 screen resolution
  • Sleek, modern design – wall-mountable

I ordered this television on a sunday afternoon and it was delivered 10. The television was well packed and delivered in perfect condition. The set up instructions were very easy to follow and the television was installed and working in next to no time. The television had all the features claimed and the picture is really excellent.

The only problem with this is the instructions booklet ytthat comes with it is useless. The diagrams are far too small without a magnifying glass.

Having bought a 32′ from toshiba recently – i thought it would make sense to replace my old crt in the bedroom with a nice little lcd. Looked at a few different tvs in local store and what struck me about this one was how much better the viewing angle was than some of the other models on display. The helpfull assistant told me that it was down to the other models using a non tv screen but a monitor screen. He said the easy was to work this out was if it was a 16:9 aspect ration or a 16:10. Just off angle the 16:10 really was poor. I was planning on buying in amazon, but the guy was so helpful i coughed up the extra cash. Having got the tv home, i was familar with the menus as i have the 32′ version. It’s not connected to anything other than the aerial, freeview in the bedroom is a god send. Sky sports news 24/7 if i want, whislt the mrs watches x factor re-runs. Menu is fast neat and simple to use. Sound is fine for a small tv. Really like the design of the tv as well, it’s slightly different to the 32′ version (not just in size :-)) it’s got an hdmi connection which could be ideal to connect an x box 360 to when i have to move from the living room when strictly come dancing is on.Really pleased with this product and even the mrs doesnt mind watching tv on it when i watch match of the day in the living room.

Toshiba 19AV615DB 19-inch Widescreen HD Ready LCD TV with Freeview – Black : Given as a gift a number of years ago and went down well. Good tv but like most of these tvs they could do with some help regarding sound quality. Bought some speakers which helped.

Good little television for bedroom or kitchen.

This is our fourth toshiba lcd tv and we have not experienced any problems with them so far – the oldest being a 37′ in our lounge which has been going strong for over 5 years now. This latest purchase is probably the best of the lot, amazing value at the sale price, the picture quality and sound quality are fantastic and this is the perfect tv for a bedroom, study or kitchen. I ordered the tv with super saver delivery (3-5 days) but blow me down if it didn’t arrive within 16 hours of purchase. The packaging was superb and tv was up, working and fully tuned within 5 minutes. Remote control comes with batteries and is very responsive and easy to use. The tv also looks very sleek and stylish. If you want a new lcd tv for a smaller room – don’t look any further.

Purchased for bedroom use, a brilliant picture and the sound is quite adequate from such a small set, the dvd player is first class and overall this set is almost as good as my expensive equipment in the living room which cost very much more.

Bought the tosh as a present for my mum, her old television had seen better days and she fancied access to freeview. Looked at the reviews on amazon and the positive feedback from earlier buyers persuaded me that the toshiba was potentially a good buy. As suggested by other reviewers, the toshiba is very straight forward to set up, just plug and play, excellent picture quality and the sound was fine. She is really pleased with the product. Would certainly recommend the model to others as a good buy.

Picture good, sound average.

Brilliant crystal clear picture, detailed, sharp, good geometry, bright colour resolution, rare some warp objects. Preset colours at ‘cool’ mode gives the best performance. Sounds poorly, however getting better if ‘bass boost’ set off and increase treble. However the switch on/off led when tv set is off, some times inexplicable appears green seems tv is on, but not picture appears in the screen or sound. Same problem i got with my other same model. Not a chance fixed flat on the wall, as the main cord extended at horizontal direction facing on the wall. Fair price and full recommended, compare with four different top brands at 19 inches i use.

I bought this as a bedroom t. For my daughter, its excellent. The set up was simple, i can not believe the quality of the picture, its like having a photo stuck to the screen. She has been using it with an x box and even that looks great. The remote is well laid out and the onscreen display makes it easy to use. For the size of screen i could have bought cheeper but am glad i didn’t.

Great little tv, and sound is more than adequate for a small set. The only reason it loses a star for me is the analouge channels have more interference than the crt it replaced.

The toshiba brand seem to have taken a back foot during the last decade. Back in the days when 29′ crt boxes were the large and a must have; toshiba, and sony were the dominant brands to look out for. When lcd came out this brand seem to have be forgotten and dropped in status, being replaced by the like of some korean brands like samsung (who i heard actually manufacture sony screens the only difference being is the software) and lg. So i was a bit dubious when i bought this televison for my girl friend for xmas. Because of all the bad weather i was only able to get to her this weekend and set it up. She was a little sad when i took her beloved and well used 14′ portable cube away. But this was soon replaced by joy and excitement when it was switched on. It also gave her a lot more room and freed up a lot of sockets as this is now also attached to her computer. Set up was very easy and only took 1 minute. As stated in the other reviews the picture/ colour was indeed superb, colours were really vibrant, black was very black and not grey.

We are vey happy with our purchase it is up on our wall and looks good. Sorry for not replying sooner, but we were in the middle of decorating our lounge now it’s all finished and looking good.

I recently purchased a 19′ toshiba av615 as a second tv for my bedroom. This tv can do no wrong; firstly i didn’t have to spend ages on the frustrating task of setting up my tv; this was really easy and simple to do. Not only does the design of the model look really good and stylish the picture quality is perfect. The colours portrayed on screen appear life like; great for viewing outdoor scenes. Its clever picture processing also ensured i don’t have to adjust the contrast every time i watched something different. I also use my small screen to watch movies off my laptop simply through pc input connection; all this with the added bonus of freeview tv & radio channels.

I too mirror the positve comments on this little tv. Having spent time in my local comet & dixons i decided to buy this from amazon as their only comparatively priced models were own brand, which i felt looked basic & boxy. My tv was prompty delivered and was easy to setup. For the price, i’m very pleased so far as the picture and sound are good and the design is better than many i’ve seen. I can’t comment on how it plays bluray but for a small room it’s perfect.

Bought this 19 inch lcd for my mother to replace a traditional 15 inch set, it is a great improvement. The picture is excellent, it is easy to set up and has a good freeview tuner. The sound quality is adequate for a small room and better than other similar sets i have heard. Ordered it late on saturday and she received it monday morning, excellent service, recommended.

Not bad for a second tv— however it is not perfect– takes a long time to switch on and sometimes it becomes confused when the power supply is switched off– it will not switch on at all when next turned on at power supply. The only was around this is to switch off again and let it reset for a few minutes. However the picture is good and it is an ideal 2nd tv in the dining room.

This was to replace a cheaper brand we returned because of very poor sound quality. The sound on this was very much better, although not as good as you would get on a larger lcd tv. This, i am told is because of the size limitations placed of the speakers because of the small size of tv. After reading other reviews i discovered that this is one of the best 19′ tv,s for sound quality. The picture quality and build quality are very good with the benefit of freeview built in giving a large choice of channels. Overall i would reccomend this product and feel it is good value for money.

Bought 2 toshiba 19 inch tvs for the bedrooms. Easy installed and excellent picture. Very pleased with these items and ideal for what i bought them for. Would certainly recommend them.

Toshiba 43U6763 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV : Bargain quality cinematic experience

Always loved toshiba tvs this one looks great maybe one day i will be able to get one love it.

Fantastic product would 100% buy again.

Fantastic tv and 4k picture, put hdmi into enhanced and the picture was transformed, i haven’t found too many weak points from it – works well and better then my previous tv, a 55inch 4k curved by samsung.

Only point i was disappointed about was that amazon prime was not installed.

  • a stunning 4k TV
  • Good value for money
  • Excellent value. Two main gripes

Toshiba 43U6763 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with Freeview Play – Black (2017 Model)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Smart TV with Toshiba Smart Portal
  • 4K Ultra HD screen
  • Internal WLAN and Bluetooth

The image is really clear and has no defects.

Received my toshiba tv today and was so excited to unpack and set it up which was a breeze however you will require a phillips head screwdriver as there are 8 screws needed to attach the attractive chrome stand. I then proceeded to start it up and connect my tv signals etc and was watching tv in no time with a very clear fluid picture. Then i connected to wifi and signed into my netflix account with no issues. Sound is full and ample for a small or medium room but you will need to turn on dynamic bass to escape that tinny sound.Plenty of ports including 4 hdmi and 3 usb, scart, vga, tv, sat, and optical. Nice upgrade from my not so smart 32″ toshiba full hd screen. Great value bedroom tv for under 400.

Pros – great picture and sturdy stand. Freeview play very good for catchup. Cons – would prefer sound of channel you are currently watching instead of silence when exploring epg guide. Sound is on if using channel list via menu. Cannot watch another channel when a recording is in progress so twin tuners would solve this. Would have given 5 stars otherwise.

Does not have an intuitive interface, but you get used to it.

Excellent all round, much cheaper than other 65inch tv.

It has been a long time since we owned anything but panasonic tvs, however we’re very pleased with this one, and it offers excellent value for the current price. Compared to others on the market this seems to be an entry-level 4k television, which is probably about as far as our budget would normally stretch anyway, and it compares very well to our older hd and flatscreen, but not 4k, tv. A lot has obviously changed since we bought our last one four years ago, and the clear, crisp picture on the 4k makes another big step up. What’s striking about the toshiba is how easy it is to set up, with easy menus and an interface that’s generally pretty self-explanatory, which makes a nice difference. The sound is about as good as you’d expect. You can argue that it doesn’t need any extra speakers, but really the difference when you connect it to an amp and speakers with real bass is always worth it. I’m currently using an oooold amp, so we probably won’t get the most out of the sound quality until we upgrade to something more modern. Overall, i don’t feel like there’s a pressing need to upgrade to 4k tv if you already have an hd that you’re happy with, but when the time comes then affordable 4k like feels like a smart investment.

This is an excellent tv , would reccomend it to anyone.

The toshiba is an excellent uhd tv i have been watching the uhd tests via my uhd satellite box this is why i bought the toshiba uhd tv hopefully the bbc will adopt this system soon,the free play on freeview is also very good with lot’s of extra tv channels the up-scaling of the sd tv on freeview is the best i have seen highly recommended.

A really excellent picture with very little reflection.

Great tv at a great pricei would reccomend this tv.

Two main gripes: it is slow to boot up (10 secs plus) and the interface is a bit clunky.

In general the quality of the tv is very good and especially at the price point. However, i’m having problems with sky q where the picture blinks off at times. Both sky and toshiba are aware of the problem but neither one knows exactly how to fix it. I have swapped sky boxes and tried different settings but still can’t get it working. There may well be a way to fix it but it’s been difficult and time-consuming so far.

Works great, easy to navigate through the menus, 4k looks excellent.

First impressions of this tv were good, it felt solid and looked good. Getting it on the attractive stand was a slight faff with 8 screws required but it is nice and weighty compared to most which should make it more resistant to the odd accidental knock. Putting it together is do-able with one, two would make it easier. There are an impressive amount of ports on offer : 4 x hdmi, optical out (i use this for my soundbar), 2 x usb, 1 x scart for old kit, ethernet, vga and finally the round ones that nobody i know ever uses. Setup was dead easy with minimal input required, the wps worked fine so i didn’t even have to type in my wifi password when connecting. The remote is large and clear and easy to use, batteries are provided. Older folks will appreciate this unit. I was initially underwhelmed by the rather flat picture however delving into the setup to turn off energy saver settings brought it nicely to life with bright but realistic colours and excellent blacks – this is the first tv i’ve had for while that i’ve actually turned the default contrast down on. Other than that i didn’t feel the need to tweak it which is surprising as i’m a serial tweaker. The menu system is a basic no-frills affair but quick and easy to use.

Fantastic picture and great value.

This is a truly superb ultra hd 4k tv. I bought the 65′ version four months ago, and everything works perfectly. The first impression – and one that continues to linger – is that this tv is huge. The picture quality is excellent. It’s a smart tv (with built-in freeview play, bluetooth and the internet – and several hd channels are included for free). It’s easy to set up – although it helps if two people work together to attach the stand. Using the remote, it’s very straightforward tuning everything in. In total, the setting-up of this tv up took less than an hour. Make sure you have adequate space, and a desktop / shelf / wall bracket to hold this tv (which weighs 30kg). There are 4 hdmi inputs (all of which are useful, as it means you can readily attach gaming consoles and a blu-ray player). There are also 3 usb inputs and 1 scart input. Personally, i’ve got an xbox one x and a ps4 pro – and, set to 4k, these provide for stunning imagery. This tv really does create immersive viewing. As my xbox is a 4k disc player, i’ve watched a few films (including batman v superman: dawn of justice (ultimate edition 4k ultra hd) [includes digital download [blu-ray] [2016] [region free] and watchmen: ultimate cut) and the picture quality is second to none. ]

Beautifully crisp images compared to the led 3 years old model- i found it’s taken several days to get the smart link up as that’s all new to us and now the free view function is in full use as we don’t have sky so a truly great feature. Has a stand with it but we have attached to the wall and its suitably lighter than the previous – brilliant value and terrific picture.